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nedjelja, 23. siječnja 2011.

"Father" Band From Rijeka Releases 2nd CD "ONE EON"

I was doing some personal stuff on the computer and decided to throw on some "Father" for some listening music. I haven't really listened to them for a while, and decided that since their new cd "One Eon" was recently released, why not post about it. I bought their first release "Inspirita" at the downtown Rijeka 'Dallas Music Shop' when I was in Rijeka last time, it was on my list of things to do.  'Father' was one of the first new bands/artists that I got into when seriously exploring the music scene in Croatia a few years ago. There are lots of bands/artists in Croatia I like and listen to, depending on my mood, that I would like to add here, but this is one of the acts I can sort of call "My Band".

I found out about them on my own, like a lot of the stuff I listen to. Sort of like when an underground/independent artist you liked to listen to for years and nobody ever heard of them, suddenly becomes well known. I really dig the vocals and guitar on this new cd. They polished up their sound a bit, experimented with some new things, and their experience can be heard especially the way  they blend the vocals with the guitar. I wouldn't necessarily categorize them as metal, or heavy rock, or alternative, or nu-metal or industrial metal or a slew of other descriptions either. For the sake of music magazines and online music portals I guess they get put under a category.  But to me they're just 'Father'.

To me it's all about the music, not labels. (I listen to whatever I feel like) My taste in music is very eclectic, just like in books. I really like the industrial, techno, edgier kind of music, but also experimental stuff.  There are a lot of very talented Croatian artists in Croatia, and elsewhere that would put most of the stuff one hears on mainstream radio  to shame. Anything that is creative and moves me is what matters most.  After listening to Father just now, I may even throw in some Emilie Autumn.....go figure. Anyway, you can find out more about them at the links I left, as well as read my earlier addition to this blog about them HERE.


'Father' wants you to be there or be square.


After the successful promotion this Tuesday in Rijeka's "Dallas Music Shop", the band Father are now awating to promote their new cd release of "One Eon" by holding a concert.

So on December 18th, when they play at the Stereo Klubb in Rijeka at 22:00 - the guys can't hardly wait ...

Because of inclement weather the concert was rescheduled for the 24th of December. More photos from the promotional concert at Stereo Klubb in Rijeka:

'I can hardly wait for Saturday. After five years of working on new songs, finally we can present them to our fans and audience at home. Already a month we've been practicing and polishing up, and I can honestly say that this band has never sounded better, stronger and more convincing! Also, I have to mention, this Rijeka home concert and promotion is a dress rehearsal for all the promoting and live gigs that we'll play in Croatia and all the places that we find ourselves playing in, " said Michael Prosen, frontman of Father.

 Father-The early days.

Indeed, judging from past reactions of the audience and critics,'One Eon' is really something special - it's an album that raises the standards of domestic production and an album which could make 'Father' do great things on both the domestic and international scene.

So far, the most important thing to note is that 'One Eon' is available at all 'Dallas Music Shops' and better music stores.

Tickets for Saturday's gig at Stereo Klubb can be purchased for 30 Kuna at all Rijeka Dallas stores.

Posted 17.12.2010.

 Eleanor Rigby Video Shoot

Mirko Žorž photo session. (Prepared to NOT be assimilated)

Father live @ Stereo 24.12.2010. from Mirko on Vimeo.

FATHER: Artist Overview

Source and images:

FATHER is a modern heavy band from Rijeka, Croatia. By many official critics, Father is considered as a top heavy act in the region of ex-yugoslavia...

First album "INSPIRITA" - 2005-Dallas Records (2007-Revol Records, UK), had a great success among audience and critics, and resulted with more than 150 live shows around Europe, including supporting such an acts as Korn, Anthrax, Sisters Of Mercy and performing on EXIT festival METAL HAMMER stage along with Max Cavalera... "FATHER - Inspirita" had been announced for UK through numerous plays on BBC's "Bruce Dickinson Friday Rock Show", and was HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!

New album - "ONE EON" is yet to be released in december 2010 through Dallas Records for SI/CRO/SER/BIH, and the band is searching for a label that would release this album world wide... Two singles from the upcoming album "ONE EON" have had it's exclusive promotion on "Bruce Dickinson Friday Rock Show" as well

"Father" being interviewed for

Father - One Eon

Digipak CD cover design

Father is one of Croatia's top metal bands and I was selected by them to design their latest album "One Eon".
You can hear them on their myspace:

The guys wanted their album to have an old feel to it, like an old book. They also wanted to incorporate an old clock or an hourglass. Since the old wall clocks would't look good on this format I went with the hourglass.

The rest of the visuals and concepts for booklet's inner pages were done to match the lyrics.

Band member photos by Mirko Zorz.

It was a fun project to do.

"Machina" from their first CD "Inspirita". When I heard this one I was instantly hooked and the video is classic.  I never look at marionettes the same way now.

The bands cover version of the Beatles "Eleanor Rigby".

"Venus & Mars" from their new CD "ONE EON".

One Eon (2010)

1. Venus & Mars

2. The Downloader

3. Part Of Me

4. Pyxis

5. Satango

6. Dreams

7. Of Truth And Light

8. Mangiafuoco Il Magnifico

9. Katana

10. Brighter Than Sun

11. Home Away

12. Eleanor Rigby (originally by The Beatles)

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