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srijeda, 19. siječnja 2011.

New Miss America Teresa Scanlan Has Croatian Roots

Well, anyone reading my blog regularly will know by now, I don't particularly care about beauty pageants or gossipy Hollywood stuff.  (When I read that she had Croatian background, I thought "Well. That's nice... what's for dinner?")  My only exception to that rule was a post regarding 2009 Miss Croatia winner, Ivana Vasilj. That was a little different for me because I thought it was very cool that she was a diaspora Croat. (Meaing a Croatian not born in Croatia) You can read more about that one HERE.  But an acquaintance of mine who works for a television station in California was very excited about this, so I read a bit more of the story behind the new Miss America and decided to add the story here.

However, besides having Croatian roots, (Her maternal grandparents escaped the former Yugoslavia as political refugees, and she has German and Irish on the fraternal side)..I also like the fact that it shows and vindicates my point about home schooling, which I mentioned previously on my blog and won't get into a long dicussion about here. Also, my view that coming from a small town has many advantages. You are able to spend more time with like-minded people and not put up with great amounts of nonsense and crap that is abundantly found in larger cities. Finally, I also decided to give this Croatia related story  my seal of approval because she actually visited the small island town of Ilovik in Croatia. That was the clincher for me. (Possibly also because I noticed this news piece was making Serbian-Chetnik types very upset, by reading some comments at Croatian news portal sites..."Fucking Croat bitch whore", "Bitch Croat cunt fucking smelly Euro-pianowhore", all that.) Anyway, I'll be back shortly with more pertinent and other interesting Croatia related additions.


Related news:

Celebrating her Miss Nebraska victory with grandparents Frank and Nives Jelich

"I've been participating in beauty contests since the age of 13, but I didn't expect this win." said Teresa Scanlan (17) to reporters after she became the new Miss America in Las Vegas. Blonde haired Teresa comes from the small town of Gering in the state of Nebraska and will enter history as the fourth-youngest winner in the history of Miss America. The only ones younger than her were Marion Bergeron, who was 15 when she won in 1933, and Margaret Gorman and Mary Campbell who were 16 years of age in 1921 and 1922.

Has Croatian roots

Teresa's grandmother, grandfather and mother are Croats and hail from the small island of Ilovik in the northern Adriatic, and Teresa's even visited several times there as well as on the Croatian coast. Now they all live in Nebraska.

From Croatian NOVA TV, reactions from her grandmother and some citizens in the town of Ilovik, Croatia, from where her grandparents and mother are from.

The young beauty was educated at home. She enrolled for the 3rd year at a local high school and managed to finish in one year a 2 year class load. She won the Miss Nebraska in 2010 and then took a pause for a year for her Miss Nebraska duties, and after that will enroll in college.

 On the piano during the talent portion of the competition.

Teresa, in addition to her appearance, impressed the audience and judges by playing the piano. Each contestant had to choose a topic on which to speak, and Teresa chose to talk about eating disorders among girls. She says she has no boyfriend.

- Do you know what 17 year olds are like?   I've said a lot - the beauty added.

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