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utorak, 28. veljače 2012.

Can You Spot The Serb...Race? (Or...Can You Spot The Non-Serb aka Why Are The Non-Serbs Living On Serbian Lands & Illegally Existing?)

Former Miss Serbia (1987) who is now an out of work  prostitute in the town of Чока, Serbia, or a Cuban Marxist inspired anti-Disney, "Down with Democracy, Europe Fashions and Fuck Your Mickey Mouse" pouty-look photoshoot? (Answer to this puzzling question and the rest at bottom of page)

This was kind of fun to do, some of the photos during my search this past hour almost made me laugh my head off. Anyway, this one is related to a previous post which you can read HERE.. The point of this game is to spot the Serb, or find the Serbian race if you will.  (I decided to not put photos next to each other, or any photos of Croatians. So I can't be accused of only putting good looking Croatians vis-a-vis homely Serbs) Again, this is solely in regards to the afforementioned "Serb race" business that I've touched upon previously a few times. Directly related to what many, many Serbian wacko utra-nationalists believe. Take for example just the Serbian national anthem/them song. 

This isn't going to be an anthropolgy or genetics lesson, about Halblogroups, Haplotypes, DNA, blood types, Y-chromosones, ear sizes etc and so on. You can Google those terms below if you're really into it. For the longest time though, it was believed by scholars that there are basically 5 different races. Some scholars had slightly different ideas with the addition of a few more classifications. However, never, not even once while reading or watching any history programs or science shows, was it mentioned or did discussion revolve about a specific Serb race last time I checked. Even through all my schooling years this was never brought up. (Did I maybe miss that part when I went to the washroom?)

To show what I mean, over 400 years after the Croatian tribes had already migrated south during the time of Emperor Heraclius from their more northern realms called "Great and White Croatia"  and arriving to ancient Pannonia, Dalmatia and Illyricum (as recorded by Eastern Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus and other sources), Bolesław I the Brave was coronated as the very first King of Poland in the year 1025, and his official royal realm was recorded as "Regnum Sclavorum, Gothorum sive Polonorum", ie; Kingdom of Slavs, Goths or Poles. Now why the hell didn't he add or substitute "Serbs" instead then? What is going on? What kind of a ruler was he if he didn't even mention his own people or actually did mention his own people?

Demetrius (Dmitar) Zvonimir (Latin: Demetrius Sunimirio) was crowned as "King of Croatia" (Latin: Rex Croatorum) in 976. All preceding Croatian Kings were likewise proclaimed by their own royal decrees, royal charters, in foreign sources and inscribed stone monuments as ruling the "Kingdom of Croatia" (Latin: Regnum Croatorum; Croatian: Kraljevstvo Hrvata) and being  "King of the Croats" (Latin: Rex Croatorum) They likewise were also recorded as Slavic Kings and Dukes as well as of Croats, being that they spoke a Slavic language also. The preceding Croatian Princes and Dukes also proclaimed themselves as "Duke of the Croats" (Latin: Dux Chroatorum; Croatian: Knez Hrvata) and before that as "Prince of the Croats" (Latin: Princeps Croatorum; Croatian: Princ Hrvata) However, there are absolutely no historical recorded sources of them being proclaimed Kings or Dukes of the Serbian Bread, or Serbian Grass etc like the historian guy mentioned here. Just like the above instance of Bolesław I the Brave, or any Kievan Rus' ruler or any other contemporaneous Slavic King/Duke/Ruler, (Svatopluk I, Mojmir I of Moravia, Pribina, Koceľ, Simeon I of Bulgaria, Oleg of Novgorod etc and so on)...there's also not even one single instance of any Croatian King or Duke being King/Duke of any Serbian bread or Serbian race or Serbian snot or anything actually. Were Kings Zvonimir and Bolesław I then some kind of dummies who didn't even know how to bake their own bread or how to mention what people they are? That's very unlikely.

Here's a very brief history lesson which also proves that Croatian history goes much further back before any Serb church bread or speeches came along. Just the facts but interesting facts which show that the earliest Croatian tribes never travelled from the west or the east to where we are today or in their past more northern abodes, but on the contrary which conclusively proves they spread westward and eastward from their ancient hypocenter. That's because genetically, on the Y chromosome line, a majority (87%) of Croats belong to one of the three major European Y-DNA haplogroups -- Haplogroup I (38%), Haplogroup R1a (35%) and Haplogroup R1b (16%). All three of these groups appeared in Europe during the upper paleolithic around 30,000-20,000 BCE. Furthermore, the dominant presence of Haplogroup I-M170 is rather interesting, as it is considered the oldest and only native European Haplogroup and is found nowhere else. The Haplogroup I-M170 exists only in Europe and is fairly widespread, but in relatively smaller percentages extending westward and eastward. Its frequency in the Croatian lands and among Croats is high, but the only populations that have similar levels of the I Haplogroup are the Scandinavians. Haplogroup I-M170 has been shown to have weathered the last glacial maximum in the lands corresponding to modern day Croatia and surrounding area in central Europe and then migrated north as the ice sheets retreated. Also, by these statistics we can clearly see that the strongest Haplogroup in Croatians is Haplogroup I-M170. (thus the much later middle ages historical written records about Croats during the early common era Croat history as being categorized as Gothic and Slavic descendants is absolutely correct and supported scientifically also. ie: We share subclades of Haplogroup I-M170 with Scandinavians more than anyone else in Europe, so the early European populations that went on to become Scandinavians also went on to become Croatians, the Croats quite simply have been in central Europe since time immemorial and never arrived as tribes from anywhere else). It is also not surprising that the early arriving Croats towards the Adriatic are also connected to the Veneti (Venethi/Venedi). Territorially and demographically speaking, it is then clear and easy to see that the early Croats were temporally contiguous with Slav, Veneti, Celtic and Germanic speakers reaching very far back in history. (For more see The ancestors of the Slavs could have been in Europe 4000 years ago, which further connects with DNA and genetic evidences the earliest pre-migration Croatian tribes southward to the Bronze Age Unetice Culture, which was long before there even were any Veneti, Slavic or Germanic languages that we know of) This then shows that today's Croats have a significant portion of their DNA that goes very far back in history, this even over 510 years (joke, it's actually quite a few thousands of years before any Serb bread came along like I said) before any Serb church or the first Serbian church bread loaf was baked or Non-Serb cleansed or killed. (This would also mean that there's no frikin' way that the Rus of Kievan Rus' were Serbs or ate Serbian church bread either, let alone Scandanavians, Poles, Romans and Germans etc)

Here's some more interesting factual information that explains further, ie; that many Serb historians and their lackeys should get their heads examined and learn real history and facts. As already shown, Croats belong to the 3 major European Y-DNA Haplogroups shown previously and this map explains further. (The shaded borders and my added red oval areas are not exact borders or limits of course, just guidelines to show where the subclades of I-M170 are predominantly located and most concentrated) We know that the Vikings during the middle ages played an important part in introducing and spreading Haplogroup R1a to western Europe, both are derived from Haplogroup R and R1a was also present in these European locations about 20,000 years ago anyway. (It's most prevalent in areas coinciding to old Kievan Rus', eastward from there however it diminishes greatly but extends to past Germany and reaching Croatia averaging 36% just behind I-M170 ) Likewise the red circled areas around the Croatian lands and large parts of Sweden are also both subclades of the Haplogroup I-M170. As already shown, the subclades of Haplogroup I-M170 is the oldest and only native European Haplogroup that exists and is found nowhere else. We know that it appeared circa. 30,000 years ago during the European Ice Age and slowly spread as the ice sheets retreated about 13,000 years ago, eventually centering in high percentages again in todays Sweden and surrounding areas. (Later high levels are also common in the middle shaded areas in large and varyng degrees as the ice sheets retreated, and again these areas are centered in and around the "Carpathian" mountains geographically,"Harvaða" in the old epic legendary sagas, also Harvatska zemlje, as a linear midway hypocenter that would also later be called the lands of the Veneti/Hyperboreans by Roman and Greek historians in antiquity) Importantly also, since subclades of this Haplogroup I-M170 is today predominant and concentrated highest only among Swedes and Croatians, it would then not be incorrect to say that the Croatian nation origins also have a history going back to at least 13,000-30,000 years ago in Europe. (and are also found well outside our present day borders also) This is what the facts and science shows and trumps psuedo-history and invented fantasy talk.

The above information even correlates with other DNA and genetic information in regards to Croats and other Slavic speaking peoples in the areas we came from in the 6th and 7th centuries to where we are today. Other DNA/haplogroup information also proves that the ancestors of todays Slavic speaking peoples were in central Europe at least 4000 years ago, this again would be thousands of years before the invention of the so-called "Serb race" by fantasy talkers like Mr. Serbs are Scandanavians, Romans, Greeks, Romanians and Germans guy. Especially when during the 14th to 18th century Serbia's gene pool was flooded by nomads and others coming and settling from the Ottoman empire realms. Oh wait, they must be Serbian too, I forgot, stupid me. And even long before the Serbs even arrived to where they are today, the Triballi people lived in the areas, oh wait, they're Serbs too of course. (Well, at least we know they weren't Croats, Goths, Poles, Russians, or Slavs or Greeks either, naturally the Triballi tribes were Serbs because they had time machines and there's a "b" and "r" in their name of course also, which proves it) This then means that even though the Bulgarians were in the area first, that Bulgarians are Serbs also, it all makes sense now.

Also as a matter of fact, in the 9th century King Alfred, who relied on the 4th century writings of Orosius, called them the Horiti/Horithi. And later in the 19th and 20th century especially, even numerous Slavic historians (Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, Russian especially, too many to mention here and elaborate), they also came to the same conclusions when they took all their sources into account, and their views were actually proven only in the last 20 years since the advent of DNA research results and the groundbreaking study of genetics and haplogroups which wasn't available before the 1990's. All this information even correlates to the historical sources used for 13th century historical work Historia Salonitana when describing the arrived Croatian tribes from the north...."..the people called Croats...Many call them Goths, and likewise Slavs, (Latin: "Gothi et nichilominus Sclavi”) according to the particular name of those who arrived from Poland and Bohemia." (By these northern regions named he is of course referring to his time while writing in the 13th century, as those nations did not yet exist in the 6th century as everyone knows), and even the 12th century Chronicle of Presbyter Diocleas according to his sources likewise reported that the Croats are "Goths who are also Slavs" (Latin: "Gothi qui et Sclavi”) Even just these few historical examples from foreign sources show that in Kievan Rus' and Poland under King Bolesław I the Brave, just like the Croats as well as the others mentioned previously, they quite simply knew which race they were talking about and which one they were not when it came to their realms and kingdoms, and importantly they also knew how to make their own bread and eat it too long before the Serb church came along baking Serb bread. 

Now, from those 5 first mentioned classificatons I mentioned earlier, you get even more different European sub-classifications of the races as well. You got your Slavic, Tuetonic, Mediterranean, Alpine, Dinaric etc. But nowhere, absolutely never at any time, did I ever come across even one page about any "Serb race" like these talkers and Serbian Jesus and Dracula historian guy mentioned below. Even going back to 8th Century times, there was interaction between Slavic speaking peoples with Goths, Baltic, Frankish, Latin, Celtic peoples, and before that there were numerous cultures that inhabited the European lands. There's nothing about a Serb race though even then, there's absolutely no recorded mentions whatsoever about any Serbian bread, lands or race anywhere at any time. Even to this day, this "Serb race" talk is a big part of the Serb psyche and deluded mentality, and I've come across some Serb "chat" sites just by chance, where some of them are totally obsessed with this topic and practically pathological, like an sickness. (serbian bread, serbian milk, serbian air and grass, serbs from Atlantis, Serbian heaven, Serbian Alexander the Great and Trojans etc and so on)

The wars of Serbian aggression in the former Yugoland was largely based upon this premise and similar philosophies, even many times the mantle of these delusional fabricated dogmas was taken up by Serb church patriarchs and leaders and espoused as truth. (You're not really killing anyone if they're all on our land and it's our grass after all) One of the big selling points of Serbdom. "Serb lands!"  "Serbs all and everywhere!"  "To the Serbian sea!" "Serbian moon!" "Serbian milk!"...bla bla bla....(Although truthfully, "Serb shitfuckery everywhere!" or "Non-Serb Lands!" is more like it. )

Taliban extremists and Serb chetniks, or is it vice versa or the same?

Like I said, these kinds of made up bizarro-histories are usually the product of Serb psuedo-historians and fantasy novels/comic books writers, sort of like this Russians, Jews, Germans, Greeks, Swedes, Romans were Serbs historian guy and his supporters/fans, who obviously fell off the homemade turnip beer wagon. (And who's theories do nothing but actually prove that Srbs don't exist and are just a byproduct directly related to their 'Serb church' who makes Srbs based on the previously Roman given applied appellation/user name of 'serv and similar sounding cognate noun words which have the same etymology. I've looked this topic up, read numerous viewpoints from scholars and in quite a few of the oldest sources they all point out this fact clearly that today's "Serb" is not from an actual ancient specific people, but an early middle ages Latin and Greek applied appellation used even by the Franks, just different variations of the same word and meaning which eventually became a username of a tribe, a tribe of wandering nomads who considered themselves never as "Slavs" but rather only as "Serbs." This is what the facts show, only over time did they start using languages found around them, then incorporating customs and even attempting to usurp other cultures and traditions as their own. (including Albanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian and others, you see their "Serb church" tells them that it's really all rightfully theirs and has been doing this since the middle ages, I've even come across verifiable proofs from Albanian comments showing that without a doubt Serbs have been steeling Albanian music for centuries and calling it Serbian) So basically in truth it was a Latin language based derogatory appellation noun, used also by the Franks, then applied as a term for nomadic travelers that became their ethnonym eventually, and not a place, an area/location and especially not any particular people/race. After all, the Byzantine Emperor has spoken the truth also....

".....Croats'...(written in the original Greek pronunciation as [Χρωβάτοι/Hrovatoi], ie: modern day "Hrvati") the Slav tongue means 'those who occupy much territory'......'Serbs' in the tongue of the Romans is the word for 'slaves', whence the colloquial 'serbula' for menial shoes, and 'tzerboulianoi' for those who wear cheap, shoddy footgear. This name the Serbs "acquired" from their being slaves of the emperor of the Romans......" - Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, De Administrando Imperio (DAI) Chapter 32. The simple fact of the matter is that using just this example and many other early sourced examples, a foreign applied derogatory etic appellation nomenclature and cognomen term on a particular population does make them all of a sudden some sort of new singular people or any real people whatsoever, let alone a new imaginary "race" for the science books, that's absurd and without parallel in history, You might as well then call all the players on the different Major League Baseball teams "Bosox", "Cubbies", "Chisox", "Yanks". "Cards" etc. as being different races, ("The Bosox race beat them Yanks race 3 to 1 last night." It's just not the case at all in the real world, on the contrary it proves that they are actually a foreign made "Non-People" with no particular importance whatsover except only the faked made up importance in their own warped and delusional minds. Shoddy slave shoes of servants is not mine or any real peoples nationality or ethnicity.

A Croatian historian didn't write that, but rather the Eastern Roman Emperor with access to the imperial archives and documents.  "De Administrando Imperio", Chapter 32. which again explains the meaning and etymology for the name of "Serbs." More information about the etymology for the name of "Croats/Hrvati" and the historical chapter of Croats among the early East Slavs at (We know Serbs have their own Serb church and that since the middle ages they use the languages and similar naming customs found around them and love inventing histories where Russians, Jews, Germans, Greeks, Swedes, Romans, Poles, French and just about everybody are Serbs. (The last time I checked Europe had a number of countries and nations with their own linear histories and civilizational processes, so that's weird and deranged)

Actually and as a matter of fact again, in Nestor's Primary Chronicle (which is considered by scholars to be the earliest fundamental source about the history of the Eastern Slavs and Kievan Rus' from 850 to 1110), it lists the twelve Slavic tribal unions which, by the 9th century, had settled in the later territory of the Kievan Rus' between the Western Bug, the Dniepr and the Black Sea: the Polans, Drevlyans, Dregovichs, Radimichs, Vyatichs, Krivichs, Slovens, Dulebes (later known as Volhynians and Buzhans), White Croats, (Bejli Hrvati/"Xорваты" in Nestor's Russian Cyrillic text) Severians, Ulichs, and Tivertsi. These are just the major ones, and I would have to do a long detailed post about just this topic with a much longer list to explain early Russian history. So it makes me laugh when I read a few comments by some Serbs on their chat site or elsewhere that Serbs are the same people as Russians. That's hilarious and couldn't be further from the truth, read the above list of tribal names that contributed to the make up of early Kievan Rus' again, what bread are they eating and not eating?

Maybe you think I don't know what I'm talking about, but remember boys and girls and fans of various comic books and spontaneously drawn up maps and histories. The nation of France speaks French, the earliest French speaking people named their country France, and France got it's name from the Franks, who were a Germanic tribe, but the French definitely don't speak German and they aren't Germans either if anyone knows anything about the history of France when it was still called ancient Gaul. It doesn't mean that the French are Germans or Serbs or that they bake and kiss Serbian bread, just like the Croats, Poles, Russians, Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians and Scandinavians don't either. We all make our own race bread. So anyway, that's your brief little history lesson. This post is just a short example to get my point across and to see the absurdity of this disordered way of thinking and preoccupation with "Serb race, Serbdom, Serb ears, Serb fingers, Serb rocks, Serb cucumbers and radishes etc" espoused by the "historian guy" mentioned. Like I said before, I looked into this a long time ago, came across many sites with lots of discussion about this topic, and with so many Turkish influences into their language, cultural life and gene pool from centuries of Ottoman empire rule, that if it weren't for the Serbian church...(Everyone who was incorporated for whatever reason into it, is automatically a member of the imaginary fantastical "Serb race" remember, including Triballians, Megleno-Romanians, Morlachs, Vlachs, Albanians, Bulgarians, Greeks to name just a few, and there was lots of population shifts and people movement/migrations during those 400 years of Turkish rule also) ...then would Serbs really even exist? It's more like one big fabricated delusion contrary to the facts)

I've even come across Youtube videos where some people are so obsessed with this "Serb race" and Serbdom" sicko topic, that they made videos with titles like "Serbian race beautiful, or "The real Serb race" etc. Though from one video to another they look very different, watching one short video for a laugh, then the next, they looked like totally different people. "How could this be?" I thought, "this doesn't look like any kind of race at all, are the science people aware of this?" Then when coming across Serbian TV shows clips, (only just by freak chance as I wasn't intentionally searching for it)...interviews with people on the street, or game shows, I saw completely different looking people again. It all leaves one still scratching their head, more confused than ever,  about what exactly a Serb race is at the end of the day that they keep flapping their lips about. Take for example just the Serbian national anthem/theme song, (or them song) where it's littered with phrases like "Serbian lands and Serbian race" and "God of armies! Be our leader, Strengthen then the Serbian race" and similar delusional/megalomaniacal garbage and manure talk.

War criminal leaders during their ethnic cleansing and killing sprees against Non-Serbs in the 90's, here they're being blessed by their Serb church guru and encouraged to kiss the imaginary Serb race bread. notice the individual to the right who is next in line anxiously awaiting for his turn to kiss the Serb church bread. (But as already shown Non-Serbs exist and we bake and eat our own race bread though) Since the 1990's and even today, numerous war criminals were blessed as heroes and saints by the Serb church, many of them are sitting in jail cells and many are waiting there turn at the Hague right now. Numerous Serbs kiss their photos and posters and have parades and hero parties themed around them even these days. So isn't it weird how, according to the previously mentioned Serb historian guy and his confused lackeys, that people all over Europe also aren't doing the same, ie; having big celebrations and Serb church bread kissing parties all over the place? They're all Serbs after all. The Serb historian guy proved it.

Like I've said before, take for instance Poland, there is a significant cross-section of the population that has descent from German, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Baltic, etc. This extends to other Slavic speaking people too. The Russian population can also include Scandinavian and Tatar among others as you travel more east, just to name a few. The Croatian population can have Hungarian, Italian, German somewhere in the gene pool and vice versa, but like I've shown it all goes around full circle again to the beginning, where the historical sources and now science proves that it was the Croats who arrived to ancient Dalmatia, Pannonia and Illyricum, and they weren't baking or eating any Serb bread whatsoever. Also were the Italians of the Ostrogothic or Longobard heritage or even Etruscan?  Did the Hungarian have Czech, Slovak, German Croatian or Polish in them? When I used to be in the military, working for 'The Hive', I was asked how I can drink so many vodka shots...and not get shitfaced or even appear drunk? I jokingly usually explained that it's because of the Russian, Polish, Norwegian and Goth in me and I have a long built up tolerance. (And like I said, that probably wouldn't be an untruth in the slightest, as even genetics is on my side. Even science unequivocally shows the ancestors of the Slavs were in Europe 4 thousand years ago, and this would have been at least a 125 years before any "Serb church" came along. (More about that stuff HERE) Basically now even science correlates and slaughters these Serb babblers of delusional nationalistic fantasy garbage with truth and facts, there's a lot more types of bread that have existed than just Serb church bread.

Here's a quick interesting trivia fact: The Bulgarian empire controlled fortress that eventually became a part of today's city of Belgrade, and they actually inhabited and controlled the surrounding territory too. But the city was called Alba Bulgarica in 827 and recorded as such in western sources also. It was only called Belgrade for the very first time ever in the year 878, when it was still a part of Bulgaria. Are the Bulgarians now Serbs also eating Serbian race bread or do they eat Bulgarian bread? After presenting even just the preceding information, I find it very hard, (as well as probably any other normal person who knows how to read and write), how anyone could could even imagine that eating Serbian bread blessed by some Serb church guru will miraculously transform the person into some kind of Serb race. It's actually so absurd, detached from reality and such a demented logic based on fantasy that believing Mickey Mouse is based on an actual real whistling and talking mouse, is just as credible and reality.

Here's another very interesting and self-explanatory proven example that crushes their fantasy history talk to the manure pile where it belongs, nothing but the cold hard truth that slaughters their twisting of facts and name meanings to just further personal agendas and revise history that I was talking about, just to suit one's own wishes and in the process time-travelling also. It is well documented that during Roman empire times Serbinum/Servitium was an ancient Roman city in the ancient Pannonia province, with authors and maps using both versions as the name of the town. It was situated in the location of present-day Gradiška in the Province of northern BiH. The word Servitium and Serbinum in Latin means "Service, Slavery" and it was a city/town in the front-line border area where there were multitudes of Roman troops sent in order to defend the area against various Barbarians. Its second name Seruitio in Latin means "To obey"! Its third name Servitii means "Of service". There were other similar named outpost towns and garrison towns all the way to modern-day Spain, British Isles and elsewhere during Roman empire times. However, the similarities between the three names has nothing at all to do with any factual Serbs or Serb people from centuries later whatsoever (or today either) other than in their own self-gratifying invented pseudohistory. To make it even more clear, eastern Roman Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos (who had at his disposal the Byzantine imperial archives in Constantinople, Roman library sources and was privy to many other numerous manuscripts, very old written material from emissaries, ecclesiastics, ambassadors, military notes and journals and records from their expeditions, and particularly relevant from the times of the Roman empire), in his domestic and foreign policy manual De Administrando Imperio proved this when he wrote...(...) "Serbs' in the tongue of the Romans is the word for 'slaves', whence the colloquial 'serbula' for menial shoes, and 'tzerboulianoi' for those who wear cheap, shoddy footgear...this name the Serbs acquired from their being Slaves of the emperor of the Romans." The Roman town of "Servia" in northern Greece which was named that way over 4 centuries before any Serbs were 'recorded' is another similar example, because the name of the town was given by the Romans already in the 1st-2nd century. Their backwards time-travelling Serbian pseudohistorians (and todays politicians/religious leaders) who are bullshitting here and fanstasizing there with their crapola about all these and other places being named after them and that there were Serbs living there (LOL) have it all outrageously backwards historically, etymologically and literally. It's laughable absurdity and not any real factual history and meant only to feed their personal hallucinations and self-grandeur visions in their minds. That Family Feud show wrong answer buzzer would be going off right about now. (I didn't bother adding any but you can Google around and easily find actual maps from Roman empire sources and even from 50 BCE to 200 CE Roman empire times where it's plainly written right there on the map to see and read for yourself, even on a map of Ptolemy (100-170 CE), if the reader really wants it then leave a comment and I'll add a few as further proof).

As I said and thought about this post, I could have really had fun with this, maybe even really messed some peoples minds a bit with info-tainment facts, but this is just to get my point across in an interesting, interactive way to show that Non-Serbs are exactly that. (I really enjoyed checking out the various women's model sites though, checking out all the pics and poses) Some of the photos below are well known people, so those might be the easy ones. With a couple I used some inventive description to make a few of the pics more interesting, so just focus on the persons ethnicity and take a guess. The correct answers to each photo are at the very bottom. You will also by the way probably better understand why the Serb Songs are not popular in Croatia or any other of the countries in Europe, and why they keep stealing from Albanian music over the centuries and even these days, to sing at Serbian clubs. (Serbs want to kill Albanians naturally but will gladly take their music, foods, dances and anything else first though) And yes I checked and verified beforehand every single one of the images and all the answers are verified and correct. Good luck! But most of all have fun folks and folkettes!.....

Do Non-Serbs Even Exist? Is There Really Even Such A Thing As A "Non-Serb"? Take A Quiz To Find Out If You Exist...

1- Russian model photoshoot or Belgrade hooker having a cig break?

2- Serbian or Romanian on the Hammock?

3- Alabama camping ground during Nascar pre-race bbq or Serbian testicle eating festival?

4- Bosnian Serbs or South Ossetia separatists?

5- Armenian monks or Serb monks?

6- Former Prime Minister of Serbia or Minister of Defense of Republic of Georgia?

7- Turkish or Serbian?

8- Syrian or Serbian criminal?

9- Afghani or Kosovo Serb?

10- Turkish model or Serbian model?

11- Bulgarian or Serbian?

12- Polish or Serbian model?

13- Serbs or Afghans?

14- Scottish soccer player for Glascow Celtic or editor in chief of Serbian "Optimism" magazine?

Intermission music courtesy of.......
Dat face soldier 

(Don't ask, I didn't even bother on this one....he's probably Serb though)

15- Serbian or Turkish-Cypriot foreign minister?

16- Azerbaijani or Serbian sports athlete?

17- Serb or Russian?

18- Serbian celebrating 15-0 in the first game of the first set of a Kosovo homeless humanitarian tennis match, or crazed Syrian pro-government protester ?

19- Irish actor or Serbian casino owner?

20- Serbian or Russian model doing that finger thing?

21- Tennis player from Kazakhstan or Serbia after a forehand?

22- Serbian or Russian angry at the drunken loudmouth heckler in the stands?

23- Serbian or German in a revealing folk costume before the pints of frothy ale arrive?

24- Well known Serbian or Albanian model?

25- Insulted Bavarian bar owner at rise of beer taxes or Serbian protesting protester?

26- Athlete representative of Serbia or Uzbekistan?

27- Romanian or Serbian model?

28- Serbian actor/director or Irish playright?

29- Serbian monks or Ultra-Orthodox Jews?

30- Serbian or Hungarian doing the "hand on hip" while on all 4's thing? 

31- Portuguese or Serbian singer?

32- Serbian or Hungarian model with legs crossed?

33- Serbian or Bosnian model crossing her legs?

34- ATP tennis player of Brazilian or Serbian descent who's sure the ball was in?

35- Portuguese or Serbian team sports manager insinuating the reporter is asking crazy questions?

36- Bosnian or Serbian with the smokey eyeshadow effect?

37- Serbian model or Slovakian television personality? (btw, I really think she looks a lot like Ivana Paradzikovic)

38- Serb or Czech? 

39- Albanian or Serbian?

40- Albanian or Serbian duo?

41- Serb or Albanian on the catwalk?

42- Greek or Serb soaking up the rays and feeling fantasic?

43- Kosovo-Albanian students or Serb students?

44- Accomplished Serbian actor or French fire/sword swallower from Cirque du Soleil?

45- Just Serb or non-Serb? on this one.

46- Turkmenistan gymnast or a Serbian athlete?

47- Macedonian or Serbian pop singer/model?

48- Serbians or Kosovar-Albanians?

49- Russian or Serb model 

50- Serbian basketball player charged for near fatal beating of student or Swiss village farmer concerned about milk subsidies and EU tariffs affecting his job?

51- Serbian latex salesman in Montenegro or Portuguese samba dance instructor from Rio?

52- Interpol surveilance video of Serbian prior to apprehension for European gay boy prostitute smuggling ring or Scottish/Finnish money launderer prior to airport drug shipment seizure in Zurich?

53- Serbian actor or Norweigian DJ/music artist?

52- Serbian soldier in the 90's in a music video or the famous Turkmenistan rap artist Arslan Ben "Kool Fresh Nyazik"?


55- Serb elite soldiers in the 90's or Chechyn army regulars with militia fighting under the motto "Making people open-minded, one bullet at a time"?

56- Chechyn rebel fighters or Bosnian Serbs?

57- Serbian or Romanian?

58- Serbian politician or Turkish soccer club manager after exit from Euro 2012?

59- Apprehended Columbian druglord Hernando "Scratch" Gomez or Serb war criminal Goran Hadžić confused about a reporters question?

60- Portuguese or Serbian Grandmother? 

61- Scene with Serbian actor from the award winning "A Serbian Film" or  scene from History Channel docudrama about Columbian serial killer Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos?

62- Serbian national team figure skater or Swedish alpine skier?

63- Ukranian billionaire Oleg Bakhamtyuk or Serb Colonel Blagoje Adzic on trial at the Hague for the Srebrenica massacre? 

64- Still at large self made Mexican billionaire Joacquin Guzman Loera or the apprehended war criminal Veselin Šljivančanin, for partaking of the Vukovar hospital massacre in 1991?

65- Russian billionaire and professional soccer club owner Roman Abramovich, or CEO of Telekom Serbia and major shareholder of Kurvan shipping lines Nikolai Bellic Smrdljevcin

66- Serb Ivan Bogdanov, leader of Serb hooligans during Serbia soccer match vs. Italy in the city of Genoa, or Sid "Skull crusher" Hernandez with an illegal object before the Scaffold Steel Cage match at the Boston FleetCenter for Wrestlemania XIV?

67- Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, (left) before holding talks with English businessman and Socialist Workers Party leader Richard Jenkins, or political talks with visiting Ultranationalist Serbian Radical Party leader and former Serb general with ties to ordering the Lovas massacre in 1991, Dobrica Ćosić?

 68- Portuguese national soccer team representative Manuel Fernandes (right) or Serbian striker Momčilo Perišić from FK Borac Čačak of the Serbian Soccer League.

 69- French "Bastille Day" celebrations by intoxicated  Frenchmen in the early hours Paris or Serbian prison release/hero party for Vitar Vasiljevic, for burning children and women alive in Visegrad, Bosnia in the 90's .

70- 3 Serb assassins currently on the run from Interpol or 3 random pics from a dating site for deranged people/serial killers.

71- Portuguese prime suspect in the Madeleine McCann child abduction case, Joaquim Jose Marques, or Serbian Milorad Govnocar, convicted for a 3 week spree of 18 purse snatchings in West London?

 72- Sultan Amaruth the Second (Murad II) of the Turkish Ottoman empire in 1451 or Serb chieftain Miloš Obrenović in 1815?

73- Sultan Amaruth the Second (Murad II) of the Turkish Ottoman empire in 1451 or Serb chieftain Miloš Obrenović in 1815?

Music intermission.

74- This former professional wrestler, author, US Navy Seal, Governor of Minnesota and Hollywood actor has toured with Fleetwood Mac, partied with REO Speedwagon, performed bodyguard duties for The Rolling Stones, hosts his own televison program and is of part German ancestry, however for whatever reason because of his other half considers himself a Serb or Slovak?

75- Elite Serb church and government funded chetnik warriors responsible for Non-Serb ethnic cleansing, murders and rapes in the 1990's or top secret CIA photo of Taliban operatives believed to be behind the insurgency of the 2010 Badakshashan massacre in Afghanistan?

76- Serb chetniks protesting European involvement in Kosovo or radical terrorist Wahhabi congregation in Azerbaijan celebrating the attack on Abu Bakr Mosque of Baku?

77- A Bulgarian baby being soothed because of toothing and upset tummy or the newborn porn baby fucking scene from the award winning "A Serbian Film"?


35)- Serbian
43)-Kosovo-Albanian students
45)Will have to get back to you on this one when I find out.
46)Freebee, just seeing if you're paying attention.
50)- Serbian
52)- Scottish/Finnish 


61)- Serbian
63)- Ukrainian
64)- Mexican 
65)- Russian 
66)- Serbian
67)- English
68)- Portuguese 
69)- Serbs 
70)- Serbs 
71)- Portuguese
72)- Serb 
73)- Turkish
74)- Slovak
75- Serbs
76)- Serbian
77)- Serbian
Top photo: Serbian

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