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četvrtak, 8. rujna 2011.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Croatian Punk Rock and New Wave, But Were Afraid To Ask

Poster for the promotion of the book for June 22nd in Slovenia.

I thought this one was kind of interesting... (Plus, recently a survey was done by Rolling Stone magazine where voters decided on who they thought was the best punk band of all time. Surprisingly to many, even beating out the likes of the Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash and other bands that were founders of Punk music,  Green Day took the honors.  Which doesn't bother me in the least since I'm a fan of them).....So on that note,...a new book is out that chronicles the Punk and New Wave music scene in Croatia from 1976 to 1987.  I was too young to be more familiar with the New Wave and especially Punk music scene in Croatia, although I do even remember hearing the "Sex Pistols" there as a kid and getting a kick out of them, and distinctly remember hearing the group "Blondie, (Abba were huge too)...who actually started out in the Punk scene and then crossed over to a fusion of New Wave and Pop-Rock, being heard all over the airwaves in Croatia when I spent 2 summers there as a 10 and 11 yr old.  I also distinctly remember it also because it was only 3 1/2 months after the celebrations in Zagreb of Croatia getting electricity, no more well water as running water through pipes were installed into buildings, first city bus not pulled by horses, first electric guitar  and it's very first paved road. (cows and horse drawn wagons and carts were forbidden on downtown main streets of cities shortly after I left) It was great historic times.

A rare recording of legendary Croatian Punk and Synth Punk band KAOS. Formed in 1979-Rijeka and disbanded in 1984.

 I didn't really get an opportunity to listen to some of the New Wave bands which came out later on in Croatia either. But rest assured, there was a Punk and New Wave music scene in Croatia back then with lots of memorable concerts and moments.   Some of the acts are still around and get together to play gigs here and there.  As everyone probably knows, Punk and New Wave bands were a big influence on some of the more modern music coming out now, in and outside of Croatia.  Probably some parents (or grandparents now) out there in the diaspora though, and in Croatia today, will probably take a stroll down memory lane when reading about some of the acts chronicled in this book by author Vinko Baric.  Some of them may have even seen some of the acts listed live and perhaps known the musicians personally. More images available at the links.

*I've got some really interesting posts coming up in the near future, with some very cool images and commentary from my recent trip to Croatia, which I came back from last week. Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Zadar and places in between. That's about all I can say for now. Stay tuned.


Book "Croatian Punk and New Wave 1976-1987" Explains It All

The books back cover.  Some crazy hairstyles back then, but I think Flock of Seagulls and Culture Club has nothing to worry about.

The book ''Croatian punk and new wave 1976-1987''is the first and only complete study of the phenomenon of Croatian punk and new wave music from the 70's and 80's. The book has about 370 pages (including 16 color pages), contains over 540 photos, 125 biographies of bands, 175 reviews, posters and memorabilia, and the official demo bands discography, as well as  interviews with former players in the Croatian punk and new wave scene ... All those interested and want more information about the book ''Croatian punk and new wave 1976-1987'' can contact the author directly at:


 mobitel: 092 245 3777

Some excerpts from the book.

Promotion of the book took place in Split on June 16th,  June 22-24th in Slovenia and July 7th in Rijeka. This was followed by promotions to the rest of the Croatian, and hopefully throughout ex-Yugoslavia. If you want to organize a book launch in your town please feel free to contact me at the above listed email or phone.

 The book being promoted in Split on June 16th of this year.

The book is currently being sold in bookstores by VBZ for 150 Kuna. (US$ 30.00) and soon in Croatia  Records and Dallas music shops.  The book can also be purchased at a lower cost directly from me.


Note: Ever since the start of this venture of posting articles and commentary related to Croatia and Croatians, the whole underlying secret reason and purpose of this blog has finally been achieved, namely to proclaim Blondie as the best band of all time.  Silently and patiently I've waited, waited for years and years..... rubbing my hands everyday, waiting...waiting for the perfect moment....waiting like that cat licking it's chops looking at that bird jumping around just within reach on the lawn........waiting silently while listening to Blondie jokes  (I used to be blonde as a kid, I heard those jokes myself, I heard them all. Every single one of them.."How many blondes does it take to..?..Why do blondes... ?... How does a blonde....? Elvis had the same problem, bet you didn't know that).... using subterfuge on this blog for the perfect moment to show the whole underlying purpose of this blog, the long awaited perfect moment to open the Pandora's box and let all the world shudder in disbelief and awe and shock and amazement. The perfect moment to expose the charade to the masses. As the last turn of the Rubik's cube (so to speak) is finally put into place, the final puzzle piece put in place completing the enigma and setting free the horsemen of the apocalypse to trample upon the world once and for all, letting loose the plagues and burning sulphuric crickets from the sky now that the most perfect plan in the history of the world has been completed....the whole underlying reason for this blog coming to fruition. Now that my secret plan has been accomplished with this long awaited perfect tie in topic, I can now freely declare  "Blondie" as the best band of all time!....Buhuhahaha! (rubbing my hands and looking into my crystal ball)

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