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četvrtak, 23. veljače 2012.

Brad Pitt May Invest In Istrian Resort In Croatia

Another unplanned celebrity related post, but this one was pretty well all written for me like the other ones. I've used some articles from the Digital Journal people for a few interesting posts lately. Anyway, whether this does go ahead or even if not, I think this is good news and great exposure for Croatia.  Having a respected, major cinematic movie star have his name attached to a project like this, can only be a positive.  It will make some people realize (especially people who've never heard of, or know much about Croatia) that Croatia is a forward and progressive country with a long history, promising future with many things to offer. Probably also a good deal for Brad Pitt as well. If I won the lottery tomorrow I'd probably do something very similar. (However, for humanities sake, I would highly recommend not having any beef jerky or donutburgers on any menu's)..Besides, I don't mind doing a  post like this, sort of tie-in about what Croatians are about, where it is, who we are, why on earth someone would go to Croatia of all places, all that. (You know, "Hey, check it out! Croatia's got like electricity and tv and stuff! They don't have Walmart, but it's in Europe!)

This coastal area of Croatia is totally breathtaking. Lots of tourists from all over the world, Europe especially, (and of course Croats from other parts of the country) come here every summer. For the beaches, boating, diving, fishing, natural beauty,  architecture, great seafood dishes and wines, (Over the years it's also become known for it's prized truffle harvest)'s an ideal place to leave the rat race, crappy coffee shops, your typical everyday fuckos and mall food court junkes behind. One can see why even Naploleon wanted this area incorporated into his French empire in the 19th century. The Istra Peninsula has a very long, rich and interesting history. Italian is an officially recognized language, much like Croatian is in the Italian Molise region and Croatian in Austrian Burgenland and other countries. The coat of arms of the the Istria region is represented on the offical Croatian flag as one of the 5 historical regions of Croatia, included as part of a 5 shield crown over the main historic Croatian coat of arms. Istria is shared between Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. (For those not in the know, there are large parts of neighbouring B+H that are historically Croatian lands too, and have been part of the earliest Croatian realms and medieval Croatian kingdom for centuries, before the modern day appearance of the republic of BiH that is. More info about that interesting topic HERE.)

Lots of tourists come there because it's almost like holidaying in the French riviera, but at a fraction of the cost. It's such a short trip from Italy, Slovenia is right next door, and Austria and Hungary are just a stones throw away too. (Here's your other history lesson for the day, the name "Istra/Istria" is derived from the name of the "Histri" tribe of the Illyrian people, who lived in the area before anybody, even before the Romans subdued them in 176 BCE)  It's also amazing how many countries are within just a 500 km mile radius from the Istra region, or Croatia for that matter. (Switzerland is actually closer than Poland believe it or not) When I was in Rijeka last summer, I was going to take a short trip and visit a friend in nearby Pula for the day, but I had a busy schedule and had to leave for Split the next day. A few weeks is not nearly enough time to see all the places you want to. The Istrian peninsula is on my list for next time without a doubt.

 A view from the Brijuni Islands off the Croatian coast.




Brad Pitt And Partners May Build Luxury Resort In Istra, Croatia

A view from the seaside town of Rovinj.

A Croatia media exclusive claims Brad Pitt and partners are to build a luxury resort opposite the Brijuni islands in Istra.

An exclusive report in leading Croatian national daily Jutarnji List on February 22, 2012 claims that Hollywood star Brad Pitt will be involved with partners in building a luxury waterfront resort opposite the Brijuni Islands in northern Croatia.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Who are both respected and award winning Non-Srb actors btw) at the premiere of her directorial debut "In The Land Of Blood And Honey" at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. Heartfelt condolences from all of us here at Croatianicity concerning the disturbing news of his recent bald spot, our prayers are with you.

Some scenes of the Brijuni Islands. (For those not in the know, former Yugoslav ruler Tito made the islands his own  private permanent summer residence. He even built a private zoo with all the animals sent as gifts from other dictators who he gave good assassination tips too, and other politicians he used to shmooze with. He also used to shmooze there with many celebrities. He was quite the shmoozer and always got a lot of free stuff)

The proposed project, which has a working title of 'Barabriga', will include hotels, villas, a golf course and a marina, is the biggest tourism project undertaken by businessman Danko Koncar, who bought the project from Hypo Bank for 85 million euro, according to the paper.

The project's first acting connection was Rade Serbedzija, who starred in "In The Land of Blood and Honey" the critically-acclaimed debut as a director of Pitt's wife, Angelina Jolie. Serbedzija interested Pitt in the project at the Berlin Film Festival and introduced him to Koncar.

Some nice images of Rovinj which is just a short drive north from the Brijuni Islands.

The Brijuni islands, once an exclusive resort favoured by President Tito, is known to Jolie, and she visited the area last year on her first visit to Croatia.. She was once again in the country last week for the premiere of her new film in Zagreb.

Just opposite the Brijuni Islands is the coastal fishing town of Fažana. Click to enlarge. (Yes, Davids been there)

The Hollywood couple's interest in Croatia is part of a growing attraction to the former Yugoslav republic, which reported record official tourism numbers in 2011. Other regular celebrity visitors include the yachts of Roman Abramovich, Bill Gates and Bernie Ecclestone, while the antics of Prince Harry in a Hvar nightclub and the revelation of Beyonce's baby bump at a Hvar beach club made global headlines.

Some footage of the town of nearby Rovinj. Images like this you will see all around the Istria region of Croatia. (As you can see, sometimes it's very terrible to live in Croatia. Simply dreadful.)

Had to throw in some more scenes of the Istrian peninsula, as well as some other Croatian coastal areas visited by our good friend David. David probably has the best job in the world. (If the producers of "Davids Been Here" are interested, I'll do his job with a 70% paycut and even carry the luggage)

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