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nedjelja, 30. siječnja 2011.

Biggest Attendance Yet For 2011 Croatian 'Museum Night'..... "Where Did I Put That Damn Ruđer Bošković Painting?"

Museum Night in Zagreb

I think this is a really cool idea. Once a year, all across Croatia, all citizens are invited to visit all the museums in their area and enjoy all the displays, attractions and programs that the museums have to offer. And all for free. A great thing to bring the kids to, especially during the frigid wintry weather. Luckily, I had a chance to visit some of the museums and galleries on my last trip to Croatia. Mainly the ones in Zagreb. The Mestrovic Atelier was very cool, as well as the Croatian History Museum where I got to see some cool historical stuff. (Maybe I shouldn't have carved my initials into that table where they keep the Flag of Ban Josip Jelačić) Anyway, more information at the attached links and following article.



Official data records that 314,659 visitors attended the 2011 edition of Museum Night. This shows that the Croatian Museum Association in cooperation with museums and related institutions, this time organized the event with great success. In 67 cities and towns, museums, galleries and related cultural institutions on January 28th, between 6pm and 1am offered an attractive program in 160 locations.

 (Foto: Željko Mršić/Pixsell) 

In Split, there were 52,797 visitors at the 2011 Museum Night 2011, 21,383 in Rijeka, Osijek had 17,979, 13,850 in Zadar, 6,727 in Dubrovnik. 4,800 in Pula, 4,018 in Karlovac, 3,236 in Koprivnica, 3,100 in Cakovec ...

 Museum Night in Split

The location with the most visitors to museums was 160,838 visitors in the capital city of Zagreb. Of that number, most of them attended the Museum of Contemporary Art (23,000), then at the Technical Museum (19 652), the Klović Dvori Gallery (13,000), the Archaeological Museum (9,968), the Mimara Art Museum (8,700),  the Croatian Natural History Museum and the Museum of the city of Zagreb (8,600) and the Museum of Arts and Crafts   (7,578)

Some footage of people viewing of what the museums have to offer, from various museums and galleries across Croatia.

Foto: Duško Marušić/PIXSELL

It should also be noted that a significant number of visitors to museums, collections of native art and galleries in other cities and towns: 2,100 visitors to Trakošćan Castle, 660 in Hlebine, 418 in Gospic and 263 in Kaštel Lukšić. For the very first time the Night at the Museum included Crikvenica (700 visitors), Škrip on the island of Brač (560), (160), Ilok (361), Korčula (120), Krk (203), Smiljan (127), Generalski Stol (72) and Otavice (400).


Attracting all the visitors are attractive exhibitions and other events: educational workshops, lectures, panel discussions, guided tours, performances, recitals and concerts, film screenings, fashion shows, special sales catalogs, promotional materials and souvenirs, auctions, panel discussions and music events , observing through telescopes, promotions and presentations, as well as meetings with artists and donors.

Some musical entertainment for the public. Fotogallery:

The Croatian pop group 'Jinx' showed up to entertain the museum visitors in Virovitica. (Photo: Vinco Gazdik)

 The '2011 Night of the Museums' was also an opportunity for charity. In this case, HT Group donating funds for the blind.

The author of the concept ' Museum Night', Dubravka Osrečki Jakelić, who is also president of the Croatian Museum Association and Juric Vesna Bulatovic, head of marketing for 'Museum Night', thank all the public across Croatia for their contribution to the successful implementation of the project. Thanks also is extended to all the museum staff, participants in the realization of the '2011 Night of Museums', partners, sponsors, and the media (City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture, Europlakat, Jutarnji list, Zagreb Brewery, Inkerpor, Croatian National Tourist Board, Zagreb Tourist Board, and tourist boards of other cities).

Some of the goings on at a museum in Rijeka, "Strolling through the museum".

Staying on the topic of museums, I decided to add this very short piece of footage from my last trip to Croatia.  This is footage of the famous "Gundulic's Dream" (Gundulićev San) by Croatian Painter Vlaho Bukovac, that I took at the Modern Art Gallery in Zagreb. Extra added bonus footage of 1893's "Bakanal" by the Croatian painter Celestin Medović. (I had to hurry near the end because I could hear the very hot museum lady's footsteps approaching, and they don't really encourage filming in the museum)

A search launched in UK for a portrait of Ruđer Bošković

Rudjer Boskovic



By Ivo Scepanovic

A search for a more than two centuries old portrait of Croatian scientist Ruđer Bošković has been launced in the UK.

The portait, drawn by British artist Robert Edge Pine, was painted in 1760 and commissioned by British surgeon William Bromfield, but since then the whereabouts of the portrait have been unknown. Now the Royal Society and UK based arts lover of Croatian roots Lady Jadranka Beresford Peirse want to find the portrait before the planned exibition in London next November when the 300th anniversary of the birth of Rudjer Boskovic will be marked.

"Hopefully we will find the portrait and exhibit it on the occassion of the 300th birthday of great scientist Rudjer Boskovic", Lady Beresford Peirse has commented.

Different British arts institutions have joined the search, including the National Portrait Gallery. Polymath Rudjer Boskovic (1711 - 1787) was known throughout Europe as the author of the "Theory of Natural Philosophy", but also as an outstanding proponent of Newtonian physics. In 1760 he was made a Fellow of Royal Society proposed by Lord Macclesfield.

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