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nedjelja, 16. listopada 2011.

Cory Sarich - Another North American Hockey Player Of Croatian Descent

Cory Sarich NHL profile at

Well, this one is another one that that I had no plans on doing. I don't really follow hockey all that much these days, (It's been mostly soccer, skiing, Olympics, women's beach volleyballl, Croatian soccer playboy girls, tennis, racing and fashion models over the years, stuff like that.  (Non bar n grill type and downtown eatery/kawfee shawp type stuff)  Although as a youngster I did play organized hockey for a few years. However, this one was strange because Cory Sarich of the Calgary Flames hockey club is of Croatian descent AND he wears the number 6 as well. What's the big deal about that? Well, long story short, I had quite the amount of shitfuckery from certain people since relocating here 2 years ago for a work assignment. I'm talking Calgary itself. (They call it "Cowtown"...If there was ever a perfect and ideal place to do nuclear and biological weapons testing, then this is the place)  Anything not endemic to this city or one of its cliques is considered easy pickings. Real grade 5 type of stuff, from adults even.  In that case, it was because of the number 66 AND it was on a couple of my Croatia soccer jerseys. Some kind of issue and complex with numbers vis-a-vis spicy cold cuts, European fashion/gastronomy choices and calf and horse strangling events.  (Big faux pas in these them there parts I'll tell ya what sonny boy, better take those weirdo soccer jerseys back to Ontarioland, What in tarnations is that you're wearin'...shorts!?  Where's the beach?!  Where is your dagnabit  Wrangler jean jacket and Stampeders hat?) Soccer shirts are too ethnic, only non-ethnic foods are allowed too. Tats, non Levi's or Wrangler clothing, using a belt for actually helping keep your pants up and you're you've got 3 strikes against you. Throw in the Calgary Serb-stooge factor who think any visible Croatia related tattoo or anything actually has something to do with them, and then shitfuckery game hits the fan)  I guess they never heard of David Diehl either.

Anyway, I also noticed there are a few other players in the NHL these days that are of Croatian descent, or part Croatian descent. I also did some posts about the better known ones previously. You can read them HERE, HERE and HERE.

Besides, like I've mentioned before, if it's Croatia related in any way, it may find it's way onto this blog. If 1 person in internetland finds the information new and interesting or useful, my job is done.  I just took this straight off of Wikipedia, you can click on the links to his NHL profile to find out more about Cory Sarich.

(Note - Since the time of this post, Cory has moved on to play for the Colorado Avalanche.  Coincidentally, another Croatian background hockey great, Joe Sakic, is now Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Colorado Avalanche. I'm glad he gave his head a shake and took off for Non-Cowstrangling bucket-o-bacon land)

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Photograph by: Doug Pensinger, Getty Images


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Cory Sarich (born August 16, 1978) is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman currently playing for the Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Playing career

Cory Sarich was selected in the 2nd round, 27th overall, in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft by the Buffalo Sabres.

Sarich was traded along with Wayne Primeau and Brian Holzinger from Buffalo, to Tampa Bay for Chris Gratton on March 9, 2000, and played with the Stanley Cup-winning team of 2003–04.

Sarich signed a five-year contract with the Calgary Flames on July 1, 2007.

On December 12, 2007, Sarich became the NHL's reigning iron man when Brendan Morrison was forced to miss a game with wrist complications. He played his 419th consecutive game the day before in a game against Tampa Bay, where Sarich had played four full seasons and 388 games. Sarich's streak came to an end on March 1, 2008 when he missed the game at Phoenix, giving ironman status to Andrew Brunette. The current ironman is current teammate Jay Bouwmeester.

Cory Sarich talking about bodychecking.

Personal life

Sarich grew up in Bladworth, Saskatchewan. He is of Croatian descent. He now makes his home in Calgary, Alberta with his wife, Reagan, and their three children.

Sarich's brother in-law is Minnesota Wild defenseman Nick Schultz, and his brother Rod Sarich is a defenseman for the Sheffield Steelers of the British Elite Ice Hockey League

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