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srijeda, 29. veljače 2012.

Croatian Euro2012 Soccer Jerseys, Get'em While You Can

I posted a few days ago about how to get tickets for matches and accommodations for the upcoming Euro2012 HERE.   I also decided to include some images of the new home and away jerseys that Croatia will be sporting for the tournament, as well as for the World Cup qualifying campaign through the whole of 2013. For the soccer obsessed fanatic, here is some more cool images of the jerseys. (I've seen photos of the numbers being all white, and like below, greyish-silver with white border, so I don't know which will be the official final version being used at Euro2012). I really like this design though, more each time I see it. I've read that there may be slight modifications before they are mass produced, but the essential design will stay intact. There have been rumours that Adidas or Puma may be the next supplier of the Croatian National Football team kit after the contract with Nike ends, sometime after the World Cup qualifying campaign. Adidas already outfits the Croatian national and olympic men's and women's basketball and handball teams, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them outfit our Soccer team. More info about this edition from the links below.....


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We already showed you what the Korean National team will be rocking for 2012/2013, and we’re back now with a look at one of Europe’s stronger squads and their new garments. The team in question is the Croatia National Team, whose basic color combo is the same as the good old USA but manages to make itself unique with the checked applique.

The sense of national pride is also evident in the detailing spread throughout, take for example the creed “Uvijek Vjern” inscribed on the inner collar, which translates to “Always Loyal”. The unis realize Nike‘s new commitment that aims for minimal environment impact as well as maximum performance, a goal we can certainly consider to have been achieved thanks to the 100% recycled polyester of the shorts and the 96% recycled materials on the shirts. Click through to get the full shots of the Croatia National team 2012/2013 away kit and stay with Freshness for the latest in Nike Soccer innovations.

Nike continues its recent string of strip launches with that of the Croatia EURO 2012 away kit. The new uniform will be the Vatreni (Blazers) road kit for the 2012/13 international season that includes the European championships and 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

 According to Nike: Croatia’s new Away National Team Kit kit features the country’s famous red and white checks in an innovative, contemporary style.

 Since gaining independence 21 years ago, Croatia’s unique kit has become an important and passionate symbol of the young country.

 The away jersey is blue with a section of the torso revealing the country’s famous red and white checks, signifying that even when Croatia’s players are away from home their country is still close to their hearts.

 Inside the neck is the message “Uvijek Vjern,” which translates as ‘Always loyal’, to celebrate the loyalty Croatians feel for their football team since becoming an independent nation.

  The away shorts are blue. The away socks, now with improved cushioning for greater comfort, movement and protection, are also blue with a wide band featuring the red and white checks.

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