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ponedjeljak, 12. rujna 2011.

Croatia's 2nd Electric Car To Be Shown In Frankfurt

It wasn't that long ago that I touched upon Croatia's independently manufactured and designed car. The eco-friendly and electric XD-Concept, which you can read about HERE. Now practically just out of the blue, Croatia's 2nd electric car is ready to be presented and is rolling out onto the floor at the Frankfurt Motor Show in just a couple of day's for it's inaugural display.  From the sounds of it, it seems the new Rimac Concept One car has already created a buzz with it's spec's and performance and I'm interested to see what will become of this project in the future.

Official website:

23-year-old designer set to show 1088 bhp Electric Sports Car this week at IAA Frankfurt



The Frankfurt Motor Show opens this week and a number of new brands will be seen for the first time, including a Croatian company Rimac Automobili, which will show a pure electric sportscar named the Concept One with an aluminum frame, carbon fiber bodywork, and an all-up weight of just 1650 kg.

Inside that lightweight construct lurks a massive 92 kWh battery capacity good for a 366 mile range. It's the performance of the car which has the buzz percolating though, as it has a claimed 1088 bhp, prodigious torque of 3800 Nm and an electronically-limited top speed of 305 km/h.

Perhaps the most remarkable claim is the acceleration though, which has the 0-100 km/h time pegged at 2.8 seconds, making it one of the fastest accelerating road cars anywhere.

As can be seen from this teaser Youtube video, the Concept One appears to be made in high-tech facilities and certain to add to the story is that the entire project has been hatched by 23-year-old Croatian automotive designer Mate Rimac who will build 88 examples of the Concept One.

Rimac Automobili - The new Concept Teaser Video

The Concept One is driven by four independent electric motor drive units which are divided into the front and rear driver system.

The front and rear system are separated units. Each of them includes two high speed, liquid cooled permanent magnet electric motors, two liquid cooled inverter units and two reduction gearboxes, united into one compact unit.

A short news feature from Croatian television.  Mate (Pronounced Mawt-eh) explains that the lightness of the car is due to materials being used that are the norm in the aircraft industry and in Formula-1 racing.

The company's web site is understandably coy about more details prior to the launch, though if you can read Croatian, the Rimac Automobili Facebook page might be more enlightening.

From what we can gather, the car has a reconfigurable computerized dashboard, a heads-up display, regenerative braking and looks set to challenge the establishment.

Good luck Mate!

*(in Croatian Mate Rimac is pronounced "Ma-tay Reem-ahtz")

Rimac Concept One: Croatia Quietly Builds a 1,000-Horsepower Electric Supercar


Automakers have been leaking photos of upcoming concept cars leading up to next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, but no one saw this one coming. A 23-year-old entrepreneur and automotive designer from Croatia named Mate Rimac will reveal an electric supercar at Frankfurt to rival the 1,000-horsepower Bugatti Veyron, which is the most powerful combustion-engined car on the road. “It is an electric supercar,” Mr. Rimac said. “It makes 1,088 horsepower, 3,800 newton-meters of torque [2,803 pound-feet] and is capable of going more than 300 kilometers per hour.” How can a country with no auto industry create a car to rival the most powerful vehicle on the market and make it electric to boot?

The Rimac Concept One is powered by “four independent electric motor drive units,” according to Mr. Rimac, which produce a total of 800 kilowatts. “The front and rear systems are separate units,” Rimac said. “Each of them includes two high-speed, liquid-cooled permanent magnet electric motors, two liquid-cooled inverter units and two reduction gearboxes, integrated into one small unit.” Translation? Tons of power, zero emissions.

The Concept One has already been beating Teslas in the e-miglia race in Europe, under the cloak of an old BMW E30, and now promises a Tesla-beating range of 366 miles on a single charge. Rimac plans to construct 88 cars in the first run and price them “a bit below the gasoline-powered competition from Pagani, Koenigsegg and Bugatti.” Apparently the Abu Dhabi royal family is already in line for their eco-friendly Rimac's. We’ll be eagerly waiting for photos and more info until the Concept One is revealed on September 13th.

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