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nedjelja, 17. travnja 2011.

13th Croatia Boat Show Taking Place In Split, April 12-17, 2011

The Croatian Boat Show at night in Split.

I had to let people in on this great event taking place in the city of Split on the Adriatic coast. I had a conversation the other day with a lady, and when I mentioned how I wish I was in Croatia, (It was cold and snowing that day), she looked kind of bewildered and said, "Croatia? Isn't that the country with all the rubble?" I guess she must still have images of Vukovar from the early 90's in her head. I tried to let her in on the cool stuff going on in Croatia, what Croatia's about, especially during the summer months, but she had to catch her bus. Anyway, even though the start of summer is still a ways off, to me Split seems like a cool  place to be right now, and it just gets better as the tourist season officially kicks off.  I find it really funny when some of the locals around here think if you don't have a pick up truck, then you're just not one of  the cool people. (I let it go though, they don't even sell swimwear in the most of the stores, look at you like you came from Mars if you wear a soccer jersey, and  the boat show around here is actually indoors, 'nuff said)

More information about the 13th Croatia Boat Show can be found at the official website:

13th Croatia Boat Show



As undoubtedly the largest, best organised and most dazzling regional event of this kind, the Croatia Boat Show is a remarkable stage of the local and international nautical industry, from yacht builders to engines and equipment producers, as well as companies offering various complementary goods and services to lovers of the sea and sailing.

Already a member of the International Federation of Boat Show Organisers, the 13th Croatia Boat Show will welcome even more proudly its exhibitors, sponsors and other partners after having been assigned a genuine confirmation on organizational skills - the Croatian Superbrand Certificate. This attribute is not only a proof of the Profectus company qualifications in this business, but also a genuine compliment to all exhibitors who have, through theirprofessional approach, contributed to the growth and development of the show in its every aspect.

Some images from the 2008 Croatia Boat Show 

A marvellous scene - hundreds of boats and yachts moored just in front of the ancient Diocletian’s palace - has found its way into international media, promoting our country as a unique destination for nautical tourists. Natural beauties and cultural heritage of our coast and islands are just additional reasons to come to Split in thespringtime and to join those who visit Split and Dalmatia intentionally in the Croatia Boat Show period.

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