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ponedjeljak, 20. veljače 2012.

Non-Serb Angelina Jolie Premieres Film In Zagreb

Angelina Jolie (An award winning non-Serb actress and now producer, who paternally is of Slovak descent) signing autographs in Zagreb at the premeire of her film.

Not much more for me to add here. I posted a few days ago about Angelina's film premeir in Sarajevo HERE.  I pretty well added all my views about the bad hype it's been getting from members of the Serbian community. Especially since a supposed death threat shortly after the film was shown in  Sarajevo. Not very cool at all, it's just a film. Let's just hope it was idiots who drank a few too many shots of... something.  (I'm not jumping on some Angelina Jolie bandwagon either in case some people were wondering, I like her movies and tats.)

Then I also touched upon a few other tidbits that were either directly or indirectly realated to the film, that needed to be mentioned.  Even some humor, my views on Serbian-Jesus and I showed my disapproval and abhorrence at the Angelina Jolie photos that are being defaced in internetland with giant sized Serbian letter X's all over her face, and tshirt even. (Why the t-shirt?)   Even other ludicrous, nonsensical stuff. (From Serb women this time, fibbing  (Are there any other kind?) Serborella's on Facebook and chat sites with priority problems, comparing photo session pictures of her to being a whore. (Ever been to a beach "ladies"? I wonder what their views on just the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues are then?) Even calling her "Analgelina" as if they know what goes on in her in Brad's bedroom by telekenesis)   Some people just don't like a woman with balls and who tells it like it is I guess, or who might encourage people to go watch some live footage of those almost 4 years of indiscriminately shelling Sarajevo alone.

The Serbs were doing similar things in Croatia at this time, and immediately prior to their onslaught in Bosnia. Sort of a warm up of the Serbo-Yugo army ethnic cleansing campaigns, flexing it's arms before going to shell unarmed civilians and kicking grannies in the head down the road.   Vukovar  and the Vukovar massacre was the precursor and taste of things to come for Sarajevo.

 Many of these people who are accusing Angelina of being anti-Serb  and bla bla bla, are forgetting one thing that is many times looked.  A very important thing. In the case of just Sarajevo alone, Serb-Yugoslav mortars, bullets and shells, perhaps to many peoples chagrin,  didn't have homing devices, like those ACME missles/bullets in those Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner cartoons, that followed around corners, and zoomed in to hit just non-Serbs.  Shelling, sniping, aircraft fire and bombing was so blatantly indiscrminite from this supposed "professional" army, that even Serbs that stayed in the city (As well as ethnic Croats) decided to take up arms and defend themselves and the city from those helmeted and booted gangs of criminals.  This is stuff that the anti-Angelina Serbs don't want you to know, but instead believe a whole bunch of Serbisms, like stuff emanating from this wacko chick.  Without getting into a long fact filled post, with numbers, historical background, figures and quotes, you can clink onto this link which will explain a lot more in detail, or watch the short video below which will show what I'm talking about in regards to the Vukovar-Sarajevo comparison.

If Sarajevo would have surrendered in a short time, it was known that the Serbo-Yugo army's next target for full scale attack would have been Croatia's capital of Zagreb.

  I also added the articles mentioning Angelina's concern and contribution to helping rid Croatia 100% of mines within just a few years.  She's travelled to Croatia previoulsy and spoke with Croatian President Ivo Josipovic about that.  That's a very big thing with me.  And the Jolie-Pitt Foundation also donated towards Croatia's Forum for Freedom and Education.  Click onto the links for more images and video.....(If I come across any more images of Angelina Jolie with those horrid, grotesque, giant sized X's all over her face and clothes, slandered as "Analgelina, Oralina, Stinky fatty bum-bum Angelina, Penis-face smelly Angelina" or as I expect, accusations that she is the "Swiss and Bilderberg-Papal-Bill Gates backed Zionist Jew 666 Euro-Masonic Gypsy Devil-Whore Cunt", I will let you know.)

Award winning Non-Serb actress and producer Angelina Jolie signing autographs.

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Jolie launches her movie in Croatia

Source: hostednews/afp

ZAGREB — Hollywood star Angelina Jolie on Friday attended Croatia's premiere of her directorial debut "In the Land of Blood and Honey", a wartime love story situated in neighbouring Bosnia.

Unlike in Sarajevo, where Jolie attended a gala showing of her film before several thousand people on Tuesday, the Croatian launch was more intimate, in a movie theatre to some 500 VIP invitees.

However Jolie, who arrived to Croatia without her partner Brad Pitt, had to leave shortly after walking the red carpet, to travel to France, local media said.

Dressed in a long-sleeved orange evening dress, the 36-year-old Oscar-winning actress greeted several hundred fans and gave autographs before the screening.

Jolie's film, shot in 2010 with a number of actors from the former Yugoslavia, tells the story of a Muslim woman and a Serb man who have a fling before Bosnia's 1992-1995 war.

Some footage of her arrival at the premeir in Zagreb.

Footage from the opening of the premeir of "Land of Blood and Honey".
At the end you hear Anglelina say "Dobro večer, hvala" which means "Good evening, thank you" in Croatian.

Some words from Croatian celebrity personalities regarding the premier of the film.

They meet again when she has been taken prisoner by a Bosnian Serb army unit commanded by her former lover.

It had sparked controversy in Bosnia as a number of war victims' groups had voiced concern that it would not correctly present their plight. But after seeing the movie most eventually hailed it as objective and sincere.

However many Bosnian Serbs reacted angrily, accusing Jolie of being biased against them and portraying them only as villains.

Bosnia's war between its Croats, Muslims and Serbs claimed some 100,000 lives. Some 20,000 women were raped during the conflict, according to the government's estimates.

"It is not an artistic master-piece but it is important since it brings into focus an important and very painful issue of women raped during war," said Damjan Horvat, a 40-year-old lawyer.

Mirjana Buric said the film was "very touching but sometimes even brutal".

"We also went through war so it might be better understood" in the region, the 35-year-old told AFP.

Croatia was the scene of a brutal four-year war in the 1990s, when Zagreb forces fought against Belgrade-backed rebel Serbs who opposed the country's independence.

Interview in English from Croatian RTL Televizija during her premier last week in Sarajevo.

Angelina Jolie to fight landmines in Licki Osik, Croatia

Source: www,

Related: bill-gates-to-pay-millions-to-clear-mines


Hollywood star Angelina Jolie will help to fight the landmines in Croatia.

The actress has agreed to donate money for demining the area close to central town of Licki Osik, Djurdja Adlesic, the head of the association Croatia

Without Mines has confirmed to daily Vecernji List after a meeting with Angelina Jolie. She declined to tell the amount Angelina will donate.

They met when Angelina Jolie attended the Croatian premiere of her latest movie "In the Land of Blood and Honey".

Angelina speaking with Croatian President Ivo Josipovic about landmine removal on a previous visit.

Jolie-Pitt Foundation makes donation to Croatia's Forum for Freedom in Education.


The association for the promotion of pluralism, the Forum for Freedom in Education, has received funds from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation for the implementation of the project "Key for Peace - Education for Peace", earmarked for building a culture of democratic and nonviolent communication among children and the youth as well as in a wider local community.

The project is aimed at promoting the education for peace and meditation as a successful method of nonviolent conflict solving, the Forum for Freedom in Education said in a statement, adding that cooperation between the association and the Jolie-Pitt Foundation started last October when Angelina Jolie sent the Freedom Forum a letter of support.

In the letter Jolie said she was inspired by the association's activities in furtherance of education and peace in Croatia, adding that she would like to make a donation to support the association's work in educating children.

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