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nedjelja, 15. svibnja 2011.

Croatian Tourism Commercial......Yea or Nea? / Is John Malkovich Croatian?

A scene from the 3 second footage of a bikini.

This one is kind of old news.  However considering the source of this particular post, I figure I'll mention it after all.  Here's the gist of it, without trying to write a long winded novel....

A few months ago some new tourism spots were made for this upcoming busy tourist season in Croatia.  Being that Croatia's beaches and Adriatic coastline account for a big chuck of tourist money, the makers of the commercials decided to focus on that.  Makes perfect sense to me.  But some stuffy types, actually mainly just one higher echelon level of government type, was objecting to 3 measly seconds of the profile of a woman's bikini clad bottom in the 30 second commercial. For whatever reason, she thought that was an important topic to have to address right away, even before things like the budget, unemployment, veterans benefits, illegal immigrants, economy.....stuff like that.  (Obviously from people who don't spend much time on the beaches in Croatia from the sounds of it.  Or swimming pools)

There were quite a few articles in all the Croatian daily news portals and judging from the comments I read as well as the thoughts of the authors of the articles, the overwhelming majority of people didn't see what all the fuss was about, at all.  And I agreed with them totally.  It's surreal and weird that a story like even came out in the first place. This is Croatia not Victorian England, Salt Lake City, Saskatchewan, or Alberta, not Sharia law or a televangelist miracle spring water/prayer cloth-fest. Dam, I remember from even spending 2 whole summers in Croatia when 10 and 11 years old, going to the beach almost daily and seeing bikinis and even topless women. (By the 5th or 6th one you forget they're even there)  I could bring up some real important issues and topics that could really rock the boat, open peoples eyes, regarding issues that really need attention.

Afterall, It's just a woman's bikini covered bottom on screen for a few seconds shown in a witty creative way that ties in perfectly with Croatian summers and beaches, warning people not to burn themselves "while baking".  ("While baking" get it? Now if they had bacon and eggs frying on her butt, or some palacinke, pancakes etc, then I could understand a persons claim to the spot being uncalled for and unnecessary)  Like what did the objectors of this particular tourism commercial expect to see on a beach?  Any beach whatsoever for that matter.  A woman in  bloomers? What do they do when they see lingerie billboards or bra commercials?  (Or better yet, what do those people wear when THEY go the beach? Grass skirts? Pajamas? Fig Leaves?)

Like duuuh. Is Croatia going to be the European hotspot for the Harlem Gospel Choir European tour?  In retrospect it makes me wonder about some of the economic and political decisions some people make, especially with the added backdrop of much more important, or controversial matters to address. Sometimes I think the clutches of mormonism or televangelism have temporarily reached into part of the current ruling government  in Croatia.  Quite sickening having shut-ins try to dictate Croatian tourism policy.  Getting into massive debt and selling entire companies, real estate and shares in companies that were formerly nationalized, for a pittance, is much more attention worthy I think. I'm not even going to get into illegal immigrants sneaking in across the border in meat trucks, vans, packed Saabs, et all, sneaking in to bring their entire village and their grandparents over the following years.  Economics and border security aside, I was actually personally more offended by the drab circa. 1993 purple polo top I saw the man wearing.  I would really like to know the opinion of Nina Morić about this commercial featuring Croatian beaches. That's my 2 cents. Izvolite...


Warning: Graphic disturbing images of an out of date purple polo shirt.

...Is John Malkovich of Croatian descent?

Now, before I start on the topic of the 2nd  title of this post, I just want to be clear that I'm speaking about Malkovich the actor, not Adam Malkovich the officer of the Galactic Federation from the Metro video game. Now, I come across lots of misinformation on the internet. One comes across it all the time, in those entertainment magazines, those supermarket tabloids, rumours about so and so seeing so and so, someone having their alien baby, so and was fucking so and so etc and so on.  So anyway, I came across a guy from Serbian background once on a chit-chat site, (It makes my job easy when Serbs keep using the Croatian alphabet)...he was assuring forum members or Facebook members and the general internet readership, that various celebrities/sports personalities are of Serbian descent. Many times even when the truth is staring at them right in the face. Some kind of fixation and klepto-complex, these types of people can at times get quite ridiculous and bizzare (Although sometimes it's a result of shoddy journalism, in the face of so much misinformation and Serbian sources). For instance, and just one of numerous examples, trying to fake images and publishing fake stories in Serbian newspapers of US President George Bush being a Serbian nationalist supporter is pretty pathetic. Quite fucked up actually. if.  See Here.

Many times it truly is just a form of kleptomania basically, extending even to other peoples literary history, historical individuals, events and cultural traits. (They never want to talk about the Albanian roots of Nokak Djokovic or the  factual basis for the Croatian and even possible some Romanian background of Nikola Tesla... *Tesla's surname is actually a nickname from a Croatian word, his original surname was Draganić, from a line of Croatian noblesI looked into all this and it's without a doubt that Nikola Tesla's roots are Croatian before his great grandfather was arm twisted into converting his religion.  But this isn't the point of this post, I recommend to people who are interested in the early Croatian history to read for much more on that, many things you probably didn't know.  Anyway I recently came upon another one of these instances concerning the actor John Malkovich.

John Malkovich strolling around in Dubrovnik.

This Serbian guy in question was adamant, using multiple expletives (swearing/psovanje) that would make a sailor blush and alleyway hooker embarrassed, directed at other members of the forum that John was of Serbian descent, simply because he said so and that was that. Absolutely positive. Mentioning something to the effect how years ago his cousin or brother or something read that in a magazine, or someone reading a magazine told his friend when he was with his cousin, or was it his cousin was reading a magazine and his friend overheard someone say.....bla bla bla .... something like that.  (You don't need more proof than that do you? It's always the stories, lots of made up stories about lots of stuff.  Sort of like that guy who started that Richard Gere/gerbil story back in the early 90's)  I've even come across a statement on a Serb blog from someone talking about that "Serb actor" Goran (Goran actually even joined the Croatian army back in the 90's defending his town from attacking Serbs)  Yes...yes, of course he's Serbian, there..there.  Calm down. Would you like a foot rub and a nice hot cup of cocoa or shot of whiskey before bed time? It's good for the nerves (živce) I forgot, Swedes, Germans, Italians, Russians, Norwegians, Jews, Romanians etc are Serbs, stupid me. Nestor was a raving lunatic, because Russian are Serbs! Just don't forget to kiss the Radovan Karadzic photo on the dresser before going the sleep.

How the topic moved onto actors in a soccer forum, I don't know. Sort of like those religious nutsos who believe Jesus didn't have a penis. 110% positive, some people have written books on this subject.  (Must be the "-vich" thing.)  This kind of stuff has escalated since the extinction of Yugo-land I've noticed.  Some kind of attempt in some peoples mind to actually believe that Serbia won the wars of the 90's. In the medical community this kind of unwavering belief is commonly known as a mental disorder.  Also as a paranoid narcissism or delusion.  I think this belief may be caused in part by many of these people's belief in Serbs as a separate and special 6th race. Known as the "Serb race"  It's in their national anthem/theme song even.

Science, History, Genetics and Anthropology doesn't apply to this deluded thinking pattern.  Serbs go back to Adam and Eve, (god forbid).. to ancient Egypt, Asia, Mesopotamia, from outer space even, they beat the Vikings to America by centuries and much more wacko invented psuedo-history. (You would be in awe at the tongues flapping and what crap they're flapping about. Talk about overcompensating lol)

After all..."......'Serbs' in the tongue of the Romans is the word for 'Slaves', whence the colloquial 'serbula' for menial shoes, and 'tzerboulianoi' for those who wear cheap, shoddy footgear. This name the Serbs acquired from their being Slaves of the emperor of the Romans......" - Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, De Administrando Imperio (DAI)

Anyway, back to this topic. I touched upon previously about John Malkovich and decided to add the video from there to here. (I remind the reader that John also has German and Scottish ancestry as well)  This is footage of John reciting the Croatian national anthem in Croatian for a "Stop the War" effort during the aggression on Croatia in the 1990's. (He wasn't supporting the ethnically cleansed and Serb-occupied portion of Croatia in the 90's, supporting their occupation)  Ipso Facto. Problem solved. You can read that whole post HERE

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(lol, John Malkovich Serbian? tsk-tsk. He's about as Serbian as Bohemia is Egypt)

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