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ponedjeljak, 11. srpnja 2011.

Croatia Are Men’s & Women's European Champions In Beach Handball 2011! (Photos)

Well this was interesting enough for me to put here. Beach Handball isn't as worldly popular as some of the better known and popular sports, but hey, a championship is a championship, and the photos are interesting.

The 2011 European Beach Handball Championship this year took place in the coastal town of Umag, Croatia. Sort of a warmup to the ATP Studena Croatian Open that will take place in the same stadium in less than 2 weeks time. More information about that can be found at

Beach Handball is a sport growing in popularity it seems, with many annual tournaments and even an annual World Cup. One see's competitions around here once in a while on Saturday mornings on those 24 hour sport channels or some extreme sports programme. I just really liked the atmosphere and feel of the competitions according to the images. At the end of the day, everyone got to enjoy the sun and sand and watch some exciting beach handball matches, cold refreshing adult carbonated beverages afterwards, good eats and then more beach handball probably. It's a very spectator friendly sport as one can see the good time the fans watching had at these championships. For more information and to see more photo's, click onto the links below.

Croatia are Men’s European Champions in Beach Handball 2011!

Croatian Men's team celebrating victory.





After a week of exciting beach handball matches, brilliant weather conditions and a superb atmosphere, the last match of the 2011 European Beach Handball Championships – the men’s final – was played in Umag, Croatia.

Before the final Denmark secured seventh place by beating Serbia 2:0. Hungary lost the first set in the 5/6 match closely, but came back strongly in an impressive second set. The shoot-out was finally won by Hungary with a 18:16 victory and fifth place with it.

In the bronze final, the Ukrainian team lost the first set against Spain but came back strongly in the second. In the shoot-out for the bronze medal, Spain had the better ending, securing third rank.

In the final the Croatian favourites – supported by a huge home crowd – won the first set. The second set was very tight, as the Russians put more pressure on the hosting nation. Four seconds before the end, the Russians had the chance to equalise, being one point behind and one player up due to a suspension. But they did not manage to score, and the title went, like the women – to the hosts Croatia.


Placement Match 7/8
Serbia vs. Denmark 0:2

Placement Match 5/6
Hungary vs. Norway 2:1

Placement Match 3/4
Ukraine vs. Spain 1:2

Croatia vs. Russia 2:0


1. Croatia
2. Russia
3. Spain
4. Ukraine
5. Hungary
6. Norway
7. Denmark
8. Serbia
9. Turkey
10. Poland
11. Cyprus
12. FYR Macedonia
13. Greece
14. Switzerland
15. Sweden

A nice turnout for the Men's and Women's championship games. 

A birds-eye view of the "International Tennis Centre" and surrounding area in Umag, Croatia.

Before the handing out of the medals at the conclusion of the tournament.

A closer look at some action at the early qualifying stages of of the championships.   

Croatia are Women’s European Champions in Beach Handball 2011!

Croatian Women's team celebrating victory.

The sixth match day has been the day of decisions at the 2011 Women’s European Beach Handball Championship in Umag, Croatia. Over the whole day the final ranking was decided.

After a tournament with great performances, the national team of Poland lost their last match clearly against Turkey. The Turks underlined their good game-play and finished on seventhg rank, one spot before Poland.

In the 5/6 placement match, Hungary won the first set, but closely lost the second one to an ambitious Spanish side. In a long shoot-out, the Hungarians had the better ending and could secure fifth place.

The Croatain and Danish teams before the start of the gold medal game.

Title defenders Italy played for Bronze against World Champions Norway. The Scandinavians dominated the first set, which they also won, but lost their pace and were clearly beaten in the second set. The shoot-out ended with a close victory for the Italians. The unlucky Norwegians ended up on fourth place – same as their men’s team.

Croatian players defending against a Danish attack.

It was a very physical hard fought match in the hot sun and sand.

After the final whistle.

In the final, hosting nation Croatia was cheered by the many fans that had come to see the big game. The home team also played a strong first set against Denmark, which they won and looked hard to beat. But the Danes fought back, and managed to win the second set and take the final to the shoot-out. The Croatians had the better end and took gold in their home country.


Placement Match 7/8
Poland vs. Turkey 0:2

Placement Match 5/6
Hungary vs. Spain 2:1

Placement Match 3/4
Italy vs. Norway 2:1

Denmark vs. Croatia 1:2


1. Croatia
2. Denmark
3. Italy
4. Norway
5. Hungary
6. Spain
7. Turkey
8. Poland
9. Ukraine
10. FYR Macedonia
11. Serbia
12. Switzerland
13. Cyprus
14. Greece

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