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nedjelja, 10. srpnja 2011.

Serbs Protest Chelsea Handler For "Attacking" Serbia?

Chelsea Handler pictured during a previous similar vicious comedic attack. Some Srb groups have been reported as stating they plan to slip some Serbian pickles into her hamburger or Serbian milk into her coffee and make her a Srb.  (She has no plans to visit Serbia and wonders why in Serbia breakdancing is just starting to be a fad)

This one I had to put here because of the surrealness of it.  Also, with all the Serb trash-talk against Croatians I come across, it actually is Croatia related. (almost always at Croatian sites too I find, where the subject has nothing to do with Srbians whatsoever.  I have no interest in visiting Serbian/Chetnik sites whatsoever either) Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.  Serbians the world over protesting an American comedian because they were outraged with her joke. like as if she was wiping her ass with the Serbian flag.    Yup, I'm talking Youtube, Facebook,  petitions, official proceedings, you name it. The Serbia in question here is the very same Serbia (see previous post HERE) which had throngs of protestors out in the streets when the fugitive war criminal Ratko Mladic was apprehended no to long ago.  ( I swear,  I never have to make any of this stuff up, or play with editing images or getting great quotes.   This stuff just falls into my lap on a regular basis without me even looking for it)  Maybe this post should have the subtitle of "Priorities Poeple" or "You gotta take it as well as dish it out".   In a nutshell, American recording artist Amy Winehouse recently held a concert in Beograd, the capital of Serbia. It wasn't the best of concerts, because Amy was reportedly innebriated and didn't have her best performance. (But at least she did show up)  I'm personally not an Amy Wineshouse fan, and don't own any of her cd's.  So I'm not here to stand up for her.  A less than perfect concert? Oh well, shit happens. So anyway, Chelsea Handler, an American comedian, who on her show "Chelsea Lately" (A show I've never watched, so I'm not protecting Chelsea either) decided to put her comedic 2 cents into the Amy Winehouse concert story. That's about it. Her co-hosts had some things to add on the topic, and well,  It's a comedy show afterall.

 Chelsea made no comedic hateful mention whatsoever about one of Serbia's most dearest and loved cultural treasures, the "Serbian pointy toe opanci" folk shoes.


Since that time however, the Serbian press and Serbian groups across America, (and elsewhere) have been outraged at how anyone can speak so vocifersously hateful (In a comedic sense or not) against the "Serbian people", "Serbia",  against "Serbdom".,  (Serbian Race, whatever)  It's just all really bizarre and a bit much.   As reports mention, it seemed the concert goers and the government official were more disappointed about the concert than about Serbian war crimes, genocide and war criminals.  As well as the recent protests at the apprehension of Ratko Mladic, famed for the "Seige of Sarajevo" and other war crimes against Non-Serbs in the 90's. So Chelsea made a joke about it.  Big deal.  In the American televison trade, this is what is called "political humour".  These protestors however are calling it a "vicious" attack on Serbia.

 I got this one of a forum.  This was some Serbian-Chetnik supporters humorous retort to a Croatian guys question about the Serbian ethnic cleansing in Croatia, B+H. and in Kosovo. Translated using the Croatian alphabet it means "A nice village is burning nicely".  Hilarious.  This may be why similar minded Serbs these days are still not able to comprehend the the concept of, and spend hours every day googling this question.

Now, it's not like she had another Serbian war criminal's (or the guy mentioned above) awesome sense of humour.  Namely Vojislav Seselj. (And many others actually)  Who in the past liked to boast and tell funny-jokes on Serbian televison about dead Croatians clogging up the river at Beograd, about the Adriatic sea being called the "Serbian sea", and other funny jokes involving the very popular funny topic of slaughtering and exterminating Croats and other Non-Serbs.   Here's the excerpt from a previous post on this blog which shows how Seselj's funny jokes were VERY well liked on Serbian television at the time and nobody raised an eyebrow or was offended: (Even now in many cases, as can be proven by Seselj's and other war criminal's t-shirts selling like hotcakes.)

Above is an example from before the Serbian aggression machine went full throttle. "Wacko" Seselj on Serbian television "explaining" (with audience agreement and chuckles) how 20-30 Chetniks will take care of the Croatian army by gouging their eyes out with rusty spoons. That the greatest danger to Serbia from Croatians is only their bodies flowing down the Sava river and clogging up the water at Belgrade. ( Croatia, he exclaims, supposedly bought nuclear weapons from Hungary. btw)  That old tiresome mantra that Croatia('ns) do not exist, that after "Greater Serbia" is achieved he will go and vacation to the new "Serbian city of Split, on the Serbian Sea (Adriatic Sea)   That Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonians and Montenegrins don't exist and that they are all living in "Serbian lands".  It was only after 1945 that the communists invented all these other Non-Serb.  (See Serbian national theme song/anthem lyrics above) That after the war,  there will be 3 countries.  A Greater Serbia, a very small Slovenia and an even smaller Croatia. Seselj  exclaims that Italy will help Serbia realize their goals.  (When NATO and the world finally had enough Serb/Jugoslav aggression and ethnic cleansing however, many of the fighters sent to attack Serb positions in 1999 were actually sent daily from locations based in Italy) Seselj's fantastical visions (read delusions) of grandeur,  bizarre statements and awesome sense of humor actually helped him to become a very popular politician in Serbia. (One must remember, in Seselj's/Greater Serbian/Chetnik mentality and Serbo-centric world view, if a Serb moves into an area, or if even 1 Serb is buried in a graveyard there, then it is automatically Serbian land/Serbia. Seselj is currently being tried at the Hague by the ICTY for crimes against humanity and war crimes, but even to this day still remains a very popular person, hero (and joke teller) in Serbia.

So anyway,  many Serbs the world over have really taken these jokes to hear and are utterly offended.  The last I read, there are Serbian groups petitioning all over the place.  On Facebook, all over Youtube and elsewhere, to sack Chelsey Handler, her co-comedians and boycott the "E channel" that broadcasts her show.  Not only that, but  also threatening legal action in both civil and criminal court for a violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and for the blatant "hate" (yeah, they claim "hate") speech on cable television. You can watch the snippet of the show below and decide for yourselves whether she has "attacked" Serbia with her unfounded lies and racist "Hate speech".  (Bear in mind all the Polish jokes and Arkansas jokes you've heard in the past)

Also, to get a taste of what's going on all over Youtube, here's an example of a well informed rebuttal to Chelsea's humour. A Serbian background guy who is comparing US attacks on fundamentalist Muslim terrorists and the Taliban to Serbian  ethnic cleansing and genocide against surrounding nations and peoples, support for war criminals, and of course Chealsie's "hateful', warmongering, "racist" humour.  (The Serbs are a race one has to remember, forget about what you read in your science/anthropology/history books when you were a kid.  It's in the Serbian national theme song/anthem)   Now, I think these people would have been much better off just shrugging it off and letting it go, (Just like they should have let go of their Greater Serbia/Yugoslavia concept in the 90's,  instead of bringing all this attention to a comedy act.  In the case of this video below,   I'm left wondering just what the fuck point he is trying to get across in his Tom Selleck sunglasses and awful comical-rap  anecdotes anyway.  It's quite remarkable how these Serbs the world over are now  jumping on this.  A little touchy-feely or what?  I've heard much nastier political humour jokes about the French, Germans, Polish, Italians, Irish and of course Middle Eastern and African countries especially.  Heck, in Canada we have a whole bunch of these things people call "Newfie Jokes" (I've  heard quite a few doozies in my time that were quite inflammatory, and they were told on national TV too.)   Besides, you have to be able to be the jokee as well as the joker these days.  That's the whole premise behind jokes.

He's reportedly been offered the position as host for the upcoming television gameshow "Serbian Family Fued"(Please no petitions, that was just a joke)

Now, I don't take Chelsea's remark about the name Dragan too seriously either. Dragan is a Slavic name found in Europe, not just Serbia, but I doubt very much that Croatians, or other Slavic people will be up in arms on that one.  The remark about it being a "Bolshevik" name can be better understood in context  when it is realized that Serbia has the highly coveted distinction of being Europe's last offically communist state.  (That's including Russia)  Probably the same type of  stigma involved when a person hears the name Slobodan or Percy.  Filip Filipi, who is a Chicago based Serb, is the the guy behind the Facebook page, and is outraged at this "assault" on Serbia.  (Yes, he officially calls it an  "assault")  At the end of the day, all I can say is, this really shows what are important priorities for large segments of the population that adhere to this "Serbdom" creed.  In this case, a joke from an American comedian is MUCH worse than multitudes protesting in favour of Serbian war criminals, let alone what those war criminals were doing in the 90's.  I look at it this way.  Hell, I've heard plenty of political humour jokes in the past involving various countries, some very nasty ones.  And none of those countries had people protesting all over Facebook, Youtube and talking First Ammedment talk.  Hell, some of the jokes I heard weren't even funny at all.

To put it in perspective, I look at it this way.  It wasn't that long ago that it was announced in Serbia to hand out medals to soldiers and generals that partook in the attacks on Slovenia, Croatia and B-H. in the 90's.  Yeah, medals.  That there is just one of the characteristics I think that differentiates Serbia from other Slavic and even other European countries.  This also brings to mind how a fair amount of time I've come across Serbians in forums and news sites leaving comments similar to:  With us and Russia we have 200 million! (Try maybe 200 or 2000 when you put the wackos together)  Russia and Serbia this and that.  I really don't understand the logic these people use at all.   They think Russia is going to go fight a war for them even 20 years after the "Greater Serbia" attempt failed?  Some Russian-Serbian collusion to make some kind of empire?  Russia has more important matters to be concerned with than get involved with wacko extremists and rabble-rousers.  Maybe they haven't heard, but Russia has IKEA's and even  Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin rides a Harley these days.

If I was Chelsea, I wouldn't apologize at all.  Why should she?...or any comedian for that matter.   That's television.  That's comedy.  That's entertainment.  That's the comic biz.  That's freedom of speech.  Was she trying to summon people to boycot Serbian products, burn Serb flags, to wage a war against Serbia or Srbs?  Or worse, to put a ban on the import of Serbian pointy toe opanci shoes?   I've had the opportunity to hear Serb humor many times from Serbia. (And Serbian humor from Serbs not in Serbia.  I guess it was humor anyway, or something)   This is nothing really.  But then I'm not a talk show host who has to be politically correct for sponsors and advertisering  dollars.  In the end, all one can say is..."It's called freedom of speech". (I don't know why, but I have a strong feeling this topic will be the main discussion at Serbian churches this week too)  Actually, I hope this kind of snowballs and drags on and on, and floods Youtube with even more sunglass wearing future music stars.  If one is so inclined, one can visit Youtube and go through a plethora of many more Serbian males spouting their Serbisms.  (Not me though)  They usually sling verbal mud at how western countries dare talk about Serbia in a negative light.  (All the while dressed in Tommy Hilfiger or Red Hot Chili Peppers t-shirts, Foster Grant shades, Nike sneakers, drinking Coca-Cola and smoking Camel or Winston cigarettes)  Actually, Chelsea was pretty tame, she could have mentioned the recent Serb soccer fans  in Italy,  American politician of Serb descent,  Rod Blagojevich, or the infamous Serbian made "Yugo" car. (Not to be confused with a Croatian made car)  I can only imagine some of the doozies Yucko the Clown would have come up with.  That's it from me. 

Chelsea Handler in Hot Water With Serbians Over Remarks

A Facebook page is calling for a boycott of the E! host after she joked the Balkan country is a “disappointment.”

Chelsea Handler may have forgotten all about a few jokes she tossed out during a taping of her show earlier this week that touched on Amy Winehouse’s botched comeback tour kickoff in Belgrade, but tens of thousands in Serbia have not.

People of all ages in the country appear outraged at her comments, and calls for a boycott of Handler and advertisers of her E! show Chelsea Handler Lately is now up on a Facebook page calling for her to apologize.


 Footage of Chelsea's malevolent evening hour attack on Serbs in Dubrovnik.

“On June 20, Chelsea Handler and her co-hosts attacked Serbia and the Serbian people on that evening’s program of Chelsea Lately, the Facebook page calling for a boycott begins.

“Along with Chris Franjola, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Proops, Ms. Handler for 3 straight minutes ruthlessly attacked Serbia and its people. The verbal attacks came after a clearly intoxicated Amy Winehouse ‘performed’ in front of 20,000 people in Belgrade. After and during the performance, the people in attendance and state officials criticized Amy Winehouse, who had difficulty singing as a result of what would seem to be heroin usage. At this point, the attacks went from criticizing Amy Winehouse to attacking Serbia and its people,”the missive continues (with 15,000 Facebook “likes” as of Thursday afternoon).

The man behind the page, Filip Filipi, who works with Chicago-based anti-defamation group “28.Jun” which looks out for Serbian interests in the western media, said via phone Thursday that he was “in talks” with Handler’s management team regarding an official apology, thought to be forthcoming.


Horrendous carnage after Chelsea Chandler vehemently and without regard for civilians, attacked the Serbian race in Sarajevo with a "How many Serbs does it take to have sex with a blind paraplegic gypsy" comedy attack.  She closed her set with her famous "How many Serbs does it take to rocket propel grenade a city during school recess?"

“Hopefully it will be today or tomorrow,” he said.

The largest outrage in Belgrade and beyond this week seems reserved for Handler’s remarks, which aired later in the June 20th segment, where she seemed to insinuate, jokingly or not, that the entire country of Serbia was a “disappointment.”

“The worst comment by Ms. Handler came at the conclusion of the assault on the Serbian people. In implying that somehow Serbs should not use Facebook, Ms. Handler read the statement of Serbian Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac who said that the the concert was a shame and a disappointment. At this point, Ms. Handler says that "Guess what? So is your country," meaning that Serbia and its people are a shame and disappointment, as well.”

In addition to the Facebook page, a woman named Jelena Ajdarević has started a petition also in an effort to draw attention to Handler’s remarks, so far with over 7,000 signatures.


 A scene of some of the destruction after Chelsea attacked the Serbs in Vukovar with a whole 11 1/2 minute monologue on the topic of Slobodan Milosevic's big fat pimply bum alone.

A NBC Universal/E! Networks corporate communications representative handling Handler’s show said Thursday they do not have a statement yet. An email sent to Handler’s manager at CAA has yet to be returned.

Thursday afternoon, Handler’s own Facebook page seems to be offline, but it’s not known if that is a result of the thousands of angry Serbians voicing their concerns over the remarks or for other reasons.

At least one of the comics on the show seems to have noticed the bubbling Balkan outrage. Comedian Greg Proops took to Twitter to say he was sorry earlier this week.


 Soldiers of the Serbian race stand guard over a civilian victim in Vukovar, the horrible aftermath of Chelsea's vicous comedic attacks. Not even cane wielding octogenarian farmers were spared.

Dear Serbia, they were jokes. Please accept my apology,” he said.

As of Thursday afternoon, Handler has yet to comment on her Twitter account or elsewhere on the controversy.

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