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utorak, 19. srpnja 2011.

Chelsey Handler Mentions Croatia

This one is so apropos and amusing. (And funny) I posted here not that long ago regarding American comedian Chelsea Handler getting into some hot water with the Serbian community regarding a couple of jokes. You can read that post HERE. I got a little more depth into that one though because in the past I've been privy to plenty of Serbian "jokes" or whatever the fuck they were.  (They weren't really even funny whatsoever. Mainly some kind of Serbo bravado about being the best soldiers, being super-duper smart because they kicked Nato's ass, having the best looking hats and about the Serb race coming from planet Serbitron X-5 in 472 BC and bla bla bla. More on that Here) ...and other reasons pertaining to serbisms and yugo-serbisms and chetnik-fingerisms or shoeist-fingerlessims or serbology.  Anway, Chelsea recently went on a week long vacation with her television crew, and made a great choice of place to vacation at, and you'll never guess where......

(Note: I'm not sure if the Croatian police ended up getting a bee in their bonnet regarding Chelsea's shtick and are considering taking legal action, or flooding youtube and facebook with protests.  Highly doubt it though)

If you are unable to see the video in your country, you can try HERE

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