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subota, 11. lipnja 2011.

Serbian Race Protests Arrest Of War Criminal Ratko Mladic

Two Serbian protestors consoling each other over the (15 years late) capture of Ratko Mladic. Role models and sex symbols of Hamilton, Ontario Serborella's as well as other places where Serborella's are to be found. To protest this injustice aginst Serbian mass murderers, Serbs have bugun a campaign on Wikipedia and the internet to replace any mention of Croatian with "Serbian" as well as any mention of Slavic with "Serbian race",  just like in Serbo-Yugoslavia.  (However, European nations that were relegated to the position of Non-Serbs in the 90's, are now transformed into the magical  Serb race by some)  Reading the information and links below will show you that Serbs are a cool race that you would be crazy not to want to be a part of.

NOTE- All images found on this post and on corresponding links are true with absolutely no use of actors, actresses, or special effects. No use of photoshop or editing to persons, places or events in the images whatsoever. All references to the "Serb race" (Y'know, the Serb race you all read about in those science/anthroplogy/history books and journals from your schoolie days.  Definitely not to be confused with the Slavic or other European races)  are taken directly from the Serbian national theme song/ anthem. Someone who is not Serbian (eg: Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Russian, Hungarian. Italian, German etc, is placed under the umbrella term "Non-Serb".  For the sake of streamlining this post, the words "Ethnic Cleansing" "Ethnic Genocide" and "Massacres" have been substituted by the word "Porn".)

This one was all over the over the past few days. There's really not much more to add, especially if one has read the previous posts of this blog. Nothing surprising either.  After the news came out that war criminal Ratko Mladic was found, arrested and being extradited to The Hague for war crimes and genocide charges, throngs of Serbs in Serbia and in neighbouring Bosnia -Hercegovina were out in full force.  Photo carrying "Greater Serbia" supporters in t-shirts with images of their war criminals portrayed as saints are never in short supply at these things.  Always plenty of irredentism and rhetoric and revisionist history.  Even 7 year olds holding photos of Slobodan Milosevic, Ratko Mladic, Vojslav Seselj or Radovan Karadzic with the knowledge of true events is never in short supply either.

An angry Serbian boy displays the Serbian fascist "3 finger salute" and the dreaded "Serbia's gonna make you lick Srbian boots" look at one of the many pro-Mladic demonstrations. (Note-Croatians and other Non- Serbs have 5 fingers)

Clergy from the  Serbian Orthodox church are always around also, to give a helping hand. The tiresome mantra that Serbs are always the victims, that they were only protecting themselves, that there is a worldwide conspiracy against the "Serbian race" and that all the wars fought against Non-Serbs in the 90's were defensive are relentlessly told over megaphones with the backdrop of again, plenty of photos of Serbian "heroes" and Serbian flags. Also, the false proclamations that if there were war crimes, the Serbian leaders and generals had no part of it. (Especially when the opposite is evident on film)  The recent filmed footage of Ratko Mladic is a big departure from the arrogant smiling Serbian general of the 90's who was known for his boasts and threats.  Efforts are already underway by his family to try to disrupt war crimes charges proceedings due to his health.  However,  as can be seen on video and from his quotes, he's the same old lying, arrogant and smiling former Serbian-Yugoslav general. Here's just a snippet of the goings on from the past week. For more background to the story see my previous posts HERE.


In Belgrade a "Greater Serbia" supporter expressing dissatisfaction with the arrest of Ratko Mladic. One of the best Serbo-Yugo porn directors from the 1990's. This woman was heard exclaiming "Anyone not wanting to be a Serb is crazy!  You are all a bunch of crazy's!  You are all needing medications you Non-Serb crazies! " ( This image helps explains why so many Serbian men go after Non-Serb women)

Daily updates from trials against Mladic and other Serbian war criminals at the Hague can be seen at, as well as a friendlier version of this post HERE.


'A severe pronouncement of Serbian victimhood'  (Always and at all times the victims bla bla bla)

Supporters of the Serbian Radical Party hold pictures of general Ratko Mladic (R), Vojislav Seselj and Radovan Karadzic (L) during a protest against Mladic's arrest in Belgrade May 29.(Reuters)

Thousands of Serbian protesters clashed with police after the arrest of war-crimes suspect Ratko Mladic. Psychologist Sabina Cehajic-Clancy, who has spent years working with Bosnian Serb youth on conflict resolution, says the unrest is unsurprising.

Protesters overturned garbage containers, broke traffic lights and set off firecrackers in downtown Belgrade on Sunday, decrying the arrest of former Bosnian Serb army commander Ratko Mladic.

Mladic was arrested last week after 16 years in hiding and is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes.

For many Serbs, in and out of the country, Mladic is not the monster he is made out to be in the Western media and is now doomed to face an unfair trial at the ICC.

A supporter of the ultra-nationalist Serbian Radical Party lovingly kisses a picture of Mladic in Belgrade in 2008. (The more things change, the more they stay the same)

A Greater-Serbia supporter demanding ...something, and more posters.

A Serbian woman holding 20 year old photographs in pristine condition of Serbian war criminals/saints/heroes.

Women of the Serbian race sad at the capture of Mladic, wiping away tears with their man hands. Mladic is the 3rd best Serbo-Yugo pornfilm director of all time.  (As previously mentioned, the going after Non-Serb women rule applies) These Serbs believe Mladic and Karadzic were actually vacationing in Portugal during the time of the seige of Sarajevo, and became rich by being used Yugo automobile salesmen in the UK and US immediately prior to that.

Mladic was indicted by an international war crimes court in 1995 on genocide charges for the Srebrenica massacre and the 43-month siege of Sarajevo.

Sabina Cehajic-Clancy is a Sarajevo-based social psychologist and heads the Balkan Institute for Conflict Resolution, Responsibility and Reconciliation. For the past 8 years her work has focused on how Bosnian Serbs, aged 16 to 26, deal with their group’s past moral violations.

Her research has been conducted in the Republic of Srpska, officially a Bosnian territory, but where Serbs are the majority and run many state institutions separately from Sarajevo.

She told FRANCE 24 that ethnic Serbs are reacting to Mladic's arrest in view of the past wrongs commited against them.

Supporters of the Serbian Radical Party wave their flags during a protest against the arrest of Bosnian Serb wartime general Ratko Mladic in Belgrade May 29. Photo: STOYAN NENOV/REUTERS.

FRANCE 24: Is the anger that was expressed by Serbians something you have confronted in your research among Serbian youth?

Sabina Cehajic-Clancy: I would have liked to see a different reaction, but what we are witnessing is consistent with my eight years of investigation. I have been looking exactly at how Serbian youth deals psychologically with their heritage of burden their former leaders have left, and how do they deal with their group responsibility for atrocities, such as the Srebrenica massacre, committed by their group members.

The results consistently show what we are seeing now: youth are very protective of their group, and that includes their former leaders. This is not fake, this is not something done for show. They sincerely believe he is their hero, someone who fought to restore injustices their group experienced in the past.

Personally, it took me a long time to accept the validity of these findings. How can an ordinary 17-year-old girl or boy - who goes to high school, who has a Facebook profile, who has no memory of the Bosnian war - regard and defend Mladic as a hero?

In general my research has shown that people will always find a justification for the atrocities their group has done - they will do everything that is psychologically possible to justify the actions of their leaders or other group members. Findings have consistently shown the activation of moral disengagement strategies.

People start to dehumanize victims, in this case Bosnian Muslims, as a defense mechanism. They say they are basically deserving of their suffering, not because they want the other group to suffer, but because this idea eases their way of dealing with a moral burden of their group.

Supporters of genocide suspect Ratko Mladic wave Serbian flags and fascist "3 finger salutes" during a rally organized by the ultra nationalist Serbian Radical Party in front of the Parliament building, in Belgrade, Serbia, on 29 May 2011. (Note-Croatians and Non-Serbs have 5 fingers btw)

Yugo-Serb (or Serbo-Yugo) General Mladic and fellow Hague pal Radovan Karadzic during a Serbo-Yugo Jesus blessing for some hot Serbo-Yugo Porn action during the 90's.

Back in the 90's Serb church clergy didn't mind spreading a little of the new Serbo-Yugo Porn now and then.

2 March 2000: Wanted poster released by the US state department in Washington showing Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic before they went underground and became very successful used Yugo car salesmen.

We have found this same tendency in other countries. Colleagues have found similar results in Chile in how people justify the mistreatment of Mapuche people. They have found similar trends in the USA in the way people view the occupation of Iraq and the civilian casualties of that war.

F24: What is it that we don’t understand about Serbians in Western Europe?

S.C.C.: People start to dehumanize victims before they can kill them. In my own research, we have found that people are still dehumanizing victims to deal with the knowledge that killing has occured in the past. It is a continuous process. In other words, victim dehumanization can also be regarded as a psychological post-killing process.

This trend has been established in quantitive research, and it also appears in qualitative studies. I have conducted many interviews about youth’s perceptions about the Srebrenica massacre, for example, where it is common to hear things like “the deaths have been exaggerated” or “if they had not been killed, we would have been killed.” The excuses range from explicit denial to various moral justifications.

What is paradoxical is that when I ask youth if these events should be part of the public discourse they will say “no, this is in the past. We need to move on.” But at the same time there is an obsession with talking about atrocities committed against Serbs in World War Two. There is a severe pronouncement of Serbian victimhood across all generations.

The local Ratko Mladic and other Serbian war criminal t-shirt and Chetnik shropshepka businesses had very brisk sales.

 A drunken Serbian goat-herder who was working in Romania and Hungary in 1902, had a drunken vision after falling off his chair and bumping his head on his goat. He immediately got up and started coloring areas on the map of Europe with goat dung as the goat instructed him to do. (That man's great grandson had a vision many years later to start the Serbian Trumpet Festival)  The goat explained that the Serbs arrived to Europe from planet Serbitron-X5 in 472 BC... (Changed since then to 837 BC, 2450 BC and now 7915 BC)...and that wherever a Srb releases some dung, that area is Serbia. (This is a far as he got because he ran out of goat dung crayons) Today this is the official Serbian map of these protestors for the proposed future Serbo-European war and victoriously ethnically cleansed and many goat filled Greater Serbia. The goat is now a mummified relic in some church somewhere, has been declared a saint and is in Serbian heaven, but will come again to earth when Europe is conquered.  (*Note-Serbian claimed areas in Canada, Australia, US and parts of southern Argentina and Chile are not shown on this map)


This is a long post with lots of information to soak in and involving serious facts. So I decided to add as an interlude a video passed onto me for readers to watch before continuing reading. Again, no photoshop or editing of images.

One problem is the information teens receive, from families, but also from institutions and the media. Accounts of World War Two will focus exclusively on atrocities against Serbians and have no mention of Jews or the Holocaust. This is (an) officially adopted curriculum that is the same across the Republic of Srpska, not just what they hear at home.

F24: Is the prospect of joining the EU interesting for Serbians, or are they anti-European?

S.C.C.: Unfortunately I have not looked at the questions or measured it in any scientific way. My general judgment is that it depends on who you ask. The official politics of Serbia are pro-Western, pro-EU.

I don’t think Serbians tend to be against the EU, but they have other values and priorities: Serbianhood. Their land, ideology and history. A majority of Serbian youth would tell you they would choose poverty over giving up some part of their Serbianhood.

The level of identification is very high. It is very high across all groups, but it is especially strong among ethnic Serbs.

As done before during the arrest of Slobodan Milosevic, Radovan Karadzic and Vojislav Seselj, thousands of "Greater Serbia" fascists and supporters of ethnic cleanisng of Non-Serbs took photos from the top of their bedroom dressers and living room walls to the streets to display.

 Serbs Protest Arrest of Ratko Mladic on Genocide Charges


Clashes between Serbian police and protesters broke out in downtown Belgrade as up to 10,000 ultra nationalists protested against the arrest and proposed extradition of Ratko Mladic on charges of genocide.

The protest rally was called by the Serbian Radical party, whose leader Vojislav Seselj is himself in The Hague, also facing war crimes charges. It is the only major party to criticize the arrest of Mladic.

The demonstrations were aimed at Serbian President Boris Tadic's government, which orchestrated the arrest of Mladic in his cousin's house in the northern Serbian village of Lazarevo, after 16 years on the run.

 2 Serbians making Serbian Porn (Yugo-Serbo Porn) with unidentified Croatian cast in Vukovar, Croatia.

Serbs celebrating the final day of shooting, there was Serbian bubbly flowing and Serbian bread sandwiches afterwards. It's easy to see why Serb culture is the best and all Europeans want to become Serbs.

 Serbian Porn (Serbo-Yugo Porn)  Some hot juicy scenes for "The money shot" filmed in Sarajevo.  (The various actors and cast are unidentified though)

The Serbo-Yugo orgy climax scene in Vukovar, Croatia in the 90's.

The protests in front of Serbian parliament came as the 69-year-old former Bosnian Serb general denied, through his son, responsibility for the 1995 massacre at Srebrenica, the worst atrocity Europe has witnessed since the Holocaust.

The War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague has indicted Mladic on charges of committing a range of war crimes -- from the 1992 campaign of ethnic cleansing in eastern Bosnia to the establishment of concentration camps in the northwest Bosnia to the three-year siege of Sarajevo to the taking of U.N. hostages in 1995 during NATO air strikes and the most terrible of all -- the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.

Despite calls for calm from the event's organizers, towards the end of the protests, groups of young demonstrators threw rocks, bottles and sticks at some of the estimated 3,000 riot policemen.

Hundreds of police operatives, some in full riot gear, some on horseback, moved in against the crowd. Some beat with batons and kicked protesters. One policeman was seriously wounded, dozens of demonstrators were injured, while 100 protestors were detained, according to police.

 Serbs protested throughout Serbia and in neighbouring Bosnia-Hercegovina. The house in the village where Mladic was born has over the years become a shrine.

Ratko Mladic during the Serb shelling of Sarajevo and the ethnic cleansing campaign in Bosnia by Serb killing squads: "I'm a super-general," he bragged. "If I'd been a surgeon, I'd have been a super-surgeon. If I'd been a lawyer, I'd have been a super-lawyer."  Photograph: Petar Kujundzic/REUTERS

Then as now, the Serbian church was a willing accomplice to genocide against Non-Serbs, with the justification that ethnic cleansing and genocide are for the good of a "Greater Serbia". (Getting ready to film some primo Serbo-Yugo porn)

"We are gathered here to peacefully protest the betrayal of (Serbian President) Boris Tadic and his bosses in Brussels," party leaders told the crowd before the clashes erupted. "We have had enough economic humiliation by our enemies, who are destroying our country ... in every way."

At the protest -- which was attended by members of Mladic's family and thousands of others -- speakers demanded that Tadic step down.

Mladic's son, Darko, defiantly told the crowd that his father is "a freedom fighter" who "defended his own nation, defended his people, in a honorable, fair and professional manner," adding that "we will never allow those who bombed us to write our history. For centuries we have been fighting for our own state, for our own country to give us security. We don't allow illiterate Westerners to write our history."

Darko Mladic called on protesters to keep their demonstration peaceful.

"Tomorrow if I'm able to visit my father, I will tell him of this and he will cry again," he said.

Loyalists waved Serbian flags, images of Mladic and their party leader, Vojislav Seselj, and chanted "Long Live Ratko Mladic!"

"Mladic is a hero because he defended Serb lives during the awful wars of the 1990s," said Marko Kovacevic, 18, a supporter of the Radical Party, wearing a black T shirt emblazoned with "F--k Google, ask me about Mladic."

"Everybody knows that the war crimes tribunal in The Hague was designed to try Serbs only, while the war criminals who killed Serbs are set free," Kovacevic said.

Mladic's lawyer, Milos Saljic, meanwhile, is fighting extradition on the grounds of Mladic's mental condition, arguing he is not fit to stand trial.

Footage of the thousands protesting the arrest of Ratko Mladic in Serbia. 

People with portraits of Bosnian Serb wartime general Ratko Mladic rally in support of him, in Banja Luka on Wednesday. Serbia’s war crimes court rejected an appeal against the extradition of Ratko Mladic on Tuesday, opening the way for the former Bosnian Serb general’s dispatch to The Hague to stand trial, a spokeswoman said. Mladic is charged with genocide in the 43-month siege of Sarajevo and the massacre of 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica during the 1992-95 Bosnian War. (Reuters/Ranko Cukovic) 

Saljic said the former commander is repeatedly demanding to visit the grave of his daughter, Ana, who committed suicide with one of his handguns in 1994.

"He says if he can't go there, he wants his daughter's coffin brought to him in jail," Saljic said. "His condition is alarming."

A Serbian official said there had been a provisional court ruling allowing Mladic to visit the grave, but the security services would probably veto the decision.

Mladic's arrest clears a major hurdle for Serbia and its long-awaited entrance into the European Union, but Rasim Ljajic, who is head of the national council for relations with The Hague acknowledged that Mladic's arrest could cost the ruling party the next election.

"We knew that a majority of citizens were against his extradition to The Hague," Ljajic told the Bosnian newspaper, Dnevni Avaz. "All polls showed it, including the last one we did about 10 days ago. It showed that 51 percent of Serbian citizens opposed his extradition and that 34 percent were for it."

Mladic allegedly presided over the five-day slaughter in July 1995 when Muslim men and boys were systematically executed in what was described at the U.N. war crimes tribunal as "the triumph of evil."

Jurists at The Hague tribunal are carefully reviewing 11 indictments against Mladic, as they await his imminent extradition.

Mladic could be transferred to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague on Monday or Tuesday, according to the acting president of the Tribunal, Mehmet Guney.

His trial on charges of genocide, including the massacre at Srebrenica, other war crimes and crimes against humanity, could take 18 months to two years to complete.

Guney appointed Germany's Christoph Flugge presiding judge in the trial. The other two judges will be Alphonse Orie of the Netherlands and Bakone Moloto of South Africa.

Poll: Most Serbs Support General Accused Of War Crimes

BELGRADE -- More than half of Serbia's population would not approve sending fugitive Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic to face trial for genocide at the UN war crimes court, RFE/RL's Balkan Service reports.

Mladic and former Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic were indicted by the Hague-based court for genocide during the 1992-95 war, including the siege of Sarajevo and the 1995 massacre of some 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men in Srebrenica.

The Serbian government has issued a 10 million euro ($14.1 million) reward for information leading to his capture, but only 34 percent of those polled said they would approve of Mladic being arrested, while 40 percent said they regard him as a hero.

An overwhelming 78 percent said they would not report Mladic to the authorities, according to the findings of the poll, which was conducted for the Serbian government's National Council for Cooperation with The Hague Tribunal.

The council did not say which organization conducted the poll or give details about the number of people surveyed or where they live.

Karadzic has been on trial since shortly after his arrest in July 2008 in Belgrade, where he was hiding for years disguised as a new-age healer. The ongoing failure to arrest Mladic has strained Serbia's relations with the West and has hampered its bid to become a candidate for European Union membership.

Serbian Social Policy Minister Rasim Ljajic, who leads the National Council for Cooperation with The Hague Tribunal, said the results show that people are projecting their social and economic woes onto the government and international community, which they see as biased against Serbia when it comes to the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

The Serbian government says it wants to apprehend Mladic and has staged several operations targeting him.

But chief UN War Crimes Prosecutor Serge Brammertz has repeatedly warned President Boris Tadic and the government that they need to make a greater effort toward capturing him.

Brammertz is due to present his six-month report on Serbia's cooperation to the UN Security Council in June, and Ljajic told the Belgrade-based daily "Press" that the report will most likely be largely negative.

"The searches are carried out very professionally and intensively but, unfortunately, we've reached the stage where our efforts will not be appreciated because the result is missing," Ljajic said.

But sociologist Janja Bec Neumann told RFE/RL the failure to arrest Mladic reflects Serbia's unwillingness to face up to its role in the wars, in which Serbia and former President Slobodan Milosevic politically and militarily supported the Bosnian Serbs.

Neumann said Serbian history textbooks deny that Serbs committed any crimes against any other ethnic groups either in the Balkan wars or during World War II.

"There is a state strategy of denial; here it is still almost impolite to talk about Srebrenica," Neumann said. "Everything is being swept under the carpet, and everything happens in accordance with three dominant pillars: the culture of lies, the culture of deceit, and the culture of fear."

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