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nedjelja, 3. travnja 2011.

Croatian Ambassador Becomes NATO Assistant Secretary General

This political news piece came out a few days ago.  I don't discuss politics here much so I'm not going to get all depth into it. I have my personal views regarding Croatian soldiers in Afghanistian and I'll leave it at that. What will this promotion/appointment mean for Croatia though?  Again, I'm not going to get into a whole bunch of conjecture and "God Bless America"-isms or gospel-crap singing. (That kind of stuff is lame and bores the hell out of me) It does solidify and enhance Croatia's security, importance in foreign affairs and position in NATO. That's a given. Kolinda will definitely be getting a pay raise, invites to more soiree's and dinner parties and maybe a few more blouses in her wardrobe, but what will this mean for Croatia(ns) in general?.....

......What will this mean for Croatian's in neighbouring BiH who's place and history (and future) there is being threatened by Serb political rabble-rousers and Muslims (or Bosniyaks, or whatever the name/flavor of the week is) special interests and revisionists?..who think that as long as Sarajevo has lots of Pepsi-Cola, bootleg Janet Jackson cd's and french fries that everything is fine, and think they can lord over the remaining free half of BiH that Croats for the most part liberated?  (Most of BIH used to belong to and was first settled by Croatian back in the 6th and 7th century anyway, it's an anomaly, an accident of history that was for the most part the result of foreign meddling and incursions. More on that at For Croatian soldiers who are currently part of NATO missions? (Especially in the mess that is Afghanistan) For future Croatian soldiers in future NATO missions?  For the price of a slice of  kremšnita and a kava in Zagreb?  For European Union accession talks? For reducing imports and increasing exports in Croatia? Or even for exposing  worldwide "Greater Serbia" diatribes, misinformation and shitfuckery? We'll have to wait and see what happens after a few more of those soiree's and dinner parties I guess.

(Btw, This is what I love about this blog. Being able to use vernacular words and phrases and a variety of sources.  Since I'm not a writer for a media organization, special interest group or obliged to stay within certain politically correct guidelines,  I don't have to appease sponsors and/or a predefined readership to kiss ass for ratings, free coffee mugs and bumper stickers. This benefits you, the reader.  Freedom of speech, gotta love it.)




The Croatian Ambassador to the United States and former Foreign Minister Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, has been appointed NATO Secretary General's assistant for public diplomacy, the spokesman for the Croatian foreign ministry told press on Wednesday.

"Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic has been appointed Anders Fogh Rasmussen's assistant for public diplomacy," spokesman Mario Dragun said, adding that he could not say when the Croatian diplomat would take office.

The division for public diplomacy is one of the six divisions in the office of the alliance's Secretary General, and heads of those divisions are Rasmussen's assistants.

George Bush and Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic Attend Signing For Albania And Croatia NATO Accession Protocols In 2008. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images North America)

According to Dragun this appointment is great recognition of Grabar Kitarovic's work in diplomacy.

This is also an act of recognising Croatia and the work of Croatian diplomats who are seen as staff capable of giving their contribution to international affairs, the spokesman added.

Last year, former Croatian Justice Minister Ivan Simonovic was appointed the United Nations Secretary General's assistant for human rights.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic in an interview in 2009 regarding Croatia's accession to NATO.

Below is what I'm talking about. Do you notice some things missing in this list from 2012? Where are the neighboring and nearby fellow Muslim countries? Only the United Arab Emirates are seen here way at the bottom. (You know, that country with all the bubbly black stuff gushing out of the sand and those megamalls and lakes being built in the deserts) A whole 35 people representing the Muslim world? What are they doing, sweeping, cleaning, pushing pencils? I rest my case.

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