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ponedjeljak, 2. svibnja 2011.

Ivica Kostelic Makes Skiing History Winning 3 Crystal Globes For Croatia

Celebrating the historic first for Croatian Men's Skiing. Photo: CROPIX.

This great news for Croatian sports is a bit late, but better late than never. With the fantastic start to the World Cup Ski season Ivica Kostelic had, it was practically over 1/2 way through. Only the risk of his knee problems recurring was a serious threat to him not taking the Overall World Cup title. His knees have been a bane to him especially the past few seasons, denying him World Cup titles just when it was going down to the wire. His 3 World Cup titles won in the 2010/11 season is in addition to winning 2 silver medals at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Soon after the World Cup ski season ended he underwent yet another operation on his knee and is currently recuperating and training, already preparing for next season. His slalom title won this year is his 3rd so far. Ivica is finally getting his groove. He's always had the talent and discipline, but staying injury free was the deciding factor. Hopefully a trend that will continue into the next World Cup ski season. His sister Janica Kostelic, who is retired from skiing, supported him in person at almost every single race this past season, and him staying healthy was the deciding factor. Not much more to add. You can click onto the links for further information about Ivica's historic accomplishment or some of my earlier posts from this season here:






Photograph by: FRANCK FIFE, AFP/Getty Images.


Croatia’s Ivica Kostelić finally reached his goal after years of hard work winning three globes in the 2010/11 season. After he had already captured the super combined and the overall World Cup titles, the Croat claimed the slalom trophy on Saturday. It was a historical and very emotional moment for Kostelic, who talked about his accomplishments this season and his plans for after the finals in Lenzerheide, Switzerland.

Congratulations on the three World Cup globes. You had a phenomenal season with a series of 7wins back in January where you laid the groundwork for winning the large overall globe. How did you feel after the slalom race today when you knew the third globe was also yours?

Ivica doing his stuff on the slopes throughout the season. 

It was a very exciting and emotional moment. I worked really hard for this; especially winning the slalom globe, my second title in this discipline, was important to me. I've waited nine years for this chance. Slalom is my strongest discipline but in the last few years I often came close to winning it but then something happened or I missed a few races and never managed to capture the title again after 2002. My dad then said that something needs to change and we paid special attention to practicing slalom. We trained slalom like never before and every training day also included a few slalom gates.

Your support team must be very happy with your achievements this season.

It is surely a very emotional moment for us. Janica, my sister, was also emotional. I appreciate what she has done for me and her love and passion helped me reach my goals. The entire team is delighted. It is gratifying and almost overwhelming when you reach your goal after working really hard towards it.

In slalom the field of competitors is strong. Does that make your slalom title even more valuable?

Janica Kostelic congratulates her brother Ivica Kostelic of Croatia who takes 1st place during the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Men's Super Combined on January 30, 2011 in Chamonix, France. (January 29, 2011 - Photo by Michel Cottin/Agence Zoom/Getty Images Europe)

There is a lot of competition in slalom and there are a few athletes in the top 5 who could be called the best skiers in the world. They can all ski fast in certain conditions under certain circumstances. It is difficult to come out on top of this tight field and it makes me proud.

After having achieved your major goals this season, what will be the challenge next season?

In sport, you always want to push your limits and go faster and win more medals no matter how many times you have won before. My wish is to eventually earn medals in all five disciplines and develop my potential in the speed disciplines. Of course my health is also important to me. I have to make sure my body stays healthy. In recent years, I adjusted my training accordingly to make sure I have enough recovery time and possibilities to recharge my batteries.

Footage of Ivica finally claiming the Big Crystal Globe as Overall Alpine Ski World Cup Champion.

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