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ponedjeljak, 4. srpnja 2011.

David Diehl Touches Down In Croatia For First Time

I did a previous post regarding New York Giant David Diehl and his Croatian "Grb" tattoo HERE. That post mainly dealt with Croatian tattoos. Now David has arrived in Croatia for the very first time, and is checking out the scene as well as hooking up with relatives he's probably never met before. Also, based on the photographs, I can see David has stepped it up a few notches in the tattoo department with his recent right arm sleeve. Very cool. I'm sure that since his arrival in "Lijepa Naša" he's been having a blast soaking up the sun, the laid back environment, beaches, all that.  I can obviously also tell which Croatian soccer team he roots for. as well.  Anyway, I  also have a strong hunch David will be coming back to US with at least 1 new tattoo. I would if I were him anyway.

   David Diehl Lands In Croatia

Photo: Sportske Novosti; David Diehl visits Poljud Stadium.



Shaking hands with Hajduk Split player Mario Brkljača, with a better view of David's recent arm tattoo sleeve. (Click photo to enlarge)

Some cold Jana natural spring water on a hot day in Split

Enjoying some good Croatian vino with company. Photogallery:

New York Giants offensive tackle, David Diehl, stepped foot on Croatian soil for the first time today. David is trying to retrace his roots as his maternal grandfather, Ante Bekavac, is from Lovreć, while his grandmother is from Krk.

"It is a great honor to come here. This is my first time in Croatia, searching for my roots. I was in Lovreč, here I am in Split, now I go around to meet my motherland. It was an incredible experience for me, I see where I came from, where my roots are from. I am delighted and proud that I came to Croatia." ~David Diehl for Sportske Novosti

Diehl was born and raised in Chicago and played American football at Illinois university. David will never forget his Croatian times in Chicago: "When I was a child we often went to Croatian immigrant clubs. I will never forget the breakfasts. I loved the palačinke." Growing up watching Toni Kukoč and Dražen Petrović in the NBA, David played basketball years before he ever picked up a football. "Toni Kukoč played a huge part in my life growing up, just like Dražen Petrović. I played basketball, but then I realized that I have a bigger talent for American football."

Foto: Ivo Čagalj/Pixsell

Photo: Sportske Novosti; David Diehl shows his guns at Poljud

The 30 year old Super Bowl champion had time to make an appearance at Poljud to visit Hajduk Split:

"Hajduk is a great club, I know everything about them. When a club is celebrating their hundredth birthday, it's something really great. I regret that I won't be able to attend the match with Barcelona, ​​but I have to get back to the states."

Hajduk chaiman, Hrvoje Maleš, gifted David an XXXL #66 Diehl Hajduk 100th Anniversary jersey.

David is also known for the many children's charities he has been involved with over the years:

I have the same 100th Anniversary jersey from my trip to Croatia in 2011 as well,  but I decided to go with the traditional blue numbering, and opted for number 13. I already have some Cro jerseys numbered 66.

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