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nedjelja, 12. prosinca 2010.

Deva Pala Na Vjernike U Crkvi, Ali Što Je Uopće Radila Tamo? (aka...Camel Psychologically Terrorized & Humiliated For Bizarre Church Show)

I think once in a while I'm going to maybe put something in here that would be classified under "humour", "real life", odds and ends", "weird" or "just interesting."  Even if it doesn't take place in Croatia or involve Croatians, but only found on a Croatian site.  I came across this today and found it hilarious and funny enough to add to this blog, only at first because then it didn't seem so funny.

Seeing the terrified and innocent camel being forced to perform for some strange act during some kind of show, one can see the camels eyes are filled with fright as it is being coerced, forced to move on, being humiliated and forced to perform and follow orders enforced by the ring leader. People are yelling and the camel being is pulled around here and there, people making more noises and instruments noises in the hopes of being entertained soon by this shocking voodoo display. Ghastly disturbing footage as the poor creature is systematically being psychologically tortured and abused for the sordid pleasure of the crowds

At first glance I thought someone at the Croatian news site "24 Sata" made a mistake and used a Serbian word. 'Deva" in Croatian means camel, but in Serbian can mean "Virgin/Maiden" as in Virgin Mary. See my previous post HERE to help explain. I had to investigate this and find out why they may have possibly used the wrong word.

So at first glance I thought a statue of the Virgin Mary fell on a person at this Baptist church in Florida.  But it was written properly all along, because it actually WAS a spooked camel that fell over on some people during some kind of biblical re-enactment show, a spooked and terrorized animal being forced to satisfy the momentary entertainment for some people, like it was some kind of video game.  (I forgot we were talking about Baptists here, especially during the holidays. Quite the combination) You can click on the source link to watch it in better quality.

A Camel Falls On Believers In A Church, But What Was It Even Doing There In The First Place? 


A camel was brought into this Baptist church in Florida to try to re-enact a biblical scene. (The scene of the story where the camel walks into the temple and falls on Abimelechs slave, who then fell on Hepzibah's goat, which made God angry and caused all the frogs to attack Abimelech and turned the evil goat into a pillar of salt)  However, the camel became nervous and disoriented, speaking in tongues and then and fell over onto some people in the nearby pews. Nobody was injured however. The dizzy camel survived and no fancy hats were crushed....this time anyway.

Does PETA know about this I wonder?

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