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ponedjeljak, 20. veljače 2012.

Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary Ratify Croatian EU Accession Treaty

There were 35 chapters in Croatia's EU Accession process. Each chapter deserving the utmost study, attention to detail and various protocols to enact. More information can be found HERE.

I was initially going to do a farewell post about the closing of Longview jerky,  a local landmark, that has shocked this city right to it's foundations and is the topic of conversations on the radio, television and in all of the coffee shops. A tragic turn of events 'round here. It's Croatia related, but not that much really, so I decided to do this one instead....

This isn't particularly jaw-dropping news, but just a quick Sunday night addition. It's not even really news, considering Croatia already had the EU referendum regarding joining the EU, pass last month.  I posted previously about Slovakia becoming the first EU country to ratify Croatia's accession, and about the EU-Croatia Referendum results, but in only a matter of a couple of weeks, the total is now already 4 countries that officially gave Croatia the nod for membership.  Business as usual I guess, this is just the final phase of official protocol, which explains why the EU country parliaments are saying "YES" almost straight across the board without a hitch. Just glad things are running smoothly towards that final EU target date of July 1st, 2013. Even though the 90's are history and Croatia is independent, each one of these parliamentary EU Accession votes is a step closer to joining Slovenia into the greater European scheme of things, and like another symbolic nail in the yugoexperiment-coffin,. Just to make sure it's never opened again, ever.  Probably 50 years from now, or less, people will recall and talk about the former-yugoland about as much as NHL talk you hear these days about the Cleveland Barons or as much times as you hear these songs.

Also, since this is sort of a history related topic, considering this is the historic first time Croatia is entering a Union based on the votes of it's citizens, I'm leaving the link to a recent post regarding  Croatian history. A Croatian produced documentary series that came out on Croatian Television just a few months ago. Very interesting if you want to know about Croatia's early and medieval history. You can view the post about the documentary series "Hrvatski Kraljevi" (Croatian Kings) HERE.

Many important points with fine print had to be taken into consideration in the closing of the various EU Accession chapters. Each chapter required study involving EU standards and a variety of important trade and standards issues. (It's a very complicated book with lots of long words)



Bulgarian parliament ratifies Croatia-EU accession treaty

The news of the unanimous voting results didn't make the cover of Bulgarian FHM, however the results were still well received by politicians and the general public.


Bulgaria's parliament unanimously ratified the Croatia-EU Treaty of Accession at its plenary session on Friday, with all 181 members of parliament, who attended the session, voting for the ratification of the document.

In attendance was also Croatian Parliament Speaker Boris Sprem.

Addressing the session, the Bulgarian National Assembly's Speaker, Tsetska Tsacheva, Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov and leaders of parliamentary parties, extended messages of support to Croatia and to western Balkan countries' EU membership bid.

"Bulgaria is among the first countries to ratify Croatia's EU accession treaty. This is not a formal act of the National Assembly, this is also an act of sending a message of support to the entire Balkan region's integration in Europe," Tsacheva said opening today's session.

Calling for the ratification of the agreement, Minister Mladenov said "I am calling on you to ratify Croatia's accession treaty. Croatia has undergone a difficult path from submitting the membership application to the signing of the Accession Treaty."

During that period Croatia has made impressive progress, he added.

"Welcome to the EU, Croatian friends," Mladenov said.

Croatian Parliament Speaker Sprem thanked Bulgaria for its support to Croatia and the region in the past 20 years.

"You were among the first countries to recognise Croatia's independence and the independence of other republics in the former Yugoslavia. You were one of the initiators of the South East European Cooperation Process. You were among the first to ratify the protocol on Croatia's accession to NATO," the Croatian parliament head said.

He added that he was happy and proud of being present at the ratification adding that this was the first country in which he attended the ceremony of ratifying the Croatia-EU treaty.

Croatia and the EU signed the accession treaty in Brussels on 9 December 2011, and on 22 January the Croatians voted for the country's EU membership at a referendum. Since then a total of four countries have ratified the document.

Slovakia was the first to do that on 1 February. Hungary followed with the ratification on 13 February and Italy's lower house did it on 15 February.

"The Croatian citizens and government are aware of problems which the EU is facing now. We, however, believe that we also can contribute to their solution. We could not circumvent problems even if we had decided to remain outside the Union. We believe that in the current globalised world it is better to immediately start resolving the problems rather than pushing them under the carpet," Sprem said, underlining that Croatia would keep implementing reforms in order improve the living standards of its citizens in all fields.

After the ceremony in the parliament, Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev is due to receive the Croatian official.

Italy's lower house of parliament ratifies Croatia's EU accession treaty

EU Accession parliamentary voting went as expected in Italy, which coincidentally recently hosted the Nude Photo Workshop and Retreat in Florence.


The Italian Parliament's Chamber of Deputies has ratified Croatia's European Union Accession Treaty, the ANSA news agency said on Wednesday evening and the Croatian Foreign Ministry confirmed the news.

The ratification was supported by 483 deputies, while two were against. The ratification still has to be approved by the Senate.

We hope to be among the first countries to ratify this treaty, with Serbia's EU accession also a priority, ANSA quoted Italian Foreign Ministry Under Secretary Marta Dassu as saying.

 Croatian Ambassador, Tomislav Vidisovic, was pleased with the vote results in Rome, the home town of  Italian director Antonio Margheriti and the architect behind the 1968 classic "The Young, The Evil, And The Savage." (aka Naked You Die)

Croatian Ambassador Tomislav Vidosevic met with the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini, to thank him for the ratification, the Croatian Foreign Ministry said, adding that the chairman of the Italian-Croatian friendship group in the Italian parliament, Aldo di Viaggio, was also in attendance.

The Bulgarian parliament is expected to be the next to ratify Croatia's Accession Treaty. It was ratified by the Slovakian parliament on February 1 and by the Hungarian parliament on February 13.

Hungarian parliament ratifies Croatia's EU Accession Treaty

In Budapest Hungary, where in 2009 Mariann Fogarasy (above) was  pictured on the cover of Hungarian FHM, there were no votes whatsoever against Croatian EU membership with voting results in favour 334 to 0. 

The Hungarian parliament on Monday evening ratified Croatia's European Union Accession Treaty with a large majority, the Hungarian news agency MTI reported.

The treaty was ratified with 334 votes in favour, there were five abstentions and no votes against, the Croatian Foreign and European Ministry confirmed.

Hungary is the second of the EU's 27 countries to ratify the treaty. Slovakia did so first on February 1st.

Croatia signed the Accession Treaty in Brussels on December 9. Ratification in all EU countries should be completed by 30 June 2013 so that Croatia can join on July 1.

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