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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Petra Ecclestone Invades America.



Updated post: petra-tamara-do-croatia

(Update - Petra and the rest didn't stay long in L.A,  in 2014 they put their house up sale and headed
back to London for good. Without getting into all the particulars, it was not her cup of tea and they have no intention of moving back)

Well, another unplanned celebrity addition on this blog, but I figure it'll distract me from the chronic lying sack of shit drama queens. (Serborella syndrome perhaps too, see previous post)  Anyway, the title of this post may at first seem a little tongue in cheek, but from reading just a few of the myriads of articles out there the past few days, that's the way it almost seems.  Whether Petra likes it or not. You can read more about  her on a previous post HERE.

Photo of Petra from 2010 in London.  Contrary to the opinions of many females in my neighbourhood, Petra is not sick, sad, scared or crying in this photo.  Just a combination of vitamins, healthy menu choices and demeanor. (Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images Europe) 

Basically, the Croatian-English Formula-1 Heiress (OK, English heiress with Croatian background) from the UK has purchased the most expensive house/mansion in the United States. Candi Spelling's 57,000-sq. foot Los Angeles estate that has according to reports been on the market for an asking price of  $150 million.  I'm not going to get into all the gossipy details about the house, her watches, her menu choices or whether she does or doesn't have nice breasts and endless anaconda legs that would squeeze the stuffing out of you and make you glad to die in that position. You can click onto the few links  I left above for all that stuff.

I didn't expect to add another piece here about celebrities either, but with the amount of media coverage this news item has been getting, (And maybe because of the massive amounts of hits this blog has been getting from people searching for any information on "Who is Petra Ecclestone") I figure I'll add a couple of my own thoughts here.

 Petra pictured with Bernie, Slavica and Tamara in 2008.

In a nutshell, I just found it sort of funny how all of a sudden the US media is all talking about Petra Ecclestone.  Like she and the whole Ecclestone family just came out of nowhere.  She and her whole family have been very well known in Europe, (Especially the past few years since Petra and her sister Tamara have branched off to their own careers), and are constantly in the media spotlight and tabloids.  Now, she is getting some negative coverage in some circles, (Y'know, that "greedy", "spoiled" "bad" nonsense talk)  However, I look at it this way.  Buying the largest house in the US, (straight up mind you) may be a good investment. Somebody was going to buy it at some point, so why not her?  Secondly, after reading a little here and there, man is she going to be getting her share of wierdos, shysters (Is shysters politically correct these days?) con-artists and business propositions. I can only just imagine what kind of emails she's getting from people coming out of the wood work all of a sudden.  Bogus investment schemes, long lost relatives, fake tear-jerker stories, all that. ...("Petra! Call me! I have the best skin moisturizer in the world guaranteed to take 10 yrs off,  it's made from 5000 yr old winged Amazonian lizard eggs, and I can get you a lipstick that lasts 15 years!") The American paparazzi machine is already on this as well, as can be seen in the vid below, and that's a whole other thing unto itself.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone is seen with his daughters Petra (L) and Tamara (R) before the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at the Monte Carlo Circuit on May 29, 2011 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Photo by Vladimir Rys/Getty Images Europe) 

I've even remarkably come across comments where some people are actually wishing that she dies in a plane crash, or gets an incurable fatal disease. (Some lady commenting that she has a face like a horse and is sick,  is one I'm still scratching my head about as well).   Hmmm? Well, she was lucky enough to be born the daughter of  billionaire Formula-1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and his ( Now ex-wife) former Croatian Armani model Slavica Ecclestone (née Radić).  But it's not like she's selling weapons of mass destruction,  giving crack to kids or owns a worldwide chain of child labor sweatshops.  (Come to think of it,  I don't think she's polluted even one lake, river or any other body of water for that matter.)  Anyway, since she will be spending her time in the UK and Los Angeles now, get ready to see and read  more about Petra Ecclestone in the future.  (Again, probably whether you , she or I like it or not)  Petra's wedding will be taking place later this summer, but with all the tabloids and media people following her around now, I'm not even gonna touch that one.

American paparazzi are hot on the trail since Petra's new Los Angeles home purchase. 

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