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subota, 17. prosinca 2011.

Zagreb "Pleso" Airport Expansion Project Ball Gets Rolling

The tender process for Pleso Airport in Zagreb, or just simply Zagreb Airport, (Zračna Luka Zagreb) has been going on for a few years now, with the date being pushed back of the expansion project for several reasons. It seems now the ball is starting to finally roll on this project. This is just a little information and background post with some video of what the proposed expansion will look like. Zagreb is a hub for that part of Europe, especially for people heading for the Adriatic coast in the summers.

Pleso isn't a major international hub airport on a scale like LaGuardia, Haneda, Rome or Frankfurt but that suited me just fine. (I had to waste a few hours at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport for a connecting flight a couple times and its was choas. I'm talking your mall on boxing day or Black Friday packed, not enjoyable at all and I even had my new luggage damaged, wheel broken, handle ripped. Frankfurt Airport however was very good, also lots of shops, places to eat and smoking areas) At Pleso you don't have to go very far to sit in the outdoor patio to have coffee and a smoke, or to get a cab or bus to downtown. You don't have to hunt very far to find the currency exchange booth or ATM machine either. In and out and having a Karlovacko beer in downtown Zagreb in no time at all. It was such a great feeling landing at Pleso and leaving Calgary for even just a few weeks, like it didn't even exist. Non-Walmart country again. Ahhh, great memories.

Update: more information and images from a later post at new-zagreb-airport-pleso-terminal

*Updated 2017 photos from the official grand opening at photos-of-day-new-zagreb-airport


State secretary: ZAIC bid for Zagreb Airport concession excellent

The bid for a concession on Zagreb Airport submitted by the French consortium Zagreb Airport International Company (ZAIC) is extremely good and, if adopted, Croatia will get hundreds of millions of euros in concession fee, the state secretary for infrastructure at the transport and infrastructure ministry, Tomislav Mihotic, said on Monday.

Bids for a concession for the construction of a new passenger terminal were submitted by ZAIC and the Swiss-Austrian consortium Airport Zurich/Strabag, but its bid was not considered because it was incomplete. ZAIC is backed by the Paris airport (ADPM - Aeroports de Paris Management) and the construction company Bouygues Batiment International (BBI).

Some views of the arrivals, luggage pick up section and main hallway from my trip there this past August. The bottom pic is just of the plane that took me to Zagreb from Frankfurt, just thought it looked cool and I felt like it.

ZAIC has offered a fixed sum of EUR 87.2 million over a 30-year period and, when one adds the variable part, Croatia could get a couple of hundred million euros in concession fee, Mihotic told the press, adding that "we can all be very pleased," as the bid is excellent and would be backed by reputable international banks.

Mihotic said that although the concessionaire was in charge of financing the project, those banks had contacted Croatia, but would not say which banks, only that they backed the biggest infrastructure projects in Croatia.

The decision on the bid will be made by the government within 100 days. The government is expected to take into account the fixed concession fee, the variable concession fee, the business plan, the technical and operational plan, and the financial plan.

Visuals of the IGH designed Zagreb Airport project.

Current view and dimensions of Pleso Airport. 

The design for the Zagreb Pleso Airport reconstruction was the Croatian company Institut IGH.  Below are a few exterior photos of expanded Zagreb Airport based on their 2009 winning design.

If the government annuls the tender, the bidder will request the protection of its interests, so Croatia will to pay penalties, reporters were told.

The concession, which the government is giving for 30 years, envisages the construction of a new passenger terminal and the management of the existing as well as the new terminal and their infrastructure.

Investment in the first stage of construction of the new terminal is estimated at EUR 190 million.

Some footage and information about Z|agreb Pleso Airport and the future terminal expansion project.

For those perhaps planning to visit  Zagreb, or as just a reminder for those who already have, here is some footage of what an approach and landing at Zagreb Airport currently looks like. Below that is a promotional Croatia Airlines video from a few years ago just for the hell of it.

I also decided to add this landing approach footage of Croatia Airlines to the Split Airport because of the cool scenery during the approach. (Note - I do not promote or encourage filming during take-offs and approaches because it is against the rules and policies of airlines)

This one is pretty good too, the beginning footage is not great because it was a very foggy day, but it's something that I totally forgot to mention. Within 30 minutes into the flight you will be hitting the Alps, and if you can't ski on them, then seeing them from the plane at 40,000 feet is the next best thing, it's a really awesome view.

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