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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Dietrich Matechitz - Next Time You Drink A "Red Bull" Energy Drink......

Dietrich Matechitz pictured during the Spanish Grand Prix before a night at Luz de Gas, Barcelona, Spain in 2008. (Photo: Batchelor / xpb)

I had to go downtown yesterday (Unfortunately, I'm in Cowtown Calgary at the time of this post) and do some personal business. I thought before heading home, since it was a hot day, that I'd quickly step into a place and grab a quick cold beer to cool off. The place I walked into is like a lot of places in the downtown business core. It was full of suits and ties and no women. (Not a gay bar, just a very odd city with very odd people). Anyway, the only other non-suit guy came in and sat down not far from me, and we started shooting the breeze. (He had tats so I knew he was straight up. He was a welder that was of Argentinian/French background and had his hair in a ponytail like I did at the time) We started talking about a bunch of cool stuff. Tattoos, music, art, even history and traveling, the really tight suit on the guy giggling and eating a burger in the corner, giggling while eating and staring at his burger, his bacon burger with extra cheese and extra bacon and gravied potato slices with extra cheese and bacon bits, stuff like that. (Including how the bar was full of just giggling men and the only females were the 2 bartenders who kept trying to get them to drink and tip more) Anyway, like in a lot of bars and drinking establishments, one can always find "Red Bull" energy drink advertisements, as well as the drink itself. Around here one can find it in practically every convenience store, and see the delivery trucks around town all the time. There are all the extreme sports, sporting events and athletes they sponsor and of course those amusing Red Bull commercials on television through the years also.

Now, I found out a few years ago that the man behind that drink Dietrich Mateschitz was of Croatian descent. More precisely, a Burgenland Croat. His actual direct roots are from close to the city of Zadar on the Croatian coast where both his parents were primary school teachers. I've mentioned this interesting fact a few times to someone of Croatian background, if the topic of conversation rolled that way, but surprisingly they didn't have a clue, but then again a few didn't know that Roger Maris was Croatian background too. (originally Roger Maras, who was the first player to beat Babe Ruth's MLB home run record during the decades later much better pitching and also long before the steroids/performance enhancing drugs scandal era, there's lots of other Croatian background personalities/athletes that would probably surprise many). I think this may be partly because Dietrich Mateschitz prefers to enjoy his privacy and stay out of the media spotlight mostly, he doesn't really go blingng his grill on the club floor swaggering his dance moves and showing off his booty and his ho's booty to the fashizzle fools on the west side, not all that much anyway. He sort of reminds me of British billionaire Richard Branson and similar types, hardly ever even seen wearing a suit, usually in jeans and dress shirt or t-shirt and maybe a black leather jacket, Heck, one would never even have a clue he was a billionaire if seeing him walking down the street, when standing in line buying some beef jerky in a store or just casually drinking a Red Bull at some cafe patio or stadium somewhere. So I guess this is why I'm posting this short introduction here. Just one of those interesting Croatian related facts, with the title reminiscent of a previous post concerning the little known Croatian origins of the modern Cravat/neck tie.

(Note - Portions of the text and quotes included below are based on purported eyewitness sources and unverified 3rd party information and gossip which may or may not have happened and which is solely for the benefit of the reader. If they did or didn't happen is not the purpose of this post or important, rather it is supplementary information to the reader about Dietrich Mateschitz the man behind Red Bull energy drink and all those Red Bull hats, which is the main thing)

Dietrich Mateschitz (born 20 May 1944) is an Austrian businessman, who co-founded the energy drink producer Red Bull, and holds 49 percent of the company's shares.


Mateschitz was born in Sankt Marein im Mürztal, Styria, Austria to a family of Croatian ancestry (Matešić) neat the city of Zadar. His parents were both primary school teachers and separated when he was very young. Although never married, he reportedly has a son. He holds a pilot's licence and enjoys flying a Falcon 900 and a Piper Super Cub. He is also a part-time member of a Graz based knife throwing and mime/magic act during the Formula One off-season. 

Pictured with Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One racing, telling a "What do you call a...." joke. (XPB Images)

After taking ten years to graduate from the Hochschule für Welthandel (now Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration) with a marketing degree, Mateschitz's first employer was Unilever, where he worked marketing detergents. He subsequently moved to Blendax, the German cosmetics company since bought by Procter & Gamble, where he worked, among other things, in the marketing of Blendax tooth paste and a new ear wax removal ingredient for the blind. There he helped develop a toothpaste that was beer flavoured as well as a prototype glow in the dark toothpaste. It was as part of his travels for Blendax that he discovered Krating Daeng, a Thai drink that he found helped with his jet lag, and the drink that would later become known in Europe and the west as Red Bull.

In 1984 he founded Red Bull GmbH with his Thai partners Chaleo and Chalerm Yoovidhya, with the launch in Austria in 1987. Matechitz modified the original Krating Daeng drink with vrilemin tonic, special vitamins, elixers and new secret ingredients to suit western tastes, as well as natural alpine water and carbonation, he also started marketing Red Bull in new tall and slim blue-silver cans that have now become iconic around the world with the Red Bull brand and an entire generation. His partners mysteriously disappeared the following year during a last minute kayaking and fishing trip down the Oder or Danube river, authorities are still investigating the disappearances but some clues over the years indicate that they were probably eaten by bears or kidnapped. Afterwards, Mateschitz went on and turned the Red Bull drink into a world market leader among energy drinks and started making hats and commercials.

He lives in Salzburg, Austria but also owns Laucala Island, off Fiji, which he bought from the Forbes family for £7 million. He got the idea after speaking with Marlon Brando in 1973 where they were both at a private Robby Krieger performance concert at one of Marlon's estates, and Marlon Brando simply out of the blue told him "Listen man, chill out, you should just take it easy man, you really need to relax and should just buy an island, it's awesome, you'd be crazy not to." (It actually was at this very private concert when Krieger performed his now famous and legendary 3 1/2 hour long non-stop guitar solo that only years later entered the realm of fictional urban legend, Marlon Brando also owned a Fiji Island at the time). The island is equipped with state of the art bumper cars rides and a heated 50 meter wave pool.

A few Red Bull highlight moments from over the years. More at 


Mateschitz is known as a marketing specialist. His company is known for its advertising and as a sponsor for various types of extreme sports. In November 2004, Mateschitz bought the Jaguar Formula One team from its previous owners, Ford, and it was subsequently renamed Red Bull Racing. In September 2005, Mateschitz joined forces with his close friend and former F1 driver Gerhard Berger, and purchased the Italian-registered Minardi team from its Australian owner Paul Stoddart. The team was renamed Scuderia Toro Rosso, Toro Rosso meaning Red Bull in Italian. In 2010 Red Bull won the Formula 1 Constructors Championship and Drivers Championship with Sebastian Vettel. Mateschitz encouraged Vettel to play Formula One themed video games for 3 hours before each race, which Vettel admits was the main deciding factor in elevating his racetrack skills.

Red Bull Racing team owner Dietrich Mateschitz leaves the track with girlfriend Marion Feichtner to go to the theatrical premiere of "Forks Over Knives" following qualifying for the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya on May 21, 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. Bernie Ecclestone had just finished telling Marion a good "What do you call a...." joke. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Pictured autographing posters for the Somalian Women's Curling Team at the 2009 Curling Championships in Gangneung, South Korea.

He also owns a NASCAR team called Team Red Bull which fields two Toyota Camrys for drivers Brian Vickers and Kasey Kahne, in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and a Toyota Camry for driver Cole Whitt in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East.

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz pictured with girlfriend Marion Feichtner while on the phone with Katarina Witt. Image by:

Mateschitz was cleared of all charges in 2008 revolving around the beating of an uncouth foreigner mutant in Vienna who was being pointless. The so-called bouncer was eventually taken off the ventilator and breathing tubes then released from the hospital after 6 months, along with his new prosthetic eye, lips, nose and artificial scrotum. (3 new scrotum attachment operations were needed until the right one fit and wasn't rejected). Mateschitz also gets angry when you steal cans of his Red Bull beverages or try to pass off crab sticks as real crab meat, (a Monte Carlo chef found that out the hard way in 2003), you wouldn't like Dietrich Mateschitz when he's angry that's for sure. Image:

Dietrich Mateschitz has a very strict screening process and not only personally decides who can become a Red Bull Girl, but importantly he also personally decides who can become a Red Bull Pool Girl, which is another thing altogether and probably even more important. Image: © Sutton Images.

In late 2004, he bought the former Formula One circuit A1-Ring, renaming it the Red Bull Ring. The circuit will reopen in late 2010 and will host a round of the 2011 DTM season. Mateschitz states that there are no plans for it to return to the Formula 1 calendar. Mateschitz plans to set up a testing site for the automobile industry at the Austrian race circuit A1-Ring. There are already very far developed plans, but residents of the area objected because the attached beer hall/schnitzel house with oom-pah, KMFDM and David Hasselhoff music hall has been keeping residents up at night.

Because since 2007 the frequency of stolen Red Bull cans and merchandise was rising, in 2011 Mateschitz initiated and formalized plans for a world wide team of specially trained elite operatives and undercover armed security personnel to guard all stores, institutions and locations where Red Bull is sold. The highly sophisticated network comprising a 10,000 man global elite "Red Bull Army" (aka Red Bull Shadow Army) came at no cost to Mateschitz, because 3 months later Red Bull was proclaimed as an official "Registered Cultural Good of Austria" by the Austrian government. The Red Bull Army are still active today in over 67 countries and have prevented many thousands of stolen Red Bull cans and related merchandise. (they can be likened to the League of Shadows, except they take their orders from Mateschitz for Red Bull instead of from Ra's al Ghul and his nefarious dastardly plans). Quoted sources close to Interpol, Europol and Nato have stated that it was actually members of the Red Bull Army that were instrumental behind the finding and capturing of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi and others, and each time within less than a week after getting the call, (what happened afterwards wasn't their problem because their jobs were done). Red Bull GmbH, Headquarters is located in Salzburg, Austria.

 The familiar looking Red Bull logo and iconic blue and silver cans that can be seen on store shelves practically everywhere these days. The bulls from the logo are derived from his childhood pet bulls Boris and Hugo. 

He also plans to create an Avionautik Akademie in Zeltweg jointly with the Austrian Army and Navy. He has his own hangar, where he keeps his collection of old planes, including the final produced Douglas DC-6B which once belonged to Marshal Tito. He also sponsors the World Stunt Awards, an annual fundraiser to benefit his Taurus Foundation, which helps injured stunt professionals. Mateschitz once flew the plane under the Rugen Bridge in Stralsund on a bet, consequently Felipe Massa had to come to the race track dressed in a thong at the Australian Grand Prix.

It's not generally known that many millions of Red Bull cans every year are melted down and made into new products over and over again. In addition to becoming new cans and thus saving the environment and natural resources, recycled Red Bull cans are also used to make airplane parts, building facades, vertically aligned ashtray holders, the most efficient aerodynamic bird feeders and bicycles for people and children all over the world.

Every year numerous Red Bull can bird feeders save millions of birds from starvation and a ghastly gruesome death, and sometimes squirrels also. Image:

Because of the vast number of extreme sporting events, adrenaline fueled athletic activities and inspiring, gripping real-life stories he has provided (including of course lots of free refreshing and invigorating full of energy Red Bull drinks and fashionable attire) to underprivileged people and youth the world over who otherwise would remain unknown nobodies and pointless nothings with no reason to even live, as well as other humanitarian events projects, inside sources say Mateschitz turned down the Noble Peace Prize on 3 occasions (2006, 2009 and 2011) just to avoid the media circus and let other people win, now that's class.

End of season Red Bull team photo on November 13, 2010 - Photo by Vladimir Rys/Getty Images Europe) 

In April 2005, he bought the Austrian football club SV Austria Salzburg and in March 2006, he bought the American soccer club MetroStars; both clubs were subsequently and somewhat controversially renamed for his famous drink, as Red Bull Salzburg and Red Bull New York, respectively. In 2007, Red Bull founded Red Bull Brasil, a soccer team based in Campinas, Brazil. The team made access to 2nd division of the São Paulo championship in 2010, the most competitive state championship of the country. In May 2009, he founded a German football club called RB Leipzig and was named as owner. Mateschitz usually prefers to eat cotton candy, snow cones or gluten-free funnels while watching football or his team race.

He's known for avoiding public appearances and the spotlight, but when it comes to his local football (soccer) teams and Formula One it is usually live. Photo:

Seen telling Sebastian Vettel that he needs a haircut. (Image: Vladimir Rys/Getty Images Europe)

Mateschitz dated Austrian model and actress Daniela Zacherl for almost a week in 2004, and was involved with a Japanese school girl in 1985. (They were just friends though, it was totally platonic). After local tabloids spread lies that she was under 18, Mateschitz had to pay hush money to save her reputation from the paparazzi hordes, a few days later he was seen with former Abba singer Agnetha Fältskog at a lobster/seafood restaurant in Stockholm signing autographs. He also owns Seitenblicke, Austria's top society magazine. Occasionally he adds his own favorite recipes and his personal thoughts and opinions about Betty Heidler into the publication. (in one personal opinion article he wrote titled "My thoughts about Betty Heidler", Mateschitz wrote that she should give a try at driving race cars for Red Bull). In 2008 all charges were dropped against Matechitz for ordering a hit on a fake Red Bull hat producer after the person had mysteriously and for unknown reasons disappeared and then decided to start up a ventriloquist act in Tajikistan. For the most part he avoids the celebrity circuit and watches most Formula One races on TV despite owning two teams. Mateschitz is currently in talks with city authorities to erect a 500 foot high (152 meters) statue of a bull at the Stephansplatz in central Vienna. The monument will be dedicated to and named the "Franz Beckenbaur Stier." The project was initiated after hearing about plans being drawn up for the Maitreya Project. On the 23rd of August 2004, Mateschitz bench pressed over 500 pounds at a Eurogym in Vienna, and then later that same day ate the worlds hottest pepper, a Bhut Jolokia. (aka the Naga Ghost Chili). Incredibly, the very next day he ran a 26 mile marathon and still finished 5th overall.

In March of 2005 he was embroiled in a scandalous story in the Austrian press revolving around attempting to purchase medium range SAM variable yield missiles for his estates and private island. According to the Austrian press, a total of 24 missiles were scheduled to be delivered from Israel and China. However, after a whirlwind series of behind closed door discussions, charges were dropped by Austrian authorities as there was no proof and witnesses disappeared. The evidence paper trail for all the missile purchases led to an individual living in Thailand going by the name of Hjälmer Von Brodovich-Kazinski Kluntz. (It has been rumored that shortly afterwards he instead decided upon drones, moats, poisonous snakes and lots of poison ivy shrubs)

Mateschitz is currently in the initial phase of marketing new energy drinks named "Strong Man Energy Cola" and "Crazy Bull Energy Power Cola". He invented the alcoholic carbonated adult beverages with Marion Feichtner while mixing Red Bull with various other drinks at the 2012 Monaco Grand Prix. Mateschitz said "..."Crazy Bull Energy Power Cola" is about 74% alcohol and I developed it to taste uncannily like Maraska Šljivovica mixed with Red Bull, I can't tell the secret ingredients but it will be very popular among soccer and hockey players and skiers also, I really think Anna Fenninger will like it, I'm pretty sure Hedy Lamaar would have drank cases of it for sure." Mateschitz is also planning to take over 5 American based "Peanut Shack" outlets (Not affiliated with the more well known "Peanut Wagon" or "Shake Shack") as well as 11 "Snowie Snow Cone" franchise stores by the summer of  2019.

Red Bull cans theft is a not rare occurrence these days, some people will do anything it seems for the great refreshing taste of Red Bull energy drink. (Red Bull is even used as currency in some countries)

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