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Thursday, 10 February 2011

#66 David Diehl - Superbowl Champion, New York Giant Pro Bowler And Owner Of One Kick-Ass Tat

David Diehl Official Website:

(*NOTE - Since this post was made, David visited Croatia for the very first time touching down in Split on the Adriatic coast.  You can read about that HERE.)

Well, I was just surfing around for some sites related to Croatian tattoos.  The popularity of tattoo shops all over Croatia, and even the history (and little known fact) of Croatian women tattooing themselves, which goes back to even well before medievel times.  (Yep, it's true, a little more on that HERE).....

Celebrating his Super Bowl win with fans and the Croatian flag.

Anyway, I already knew that David Diehl (pictured above) was a member of the 2008 Superbowl Champion New York Giants, is a Pro Bowler and that he has very cool tattoo of the historic Croatian Coat of Arms, (known affectionately as simply the "Grb"), on his left arm.  (I also have a "Grb" tattoo, as well as a couple of other Croatian related ones, I left a couple photos at the bottom).   Now I don't watch footaball these days, (Although I was a tight end on my high school senior football team believe it or not) and haven't for the longest time, so this post is a little unlike me.  However when I came upon his personal website, and delved a little further, I decided that I have to quickly add this here. Just too cool to pass up. This is non-football related piece remember, it's strictly about the tattoo.

A closer look at his Croatian Coat of Arms tattoo. 

This guys pride in his heritage is definitely post worthy here I think . I Iike how he's been quoted as saying of all the tattoos he has, the historic Croatian "Grb" or Šahovnica" is his favorite.  (I also find it humorous how he's been stated as saying he prefers to swear at the referees in Croatian during games, so that they won't understand what he's saying)   The "Grb' on his arm is just the tip of the iceberg it seems in his awareness of his hertitage, and he has no problem showing it. Why should he. (Although, I know for a fact, especially since I have a few #66 Croatian soccer jerseys, in this city a lot of Serbs would be starting shitfuckery. "Oh look! He's a six!, Look at him! Don't look at him! He's crazy!, Don't talk to him!  Who does he think he is? We're the (enter area code here) - Srbs!  Anway,  If you are more interested in the football aspect of David, feel free to visit his site at or you can click onto the links I left to read more:

David is also known for the many children's charities he has been involved with over the years:


My tattoo of the historic "Grb" (Chequey coat of arms) on my leg. This is the version that is currently found on the official Croatian flag.  This exact 5x5 red and white chequey pattern version extends back to at least the 15th century, and the chequey patternin a shield even go back at least another 500 years before that.

My stomach in gothic lettering.

The all-important almost mandatory skull, for those who are into tattoo culture. Everyone should have some sort of a skull. (Well, you don't have to have one, but it would be good if you did because it's philosophical in many ways) I decided to go with hair on my skull because my hair was this length at the time and hair on skull tattoos are rare and just look cool.

My very first made in Croatia tattoo.  I got this one in the city of Rijeka.  It's in the ancient and historic, as well as popular in Croatian tattoo circles, Croatian Glagolitic alphabet scrirpt.  It spells "Riječanin" which means someone who is from the city of Rijeka.  I got it in homage to an aunt that I had in Rijeka, where I spent 2 whole summers as a kid.

One of my more recent additions at the time of this writing, since we're talkin tats. I strictly got this one because I really liked her boots, hair and posture. (Posture is very important) But probably mainly because of her cool looking zombie eyes. It's all about posture, zombie eyes, nice hair and cool boots these days.

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