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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Girls Wearing Croatian Soccer Jerseys In Japan

This one is really not a big news story, current events story or even news at all really. Just sort of a cute piece of footage.  From what I can make of it, there was some kind of "Fashion Show" that took place in Japan last year.  It's just the part where a bunch of young people from different countries went on stage for a few minutes in clothing that represents their descent and heritage in some way. The only reason I'm putting it here is because I like the 2 Croatian chicks who decided to wear the Croatian soccer jerseys as their choice.  2 thumbs up from me. My kind of Croatian chicks. It's not very often outside of Croatia you see that, unless there's a soccer tournament going on somewhere or one of those big picnics. Sort of reminds me of a previous post I did HERE. You can fast forward to about the 7 minute mark to see the Croatian girls come on stage. Cute and amusing if anything..........

(*Note- My free time is being increasingly taken up by other projects, couple other blogs as well as work on forums.  One Croatia related, one not. However I'll continue to try and add interesting additions here whenever I come across them. Gotta love tabs.)


Sendai Ikuei Gakuen presents the first joint JEC/ILC International Fashion show at Ikueisai 2010! Showcasing costumes and music from 9 different countries and regions including Germany, Japan, China, Finland, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, Hawaii, and Croatia.

This video I decided to throw in to show the meaning of the word "contrast".

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