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utorak, 7. veljače 2012.

Photos Of The Day: Snowy Split And Zadar After 2012 Snowstorm

There were big snowfalls, frost and frigid temperatures all across Europe these past few weeks. From Spain to Russia to Greece. I took some time and checked out some really cool photos from Croatia, people enjoying snow sports, skiing, tobogganing and even taking dips and playing the popular pastime of picigin in the water along the coast. Some really nice panorama photos of Zagreb too.  I decided though to add these few photos from Split, nearby Marjan hill and the city of Zadar during this recent snowfall because it'something most people don't see or think of when they hear the names of those places.

When people hear the words "Croatian coast", "Split", "Dubrovnik" or "Zadar" etc,  they usually think of palm trees, beaches, bikini babes, outdoor patios, water sports, tannning, summery stuff, etc.  I think these photos look pretty cool though, they actually still look like romantic places even with snow and ice across the landscape. (Around here if you go downtown at night after a snowstorm, you'll be lucky if you see a drunken hobo peeing in some alley, a cowtown cowboy or if there's a coffee shop open, invited to some dad party. Not romantic at all, but that's just me. To each his own particular brand of entertainment I guess)

I was in these 2 cities as recently as this past summer, when temperatures were hovering around mid 30's, packed with tourists, and beach/summer life was at it's peak. Call me crazy, but these pics still make me want to be able to experience a snow covered Split and Zadar sometime in the future. Jack Frost and Djed Mraz aren't done yet though, more snowfall and colder temperatures are forecasted for this weekend across greater parts of Europe again as well..


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Scenes of snow covered Split and nearby Marjan Hill

I also by chance came across this footage from the recent snowfall in Split. People having fun in the old historic part of the city, not seeming to mind the snow and ice at all.

A satellite image of the Croatian coast taken after the snow storm

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