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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Eve Celebrations In Croatia 2010/11

Friends braving the chill with some help in downtown Zagreb. (Nina Đurđević/CROPIX) 

Just quickly throwing in some images and footage from New Years Eve celebrations in a few cities in Croatia last night. Every major city in Croatia has their own historic downtown square. That's usually where all the gathering is done for major celebrations. Every city had plenty of free music and entertainment. The Mayors of each respective city came down to bring in the new year as well. Even with economic troubles not fully solved, people still came out and lived for the moment, listening to music, watching fireworks and forgetting about bills and politics. The beer, vino, rakija and bubbly was flowing and goods eats were to be found, all in anticipation for the clock hitting zero, and the start of the fireworks presentation.

The thing I most like about these images is they celebrate the opposite way in my current city. I felt I had to do this particular post because I'm currently in Cowtown Alberta, and I came across some of those cowboy types, who after talking with them I found out they thought Croatia was in Russia or the middle east. (That's just the ones who heard of it. Insulated deprived upbringings I guess)  Regardless, you can't go wrong with ushering in the New Year with fun times, real Croatian music, good Croatian food and plenty of pivo. rakija and vino......


Fotogallery Source:



A scene from the festivities in Pula, on the Adriatic coast. (Goran Šebelić/CROPIX)


In Dubrovnik over 3500 visiting foreigners also took part in the celebrations. Even though city hotels were organizing festivities for their guests, it was at the central 'Stradun' where everyone went to ring in the new year. (Zoran Kusalo / CROPIX) 


The beer, rakija, cooked wine and bubbly was flowing in Osijek as well. (Vlado Kos/CROPIX)


The coastal city of Split was full of fireworks and entertainment. Around 50,000 people joined in for the fun on the centuries old seaside walkway, known as the 'Riva'.The Mayor Željko Kerum and citizens simultaneously celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the city's soccer team, 'Hajduk Split'. (See previous post on my blog HERE). Some of the revelers also partake in the annual swim into the fridgid waters of the Adriatic Sea on New Years Day, which is also a tradition in other parts of Croatia. (Zvonimir Barišin / CROPIX) 


Zadar and the newly built Krešimir Ćosić Arena. Almost like a scene out of 'War of the Worlds', but without that annoying wacky Tom Cruise. (Vladimir Ivanov/CROPIX) 


In Rijeka,  probably with the most hip people per capita in all of Croatia, (Correct me if i'm wrong) a fun time was assured with lots of free entertainment as well. (In the 48 hrs I spent there in '09, I can say I saw more pierced and tatooed females there than in the first few months in my current city) About 10,000 people came out to be entertained by acts, including local popular and sometimes zany alternative act 'Let 3' and usher in the new year. Many complained that the night flew by and wished it lasted into the morning. (Tea Cimaš/CROPIX)


 The northern historic town of Varaždin. A stones throw away from Slovenia and Hungary. Mainly known outside of Croatia for it's cultural festivals, nearby Varaždin castle, medieval fortresses and Gothic and Baroque architecture, also brought out the revelers. (Andrej Švoger/CROPIX) 


Downtown Zagreb at Ban Jelacic Square. Plenty of free music and entertainment brought out the Purgers in droves. People forgot about the world economic crisis, jobs and other everday issues and sang, drank and danced without a worry in the world. Hardly able to wait until the clock struck midnight and start a new year. Definitely not the place to be if you're a Fuddy-duddy. (Nina Đurđević/CROPIX.)

The final seconds and fireworks in Šibenik

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