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srijeda, 15. prosinca 2010.

Zvečevo Celebrates 1.4 Billion Chocolate Bars Sold

I thought I'd throw in this tidbit today. Nothing earth-shattering really, just a little addition about a chocolate company in Croatia that when I read this article, brought back a cool memory of when I last had this. Nothing like sitting in the backyard in Zagreb where I was staying, having just finished dinner after a day of sightseeing and shopping, then kicking back on the hammock in the shade and having a Zvečevo chocolate for dessert with a Franck kava.

 I like a good chocolate once in a blue moon but I don't necessarily have a sweet tooth. Anyway, this is one of the products I wanted to try when I visited Croatia last.  It was on my long list along with many other Croatian made snacks, drinks, beers, etc, on top of the more proper meals and dishes that I was looking forward to. Sure there are places overseas one can find Zvečevo chocolates, but it's just not the same. (Maybe you have to be Croatian to understand) You can visit the company's website for more info at:: www.zveč



Croatian chocolate factory Zvečevo has sold 1.4 billion of its "Braco" and "Seka" ( "lil' bro" and "lil' sis") signature chocolate bars since the time they were first produced in 1957.

"Braco" and "Seka" are amongst Zvečevo's most well-establish brands and are the oldest chocolate brand in the region. When they first appeared on the market, the bars bore a very simple name - "Milk Chocolate" - but because of the cute label featuring a little girl, the buyers soon started calling them "lil' sis." Soon, the company adopted the name and later lil' sis got a little brother, the portal Index writes.

The executive director of the company Krunoslav Alvir said that the number of chocolates sold is a testament to the 50 years of quality and tradition.

"In addition to cultivating our recognizable brands, Zvečevo continues to follow the needs of the market and creates new tastes," said Alvir.

A Zvečevo chocolates free samples display. Image source:

"The number of sold "Braco" and "Seka" chocolates is a nice beginning to a festive 2011, when we will mark our 90th anniversary," he added.

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