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nedjelja, 6. veljače 2011.

Croatian Currency One Of The Best To Throw At Strippers

I thought I'd throw this amusing little piece in on a boring Sunday morning because supposedley this is a very common conundrum for men when visiting finer adult entertainment/adult beverage drinking establishments.....

 Top 5 Best World Currencies To Throw At A Stripper


It is a known fact that strippers love having things hurled at them. It makes them feel like they’re doing a good job. This is true in no other profession. For instance, if you throw something at a college professor while he’s teaching he’ll usually say something like, “Hey, what do you think I am, a stripper? And if you thought that, then thank you for letting me know I’m doing a good job.”

Here are some of MANosterone’s favorite world currencies to throw at strippers:

5. Canadian One Dollar Coin: This coin is great to throw, because if you throw it hard enough it leaves an impression of a duck on the girl.

4. Burkina Faso 1000 Franc Note: These are fun to throw because the guy on the bill looks like he’s really mad at the stripper.

3. Chinese Yuan: Yuans have unusually crisp edges for bills and can double as a knife-like warning for strippers who choose short songs for lap dances.

2. Croatian Kuna 50 Note: The ink on Croatian 50 notes is poorly mixed and stays wet well after the bills are distributed, allowing you to “mark” the stripper and claim her as yours, one can then do all kinds of unmentionable acts with her. In over seven states this is considered legally binding.

1. Ancient Hawaiian “Shell” Currency: This currency is great because some shells can weigh up to 135 lbs., and if you throw the shell at the stripper when she is near you she will generally be trapped underneath it, unable to escape. Just be sure to have singles ready, because even if the stripper cannot get out from under the weight of the shell, bouncers usually expect you to keep tipping.

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