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srijeda, 13. travnja 2011.

Ashley Colburn Presents "Takeoff Croatia" After Emmy Award Winning Documentary "WOW Croatia"

This is a pretty cool piece of news. Ashley Colburn, who is an American television journalist and producer in California, won an Emmy Award for her documentary 'WOW Croatia' in San Diego this past weekend. In the attached vid you can see a few moments from the episode which was filmed in September 2009.  I'm feeling so nostalgic now, seeing her walk around some of the same places I was at just last summer in Zagreb and Split. I even had the famed 'Zagrebačka kremšnita' at the very exact same pastry shop too, at Vincek Slastičarnica (That was on my list of things to do when in Zagreb, best way to describe the place, and the cafes there in general, is they're the opposite of a Tim Hortons' or Starbucks, kinda like how the McDonalds' and libraries there are the opposite of the McDonalds' and libraries here too, but in a good way. (You'd have to visit one there to understand)  There's such a surreal and cool feeling when you walk into some of the modern shops, restaurants and other retail stores, and the building is hundreds and sometimes almost thousands of years old, and the walkways  are the same ones that were once used by Kings, Queens, Dukes and Emperors. Buildings, statues, squares, castles and cobbled walkways that have been around a long, long time, and that will still be around after you and I are long gone. Boy, some of the stories those walls could tell if they could speak.

For instance also, when warmer weather kicks around, you won't see people at the bars and cafe's sitting inside. Almost never. It's like that all over. Almost every restaurant or bar/pub that I came across in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and elsewhere, people in the summer preferred the option of dining and drinking beverages outside. People in the summer months especially, prefer to stroll around the downtowns, take it easy, enjoy the sights. Many main meeting centers of the cities there are for  pedestrians only. It's very interesting seeing peoples reactions to visiting, especially if beforehand they didn't know much about the country. (Except maybe that we play soccer, and enjoy our beer and wine) Y'know, for a country that has maybe only half as many different flavours of potato chips and hasn't evolved yet to having a 7-11, we sure have a lot to be proud of. There were some places I wish she would have visited, but then again, a 1 week whirlwind tour of the whole of Croatia is not a long time at all. She made a few faux pas' concerning her pronunciation of the word "cravat ", and the Cathedral in Zagreb actually dates from the 11th century, instead of the 19th, but we'll let it slide.  Anyway, you can read more about this Emmy Award and the story behind it below.

( *Update Oct 2011 - Since this story came out, Ashley Colburn has returned to Croatia for her 4th time and is filming a 3 month long, 7 part documentary series.  You can read about that HERE )

Ashley Colburn during one of her stops in the capital Zagreb


At the Emmy Awards, which were held on the 26th of June in San Diego, a documentary titled "Wow Croatia" won a prestigious Emmy Award. "This was a great promotion of our country on the American market that shows a growing interest in travel and holidays in Croatia, according to the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Ashley picking up her Emmy Award

American journalist Ashley Colburn and John Needden on a tour organized by the Croatian National Tourist Board in September last year, spent eight days exploring Croatia, a camera recorded the most beautiful shots from Zagreb to Dubrovnik (Zagreb, the Croatian Zagorje, Samobor, Plitvice Lakes, Smiljan, Dell Gacke, Split, Dubrovnik, Ston, Cavtat), with an emphasis on cultural - historical and natural heritage, as well as gastronomy, hotel accommodations, and night life. After the study tour they recorded the documentary "Wow Croatia" Now American television journalist and producer Ashley Colburn was nominated and won the prestigious Emmy Award, and her images have thrilled audiences and critics.

Ashley on one of her stops along the Croatian coast. 

"Everything is pretty magical in Croatia, particularly from the food, people, nature, to the hospitality. Young Americans are the best guests because they always return where there are good times and entertainment," said Ashley Colburn, who came back in early June to Croatia, in the Medjimurje area. There she was awarded the Golden Pen award organized by the Croatian National Tourist Board, an award where foreign journalists are awarded for best written stories and reports about Croatia which are then published in foreign markets.

Ashley's full documentary episode of 'WOW Croatia'.

Ashley Colburn won the award for best TV report posted on the American market. For the Golden Pen Award there were 33 other journalists nominated from Europe and the rest of the world. Ashley thanked the Croatian tourist board for their assistance in organizing travel and shooting in Croatia, adding that it was one of the best weeks in her life and that it is a great honor to have been given the opportunity to present such a beautiful country to viewers of Wealth TV, a station that is popular in California.

A short interview segment with Ashley from Croatian television.

This may be a tad off topic, but that interviewer in the above vid, I think really needs to update or change his hairstyle. It just gives me the creeps the way the name "Paul Bernardo" keeps coming to mind, something about those wispy laws of science and gravity defying feathered-front hairstyles that appear out of and lead to nowhere, like that guy from the television series 'Full House".... just creepy and hellishly-wispy...shivers.

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