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ponedjeljak, 6. veljače 2012.

One Piece Puzzle - Industrial Pop Band From Rijeka, Croatia

One Piece Puzzle are: gospodin T./Bartol//Ratka Rural/Armageljon Espaljon.

It seems almost like everytime I mention a band on this blog lately, that they come from the Croatian coastal city of Rijeka.   This one is no exception. I guess like I mentioned on a previous post on this blog, Rijeka is known for being a center for arts and it's music scene. A bustling city that is a hub for very hip and creative people and fashion trends. I previously also touched upon the band "Father" and Croatian music legends "Let3", who also hail from Rijeka, which you can read about HERE and HERE.

As for this band, One Piece Puzzle, all I can say is that I've been a fan of theirs for the past few years, ever since hearing one of their songs, and that they kick ass. All their lyrics are in Croatian, and if you can understand Croatian, then you'll really like the "In your face bluntness" of their lyrics. Combined with the adrenalin filled music and singer Ratka Rural's vocals, it's an overall great music listening experience. They have saved me many a time when in a Starbucks that is suddenly taken over by the after church crowd, or the Srb chicks bragging about how Serbia has the best ethnic cleaners and Srbs can drink the most rakija while mortaring hospitals and schools, or when on a bus and it's filled with loudmouth cellphone talkers who think everyone else is interested in who they think is gay, sick or scared.  I think they are pretty good to listen to when stuck on hot crowded elevators with people who don't change their undies regularly and have sauce stains on their polos, when stuck in traffic, if in a fucko filled coffee shop, as well as packed malls and foodcourts everywhere. Just the other day they saved the day again when I was in the express checkout line at the packed grocery store, people were telling life stories and spending excruciatingly vast amounts of time paying for their salad dressing and cheese slices with pennies and change that they were hunting for in their purses and back pockets, then complaining about why the toilet paper wasn't in that weeks flyer. Why Hell, OPP came to the rescue even just a few weeks ago when at the college, and they were having some big welcoming thing going on, handing out brochures and balloons, taking applications for credit cards and selling cell phone cases, all against the backdrop of blasting MC Hammer, and  I mean blasting. My OPP and Sony headphones got me out of that jam pretty quick I'll tell you. whew!

On a few websites I've seen them categorized as everything from metal, to industrial, to rock, to alternative, to experimental rock,  to pop with EBM influences. I guess depending on which song one is listening to, one or all of the above classifications are correct. In the end it's just music that gives you a jolt like a coffee that has 100 times more caffeine than usual. Almost makes you want to go bungee jumping or skiing while wearing a Batman cape or Spiderman mask.  I guess Industrial-pop sounds about right.  Personally, I really like some of their less heavier, experimental stuff with synthesizer elements, and those blatant lyrics.  (I don't really classify my taste as anything in particular these days, if it sounds good and I like it, that's all that matters). Their lyrics really are unusual and down to earth.  No cola commercial love songs or lyrics about bling or booty shaking here. (Although there are songs with sexual connotations) You can tell a lot of the lyrics have to do with their growing up and living in the city of Rijeka. Real life experience type of lyrics.They're the kind of band you can check out at a club after your work week, and just totally forget about your pencil pushing and obnoxious customer complaints to, then feel refreshed again on Monday mo rning. Like I said, you'll have to get your Croatian friend to translate the lyrics for you. (Some mature content)

Like the article below explains, OPP have toured all across the major cities of Croatia, and are popular no matter where they play. Even in the city of Zagreb. Anyway, this is just a brief introduction to the band......

The band performing at the INmusic Festival in 2010.



One Puzzle Piece began their work in Rijeka, in 2001.  One year after the breakup of the band Agartha.Members: Mr. T. (drums), Ratka Rural (singer), Bartol (bass guitar), Armageljon Espaljon (guitar) The style: hmmm? ... Here is a quote .."... sounds like some clown who got his butt kicked in a parking lot during a drunken rage."  For those who do not get the band I'll forgive you, the dumbest  description would probably be: Zappa +  Melvins + Nomeansno, but they're not like that at all.   However, just watch your ass! ... " Or abbreviated:  med dethal  (JMBTinturić)

During the first half of 2002 they worked on the project "Evil Yoga", which included nine original songs, and their next musical offering came in May of 2003, in the form of an experimental excursion into the world of improvisation and synthesizers under the name "Blitz Blub".

Photo: Kristijan Vučković

My copy of "13 Zlatnih Hitova" that I purchased in Rijeka on my trip there last summer. More on that HERE.

Menart, 2009.

Song list:

1. Invokacija
2. Zelim Biti Seljak-veseljak
3. Tuc Tudju babu
4. Derem! Rokam! Guzim!
5. Paranoja
6. Mala Vocka
7. Ne jebi bez kurca
8. Znjiha
9. Princeza Polucija
10. OPP
11. LSD
12. Mala i Medo
13. Kanta Meda
14. Necu Stat

Up to this day, they have held concerts in all major cities in the country, as well as  the most biggest and popular music festivals (Rokaj Fest, Art & Music Festival, Hartera, Events, Viva la Pola, In-Music Festival, RuR Festival...).  The first official releases of OPP  were achieved in 2006 on two compilations "Strašni Riječani" and "Hard Hitters From Croatia" on Dallas Records. That same year they won at the Art & Music Festival, and entered into negotiations with the recording producers Menart to work on their first independent album. In 2007 they recorded an album with Franci Blašković, Gori Ussi, Winnetou, Sirimmirissjeneboje eli postoperatorija.

Footage from the very popular INmusic Festival in Zagreb. The INmusic Fetival is regarded as one of the best music festivals in the world. 

A sample of some of Ratkas' harder vocal work in a fan made video.

Images from their INmusic Festival appearance, again with Ratkas' indestructible vocals.

One of their first official videos for "Derem! Rokam! Guzim! from their CD "13 Zlatnih Hitova"  (13 Golden Hits)

Another official OPP funny video that was all done in animation.

Another fan made video, where you can hear EBM influences.

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