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Monday, 20 June 2011

Former Miss Croatia Ivana Vasilj Says "Halo" In New Music Video

Former Miss Croatia Ivana Vasilj looking like she'd rather be anywhere else than in this crappy video. (Just waiting for her cheque so she can leave already and go buy a bottle of rakija)


Well, for those not in the know, Ivana Vasilj was the winner of the 2009 Miss Croatia (Miss Hrvatska) competition, which also made her the first Miss Croatia to be born outside of Croatia. (Known as a diaspora Croat)  Her parents are both from Croatia, but she was born in Germany.  This is the second music video Ivana has made an appearance in.  She previoulsy did one for the Croatian folk outfit "The Slavonia Band", shortly after winning the Miss Croatia crown.

A scene from the video. Are his jeans actually tucked into his sneakers? Too many reruns of Fresh Prince possibly? At this point I was starting to puke blood. (Ivana doesn't have a thing for actual Elfs btw, it's a popular Croatian fashion brand that is found across Europe, more info about that at:

Now, I'm not putting this here because I'm a fan of the song "Halo". (That's an understatement)  It's strictly about Ivana Vasilj (And her hot body to be quite honest) This is not my kind of music in the least. I've never heard of this musician and hope to never again. He actually makes the band "Hanson" seem like a welcome altenative. I definitely know none of my friends in Croatia listen to this stuff. I'd pick Jelena Rozga or Silente over this drivel, easily)  I don't get how in the beginning of the video she's sitting alone in the bar, looking all bored, and no other guys in the place even notice her, or buys her a drink. Is she invisible? homely looking? Very odd.

 One of the more tastier morsels of the music video where you actually forget all about the singing and quirky jerky head movements going on. You sort of wish "The Flash" would say "bye" already and zip off to the rodeo.

I'm just  glad to see Ivana is keeping busy these days by making another cameo appearance in a music video, be it for whatever reason, pity probably. Or she finally gave in after "The Flash" was calling her all hours of the day for weeks straight to please be in his video. (I have some personal favorite Croatian artists I actually would like to see her make an appearance for in a music video, but that's another story. Or an appearance on some magazine covers or a "djevojka dana" appearance)   By the end of the video, one wishes (If you're a typical heterosexual male with no erection difficulties such as myself) that the camera would have just stayed on Ivana the whole time while she's dancing and totally avoided the singers fruity posing that would make the local bar&grill cowboy regulars around here want to take him home and pump his white ass all night long. (I know for a fact that many married men in this city are gay, the women don't like to be seen in their underwear during daylight hours you see.)   Not even gonna get into what kind of offers he would get from men while walking through the mall food courts. Sort of like "Yeee haww! Hey Croatian Flash! Can I chew yer beef jerky? Wanna come to our Lemon Party"?! Why he'd get propositions to grind his ass from here to Medicine Hat and maybe even as far as Red Deer. The amount of cowboys and  dudes willing to suck his willy and have their mouths filled with fresh creamy spunk would reach into triple digits, I'm sure. (Why didn't he wear a Shazam tee instead anyway? It would have been much cooler and made more sense, I would have worn a Shazam tee) Anyway, you can read more about Ivana and her story (As well as check out her all-important bikini shot) on a previous post I added HERE.

An image of Ivana from the time of her "Miss Croatia" Crown win in 2009.

*Note - Since this blog addition is strictly about Ivana, I took the liberty of making a minor adjustment. I decided these shots of  Ivana are way too good to pass up even if it's not my kind of musical taste. So I had the audio tweaked.  The substituted music I think helps distract you from the close ups on the singers pouty-dorky noggin and his untied sneakers. (I get my fair share of dorks on a daily basis, and untied sneakers with blazers never was or will be in style in my books) This may help explain why Ivana through most of the video is laughing at, not with, the singer, and is constantly trying to push him away. I don't know if he shops at "The Bay" or what, but I haven't seen such style and perfect complexion since Corey Haim in the movie "Lost Boys".  (After some surmising though, I think this may be because the jeans in sneakers look is very popular with segments of the 15 to 25 yr old homosexual consumers group, and they sure do like to buy lots and lots of cd's)  That look was popular briefly for a time in the late 80's, but it's the 21st century now people.  It's newsboy caps now. snap snap! Anyway, in my opinion the edited music actually suits the scenes where Ivana is showing her nice form more and compliments the part when she plays with her hair much, much better. Tako to ide.)

You can watch the video HERE and keep my previously mentioned points in mind. However, you can also watch the video below or just watch it instead. (I don't pick the music in these things btw, but at least in the below video there's no jeans tucked into sneakers or sprained and fake twitchy neck closeups)

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