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Friday, 10 June 2011

Two Croatian Girls On Cover Of German Playboy For Women's World Cup

The German Women's Soccer representatives: Front row- Selina Wagner, Julia Simić, (22) Ivana Rudelić, (19). Back row- Annika Doppler and Kristina Gessat.



This one I'll just put under very interesting. Possibly soccer as well. Or babes. Better yet..."soccer-babes". Whatever. The German July edition of Playboy this week included a cover and photoshoot featuring  5 members of the German Women's National Soccer Team. Partly to drum up interest and support for the Women's World Cup, which will be taking place later this month in Germany.

The girls cooling off.  (Last one in is a sexy rotten egg!)


Soccer is already a hugely popular sport in Germany, as well as Europe in general, and the women's German team are favoured to win. Anyway, this month 2 members of the 5 women involved in the photoshoot have Croatian in their background, which makes it interesting enought to throw in here. Ivana Rudelić, 19, and Julia Simić, 22, who both also play for FC Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga as well.

Ivana Rudelić.  

 Julia Simić.

Not a huge deal, but interesting to me nonetheless, plus I enjoyed checking out the pics and watching the video of the photoshoot. Now, just like on a previous post I did about David Diehl, Julia is also half Croatian, however since this blog is about anything Croatian related that I find interesting, the point being is that she acknowledges her Croatian descent and has no hesitation about that fact being known. (It makes it plainer for people to know right off the bat, than be erroneously described (by some people who don't even know where it is on a map or even tried mlince) having some other archaic non-existent Yugo-something description background, or even mistaken as Russian, Czech, Ukrainian or whatever other ethnic background actually)  Now, at the end of the day, this is what I like to see. Chicks (Especially ones with Croatian background) who aren't afraid to get their knees dirty and get a little sweaty in the process. (And love soccer on top of it all)

I don't know why but all of a sudden I've become a much bigger, stiffer hardened supporter and fan of women's soccer. Take a look at some of the behind the scenes goings on at the photo session and at some nifty soccer ball tricks. Izvolite:

Behind the scenes during the Playboy photoshoot. 

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