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ponedjeljak, 27. veljače 2012.

Serbs Shun Jolie's Directorial Debut

Angelina will let the viewer decide..."To mass rape, or not to mass rape?" (Angelina is also a Non-Serb btw, she is of Slovak descent from her Father's side).

No real big surprise here.  I touched upon this story over the past week, and a bit. Angelina didn't even bother showing up for this one because she knew it would be a waste of time and effort based on the reports coming from Serbia.  The death threat she received probably didn't give her much enthusiasm to visit there either. Her new film premeires have been getting positive reviews and large crowds all over Europe though,  as well as in the US.  However the mere mention of just the Serb rape camps in Bosnia, where approximately 20,000 - 50,0000 women of all ages were systematically raped by Serb soldiers, (Many times raped by 2 Serb soldiers at once) , which is a fact, and just part of the plot, is somehow anti-Serb. Which makes Angelina Jolie "Persona non grata" (and again, those cute lovely death threats). All over a movie.

I simply look at it this way....Angelina should be commended for making a film, from the fairly recent past, which doesn't confuse the viewer even more. (A lot of people I've spoken with over the years felt this way about the Matrix film series, even though I got it)  She didn't sit on the fence filming some convoluted images that would basically (to make Serbo-kooks happy) make Serb genocide bosses and war criminals as some kind of Serb boyscouts,  but rather told a story on film, but within proper historical context, staying true to realities.  Instead of sitting on the fence and being wishy-washy, she decided to include on the ground realities from the time. That way the viewer won't think that a bunch of people in some country in Europe just decided for the hell of it, to start taking rifles, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, planes and tanks out of their closets and started blasting each other.  (Again, just for the hell of it)  This way the viewer doesn't have to go get  history books from the library to figure out the setting, but rather just sit back and watch.

 That's why I like being able to do this blog, to put information and my point of view out there, because I know it will reach a fair amount of people. Help sift through the rhetoric, misinformation, smokescreens and irredentism. Doing my small part for freedom of speech, Croatian soccer and fighting future mass rapes.

....I know exactly how she feels though in a way.  Since coming to this city 2 years ago for employment reasons, the Serb community has been shunning and starting shitfuckery galore. Just like the last city I lived in. My sin?  A souvenir Croatian sticker from my vacation, on my laptop which I used a few times at some Starbucks locations, and wearing a Croatian soccer  jersey a few times in the summer. Lo and behold! I had the entered the "403-Serb lands"...(Actually saw that graffiti a couple of times downtown. I didn't know Serbs founded Alberta)....What can I say? The jerseys are comfortable, stylish looking, it was soccer season and because it shows that I'm a Croatian soccer team supporter, because that's my background.   As in a non-Serb.    The jerseys? A couple of them were actually bought for me when I was there.  I actually even got 2 thumbs up from strangers when I had to wait at airports for connecting flights back to Canada. Go figure. To me, if someone is wearing a German, Polish, Bosnian, Spanish, Italian, Serbian soccer jersey, what the hell do I care? If you want to walk around the mall wearing wearing a newsboy cap and your hands in the pockets of your pleated pants, go right ahead. If you want to wear a pink pop-up collared polo with knee high 70's style basketball socks, be my guest. It's a free world. Wearing a Cro soccer jersey in the vicinity of Little Portugal wasn't exactly a thrill either, self-explanatory.

(If by chance any of Angelina's people read this, I mentioned the movie in a couple of Starbucks locations, and the Serbian reactions.  Whoa! They're not too happy about that. Serb shitfuckery will go up a few notches now for sure.  I never heard about  Czechs or Slovaks being even remotely as offended when the "Saw" series of films came out,  that basically made them out to be serial killing, bloodthirsty, sadistic, kidnapping phsychotics.  And that film was based on fiction, which technically would make it a deliberately  provoking, slanderous,  anti-Slovak propaganda film)....

Still from “In the Land of Blood and Honey”, a film directed by Angelina Jolie.
© 2011 GK Films. Tous droits reservés.

Even when I first hear heard about this film, and that the film revolved around a relationship between a Bosnian woman and Serb soldier, I thought..what?  A love story between a Bosnian woman and a....."Serb soldier??"  WTF?  Then when I read that it was not some lovey dovey, pass over the tissues..."awww, what a sweet story, alelujah!" type movie, but set in proper historical context,  I thought it might be something worth checking out.

Anyway, as to where the 12 people went afterwards who did show up for her premeire in Serbia?  I don't know... Perhaps they went home to watch "A Serbian Film" (I wouldn't doubt it because it may be on DVD now, and well afterall, it is "A Serbian Film"), or maybe Slobodan Milosevic speeches. I don't think Angelina is particularly heartbroken or surprised though.  It's sort of the same  "Laissez-faire" attitude and interest that was shown when all the news reports were coming out about the ethnic cleansing, destruction and rape camps.  Just as long as they were winning territory.  "Mind over matter" I say.  She shouldn't mind because those kinds of people don't matter.  She was taking part in this evenings 84th Academy Awards presentations and will again be continuing the promotion of "The Land of Blood and Honey" again in the near future.

*Note - With all of the recent anti-Serb analogies, anti-Angelina snipes, Analgelina name calling,  magic marker defaced Angelina Jolie facebook groups and chat sites, death threats, et all, if the purpose is to try to discredit her and her movie,  and in the process whitewash the events of that time...aren't these actions actually doing the opposite? Am I wrong?  Are these groups of people uspset because she didn't portray rape camps and ethnic cleansing in the movie plot in a funky and positive light?)



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BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — The Serbian premiere of Angelina Jolie's Balkan war drama "In the Land of Blood and Honey" was met by derision Friday, as Serbs angry over what they consider an unfair depiction stayed away in droves.

Screenings attracted just a handful of viewers, local media said Friday, with one newspaper calling that "more than the movie deserves" and another deeming it a "fiasco."

Jolie's directorial debut — a love story in which a Serb soldier finds his ex-lover, a Muslim woman, among sex slaves in a camp — has triggered mixed emotions in the postwar Balkans, which are still grappling with historic ethnic tensions.

It received a standing ovation in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, but has sparked outrage among Serbs, who have blasted the movie as propaganda designed to portray them as the villains of the bloody 1992-95 Balkan wars.

Tens of thousands of people were killed in Bosnia's war, which pitted the country's ethnic Serbs against Muslims and Croats. Serbs have been widely blamed for most of the atrocities in the conflict, which is considered to be Europe's worst bloodshed since World War II.

Only 12 people attended the earliest screening in a movie theater in central Belgrade, some of whom left before the end, reports said.

"More police were there than viewers," a cinema employee, who identified himself only as Misha, said.

The right-leaning, mass-market Nationalist Press daily wrote that "the film is so bad that it warrants no reaction." It added that only five people have turned up for a "ghostly empty" screening in another cinema — "more than the movie deserves," it said.

Later Friday, 28 people attended an afternoon screening, among them retiree Dragan Pjevac, who said that "there should be a second half to this movie" about the crimes against Serbs.

"In fact, there should be seven or eight parts of any such film in our region," he added, referring to the history of violence among the Balkans many ethnic groups.

In stark contrast to Serbia, thousands have so far seen Jolie's movie in both Croatia and Bosnia. In both countries, Jolie attended red-carpet premieres along with top dignitaries. In Montenegro, hundreds attended the opening screenings on Thursday.

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