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utorak, 11. siječnja 2011.

20,000 Harley Davidson Riders Coming To Croatia

This was interesting to me when I ran across it. And maybe some more information about Croatia for people who have pre-concieved notions and think they know what Croatia is all about. Namely, it's not the Croatia your grandfather grew up in.  Some people however may be a little apprehensive at first with the thought of so many bikers/Harley Davidson riders coming into their town, but rest assured.  They're just coming for some sun and fun (and possibly čevape and good beer) and of course spend tourist money,  just like anybody else. (No need to get all kinds of Hollywood movie images into your head). The people you should be worrying about are ones like THIS and their friends. I never owned a Harley, but I did for a short time own a motorcycle (Honda if you must know) just before going to college when I was 18. So I can relate to that feeling of freedom and adrenalin when flying down the road/highway, just you and the wind. I do however own a few pairs of Harley boots that suit me just fine, and a few other nick nacks.

I noticed anyway, that many people who ride Harleys, for them it is not their sole mode of transportation. Many of them even work in offices, etc. (Harleys aren't exactly cheap) and can hardly wait to take off the suit and tie on weekends and leave the rat race behind. I saw a fair amount of Harley's on my last to trip to Croatia, I've also travelled the highways and roads that is mentioned in the video below.  (On a bus though)  And it really is a  motorcyclists paradise. The highways are all new, scenery unbelievable.  You look to one side and it's mountains, hills with towns and old castles, ruins and stuff, then you look to the other side and you have the beautiful blue Adriatic sea with more towns, and great scenery.   The roads also take you through a lot of the towns/cities where you can chill out, take a dip, have something to eat/drink, or stay for the night and check out the entertainment and attractions.   Here's just a few links to some biker clubs in Croatia:

*Note -  Since this post, I added another addition with some video and links on the success of the 20th European H.O.G. Rally which you can read HERE

Brigitte Bardot and Harley-Davidson.

Former President and current Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin in 2010, is a fan of Harley-Davidson.

A female Harley rider, showing a nice pair of chrome handlebars.

 Harley Davidson riders in Japan.

Harley Davidson gets a two thumbs up from here. Image:

Harley Davidson in China? Yep, you betcha.

Tennis star Maria Sharapova, disproving the long held belief that being a fan of Harley Davidson is solely the domain of mechanics and bearded men.

Croatian up-and-comer women's tennis player Donna Vekić. Photogallery:

Anyway, I personally never had a problem with or felt uneasy with a biker(s) around, quite the opposite. My brother-in-law and his friends are huge Harley-Davidson admirers and he rides himself. On my last trip to Croatia I even bumped into a Croatian guy in Zagreb and we chatted a bit. His Harley was parked by the cafe where he was sitting with his buddies and he liked my tats. (He didn't try to punch me out or act like those guys at the beginning of the Terminator 2 movie at all...joke) Put it this way, if fundamentalist muslims, and ISIS and similar types start approaching Croatian territory,  do you want 20,000 Harley-Davidson riders/fans near you or 20,000 Jehovah Witnesses and similar types? I would love to be at this thing. I've never visited Biograd, but rode through it in the evening on my Dalmation coast jaunt last time. Next time I'll check it out for sure. Seems like a great place to go and leave the ghetto shitfuckery and haters behind. Either way, I'm sure all the Harley riders coming to this rally are going to have a great time. (Just don't act like a fucktard to them. Bad move.) Živjeli!


Thousands of owners and fans of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles from all over Europe will gather this year in Biograd. This is the largest official European Harley event of 2011.

The next formal gathering of Harley-Davidson, manufacturer of the world famous "chopper" will be held in Croatia, in Biograd. This is the 20th annual meeting at the European level and is expected to attract more than 20,000 motorcyclists. (Another 50,000 fans and visitors are expected also)

 Biograd na Moru. (Biograd on the sea)

Tourism officials from Biograd have already started receiving the first bookings for the rally which will be held on May 26 to 29.

Croatia Harley Days incorporating the 20th European H.O.G. Rally
from H.O.G® Europe on Vimeo.

More footage of what to expect in Biograd at:

On the official site of Harley-Davidson Europe the event was announced as a "wonderful ride of life in Croatia". As well as noting particularly interesting  the beauty of the coast, and passing near the Plitvice lakes.

The fact that such an event is being held in Biograd is not at all surprising considering that both the mayor and deputy mayor of the city are big fans of and passionate about riding motorcycles.

26th May 2011 - 29th May 2011 20th Annual European H.O.G. Rally 2011

We are delighted to announce that the date and venue of the 2011 Annual European H.O.G. Rally has been confirmed.

20th Annual European H.O.G. Rally
Biograd, Croatia
26th -29th May 2011

There will be bikes in the Balkans next year as the 20th European H.O.G. Rally heads to Biograd in Croatia. Nestled on a peninsula jutting out into the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic, Biograd is as picturesque as it gets.

A bustling marina, cobbled medieval streets, beaches, forests, national parks and a coastline that boasts one of Europe’s most spectacular roads – all the ingredients for an event to remember.

For the first time Croatia will be home to the biggest event in the European Harley-Davidson and H.O.G. calendar. Having stayed under the radar until recent years, capital Zagreb is emerging as one of the top new city destinations in Europe. A melting pot of architectural and cultural influences, Zagreb boasts a beautiful ‘old city’ where vibrant markets shelter in the shadow of splendid cathedrals and the streets are filled with cafes, bars, and restaurants. This is cafe culture at its best.

Through splendid hills and forests and past Plitvice Lakes National Park (one of Europe’s most beautiful natural sights) all roads eventually lead to the jewel of the Mediterranean – the Adriatic coast. Clinging to the rocky, pine-covered mountains, the roads overlook dozens of islands that rise from the sparkling seas – this is a world-class ride. The coast is also home to some of the most perfect towns in the region, from the ancient Roman city of Split to world-famous Dubrovnik – both world heritage sites – perfect stops for sampling the fresh seafood, the local coffee or perhaps something a little stronger?

Get the dates in your diary – May 26-29, 2011 – and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Check out the News and Events sections at and for the latest updates as they are unveiled! Be the first to hear and follow us on Twitter too!

More information to come as music line-up and entertainment is announced!

Travel tips

• Currency – Kuna, although Euros widely accepted.
• Zimmer means ‘room’ – you’ll see it signed everywhere!
• Credit cards are not widely accepted, but there are cash machines aplenty.
• German and English spoken widely, as well as Croat.
• Electrical adapter – European two-pin style.
• Izvolite means 'there you are', 'enjoy'
• Pivo means 'beer'.
• Pozdrav means hello/greetings.
• Živjeli means 'cheers'.
• Jel' tvoja kčer osamnaest? means 'Is you're daughter eighteen'?
• Stvarno? Ona izgleda starija od osamnaest. means ' That's a hot looking paintjob.

Reserve the best places in Biograd for Croatia Harley Days & 20th European H.O.G. Rally!

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Event website coming soon – watch this space! In the mean time get yourself excited by watching the preview video here and viewing the gallery here.

More information on the event including booking process for registration and accommodation will be announced in due course but in the meantime please put this date in your diaries and spread the word!

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