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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Petra Ecclestone Gets Engaged.

 A more recent updated photo of Petra Ecclestone on the happiest day and moment of her life, shortly before the exchanging of the vows.



*Update July 15, 2012 - Since the time of this post, Petra, sis Tamara and mother Slavica to a short vacation travelling along the Croatian coast.  Starting from the Island of Hvar, the islands of Mljet, Vis and spending a day in Dubrovnik. You can read that HERE

Hmmm? Probably some people will be scratching their noggins about this one I'm sure. Although I've had numerous requests to post something about  Petra's engagement, at first I decided not to.  I mean there was already a plethora of gossip/celebrity/tabloid type news sites and magazines out there that were on the story in no time, with plenty of detailed gossip material and detailed analysis.  However, now I figure..why not?  Besides, even though Petra Ecclestone and I are from very different universes, after reading a bit about her over the last little while, I've discovered we have similarities in many experiences and viewpoints that I didn't realize before.  That's besides our Croatian backgrounds.  (I never even heard of her until just a couple of years ago)  I also admire her as well as her sister Tamara's demeanor, straightforwardness and way they present themselves. Sure they're both billionaire heiresses, but spoiled they are not. (Mother Slavica played a big part in keeping both sisters grounded and appreciative of their status. She actually refused to have a dishwashing machine installed in their home or use the services of a nanny) Also it hasn't diminished their drive and desire to become known for something more.   Both sisters have chosen their own different career paths and they are both very professional and hard working classy  ladies. Not just sitting around partying all day, or being caught with their knickers down. How do I know this? Just believe me. I know.  I also really dig the Bugatti Veyron engagement present Petra received from her father, Formula-1 Supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, as well.  Bottom line, as long as it's Croatia related, it may find it's way onto my blog.

 Petra and mother Slavica at the engagement party.

I previously mentioned Petra Ecclestone, her sister Tamara, mother Slavica and father Bernie on another post which you can read HERE. Besides doing this post because of it's Croatian connection, I also did it because, well,'s my blog and I feel like it.  Possibly also because they present themselves so different from locals I've come across, past and present.  (You know the type I'm talking about. Who act so pretentious and cool just because they're financing a new vehicle, getting new shiny hubcaps, car stereo that has extra base or some funny looking tawdry jewellry)

 Petra and fiancé Jamie Stunt. (Not everyone can pull off looking this good in red.  Naaajs)

Some people may think that they spent too much money for the engagement party, and such and such, bla bla bla. However, I look at it this way. Bernie Ecclestone runs the Formula-1 racing empire, and has brought exposure to cities/countries, generated tourist income for the cities/countries involved, jobs, as well as profits for Formula-1 and the organizers and host cities of Grand  Prix Formula-1 races. Afterall, It's his money, he is a business man and we're not his portfolio managers and bankers.  (It's not like he's selling weapons to dictators)  He may even possibly be bringing Formula-1 racing to Croatia in the future too. Actually, some of the countries where Formula-1 Grand Prix races have been held, most people wouldn't be able to point out on a map if not for the privilege of hosting an F-1 Grand Prix racing event.

  Mother Slavica (Who is a former international fashion model in her own right) and Petra travelled to Croatia not too long ago where Petra  invested in a clothing manufacturing plant in Sisak, for her  FORM line of men's designer business suits and informal/semi-casual clothing line, bringing exposure and again, more jobs. (She has handbags on the way later this summer too, in case you were wondering) and always has time for charitable events.  Sister Tamara is also following her path and becoming a highly internationally recognized model and television personality, with future projects on the horizon for her own line of hair products, bedding and homeware, to including a Channel5Press fly on the wall documentary - "Tamara's World" - starting later this year.. (I'm very surprised that F-1 or Petra and Tamara are practically unheard of in these parts. Such a pity.  But then again, the way celebrity magazine front covers read these days, perhaps thats a good thing)  More information about Tamara's career and charity work can be found HERE  Again, see my previous post concerning Formula-1, The Ecclestone's and their Croatian connection HERE.  Anyway, I only  added a few photos from her recent engagement party in this post. For more in depth juicy gossipy details, analysis, fashion catfights and papparazi /tabloid stuff, you'll have to go elsewhere. Or click onto the links for more information.

Petra's new hand assembled £800,000 Bugatti Veyron engagement gift from father Bernie, which would make Batman envious. It's actually the most expensive street legal car in the world and has all the toys. Many automotive experts have called it "The best car ever made".  (That's about US$1,300,000 for all the non-Ecclestones out there) 

Finally, just an amusing addendum to this particular post.  A recent photo of Petra's parked Range Rover with it's very cool license plate.  Like I said previously....demeanor  (Photo courtesy of Jey Flash Photography)  As well as a rarely seen photo and the little known fact of her sister Tamara's dedication tattoo to Petra. (Related tattoo post Here)

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