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četvrtak, 6. siječnja 2011.

Gospođa, Molim Vas.....Možete Dati Meni Maramicu?

Well, I just wanted to add this sort of Croatian related odd post quickly before dinner.  I usually dont' even bother reading similar type articles, but this one has been popping up today everywhere I turn. So I just wanted to state where I stand on this supposedley amazing  tearjerker"story" and possibly to show that yes, there are dum-dums everywhere. Up to and including Croatia. Why you may ask?  Here's the gist of it. Over the last couple of days this "news" story (Excuse me for a second while I go blow my nose....thanks)...coming out of the U.S. has been  popping all over the U.S. and Canadian media centers. I even came across it a few times on some Croatian news portal sites and elsewhere on the net. I guess it's floating around everywhere now.  It is on Youtube afterall. (They usually will include stories there that are all the rage over here or elsewhere.) Here's one example:

Anyway, this video that was uploaded to Youtube a short time ago has been all the rage with segments of the population, Youtube junkies and prime time news programs. It also goes by the name of "Viral Video". A video that practically overnight is spread throughout the internet and is "The" video of the moment. Some kind of teary eyed, warm feeling in your heart story that's supposed to make you go "Awwww, shucks, that's so nice. Thank the Lord". Make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside when you go to tuck your toes in and go to bed at night after brushing your teeth and saying your prayers.   Not me though. Nope, not at all.  After reading a bit about it on my home page this morning though, and hearing some dj's on the radio at work this morning discussing it again, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents here.  Let it be known I don't fall for this shlop. Even with his "I have a God-given talent" and "God bless you" sign or not.  Perhaps especially not.  (I'm glad to know that some of the dj's and people out there agree with me too, and that I'm not alone in not being all head over heels, and singing hallelujahs over this guy, his "gift" and certain related media commendations and some peoples ridiculous comments. I've come across lots of guys like this in my time, especially in my short time in this city. (A lot of them also oddly enough are very talented joke tellers and have the uncanny ability to take a sponge bath and do their laundry in a fast food restaurant washroom in under 2 minutes. Amazing)  They also seem to always wear work boots but NEVER seem to know where the local temporary employment offices are. (How strange) The Salvation Army and Drop-In/Rehab Centers thrive on stories/examples like this. (Success stories I guess) Where they actually romantisize hoboism and try to get peoples pity for and reward someone who's basically...well.... a bum. Who decided to go on a several year drinking and drug binge,(and probably other things) and is now "The Golden Voice" guy.  Now I'm not grouping all homeless people in this category of choosing to take the drug/alcohol dependency route. Some  instead of  getting up in the morning to look for work, just prefer to sit around and burp, sleep, fart and tell those funny jokes. That's all.

 Some of the comments from people congratulating and wishing him the best have obviously never sat next to one, maybe on a regular basis, or even the food court or public transportation. (You don't want to know what some of these peoples underwear looks like when/if they change it....Svaka čast Ted!  *Click HERE for pronunciation)  I  guess this is one of those things people call an "Act of God", or the "American dream".  Well, I'll forfeit the dream and instead earn my pay, wash between my nook and crannies regularly, and earn the plate of food on my table.  If this guy was to knock on my front door, asking  to use the phone for a tow truck, or for some water for his overheating radiator because he was late for his Monster Truck Show ticket radio commercial, I'd tell him to get lost and give him about 7 seconds to do it.

It's about this homeless guy.  Ted Williams from Brooklyn, who supposedely has this "gifted, velvety" voice that makes you swoon. A voice that is perfect for radio,  television commercials, telling you which song is coming up next, and why you should use such and such brand of ketchup or where to get tickets to the football game. You can read a couple of the myriad of articles out there in internet land here:

You can also see "Mr Golden Voice" in action here:  (I'm not adding the actual video on my blog though, because, well, I find it all kind of creepy and upsetting.)

Ted "Mr Golden Voice" Williams...(Would you buy underarm deoderant from this guy?)

Now, the spin put on this just really makes me laugh, and shake my head at the same time. A guy who already had a good job, then decided to take the alcohol and drug dependency route.  To the point where he lost everything and is begging for change at the side of a busy road holding a sign. He then is being made out to be some sort of success story, being rewarded and showered with gifts and job offers, which to me is hilarious and shows the sad state of journalism these days, and possibly some peoples common sense in general. (The only thing missing when shown on cable news shows is the violin music in the background) Pathetic at the same time when you factor in a lot of peoples comments, views and opinions. People are just losing their scruples, falling in love with this guy practically. (Some kid in Croatia actually commented on Facebook that he had an "Eargasm" when watching the video. That's just plain wrong and f'n creepy again. I think his mom better keep an eye on him.) I'm pretty sure if this guy was from around Calgary, he'd probably be invited as a guest speaker here, to share his wisdom of how one can succeed when putting one's mind to it (Autograph session immediately afterwards of course)

Look at it this way. If this guy had already been in the radio business over the past little while, was well known as a celebrity voice,  very respected and popular, but people never had a chance to see him in person, they would be making him the but of an endless amount of jokes and having a heyday.  Not being portrayed as some hero in some made up feel good story souped-up with a whole bunch of suit and tie news anchors oohing and aahing about his voice and this happy glorious feel good ending. (Not to mention job offers, sudden celebrity status  and all kinds of material wealth thrown his way, like he just discovered the cure for cancer.) I'm not bellyaching or jealous, not in the least. This is commonplace these day. People with no actual talent, nothing worthwhile listening to or of any importance, (as well as sometimes actually torture to listen to) who overnight become rich celebrities. Media darlings even. Where people would suddenly be "honoured" to have him sit at the dinner table with their family. Or even watch their life story on the big screen.

So, anyway, I went to Youtube this morning looking for something unrelated, and totally by chance came across the video I posted below. I decided I had to put this here to juxtapose these 2 examples. It was just too tempting to pass up.  A person who in my opinion actually has a talent, and didn't throw away everything he had on booze and drugs and who knows what else. (Lots of things go on in fast food restaurant washrooms btw)  Someone who's trying to better himself, improve on his artistic talents and leave his footprint in the world in his own little way. All I know is that he's simply known as "Super Sprayer"....

Mr "Super Sprayer".  Maybe no Ivan Meštrović, but an artist nevertheless. Doing what he has to do to put food on his table and show some creativity while doing it.

I also thought to keep this a little more Croatian related, that I would add this footage of "Cigo-The Amazing One Man Band" in Rijeka, Croatia. This guy is a Gypsy/Roma from Serbia and is able to play numerous instruments simultaneously AND reportedly has a pleasant radio friendly voice. He's been doing the rounds in Croatia and elsewhere in Europe on Youtube since 2008. (In Serbia they usually give him plastic bags filled with glue, so he travels around and makes bucks in Europe instead)

So, I guess my main point in this whole ridiculous circus is possibly this. The above story shows how people can be led to certain views, just by bombardment through the media, and make a person who most people would laugh at or at the very least ignore on the street, suddenly become a media darling. A heroic figure. A feel good topic of the day. Then the rolling snowball gets bigger and bigger as more people jump on the bandwagon. I mean, c'mon people. The moral of this story really basically is..."If you want to succeed in life, just drink, gamble or smoke it all away, in the end it will all work out for you. Praise Jesus."  Tounge in cheek perhaps, but maybe you get my point. As a sidenote point, and showing the other side of the coin regarding "Super Sprayer" and "Cigo-The Amazing One Man Band". To me, a  talent/gift  is in the eye/ear of the beholder. And after all the "best wishes",  "God bless you's" and "congratulations" to Mr Williams die down, I wonder if "Super Sprayer" or Cigo are going to be getting job offers and a house for NOT becoming a bum. I highly doubt it. Thats the wacky kind of world it is. (You know, like when that asshole who hangs around that grubby bar around the corner wins the lottery.) That's it for this sort of Croatia related wierd post. Back to reality, I'm outta here. (More real Croatia related additions to this blog, right after these important messages and a word from our sponsor.) Doviđenja.

*Updated November 10. 2011.

Well, it seems I've been vindicated regarding my views about ol' slick Teddy. I never realized he was even more popular than I thought. He actually has a section on the Access Hollywood website under 'celebrity'. But I'm kind of sick of hearing about him and couldn't care less about this developing celebrity personality. So I just left the link where you can delve a little deeper into the life of 'Mr Golden Voice', pick up some pointers on how you can possbily in the future become a Mr or Mrs Goldenvoice'. Best of luck. I have to go and puke blood now.

   Some portraits of Mr Williams from the good ol' days.

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