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srijeda, 1. veljače 2012.

Slovakia Is First E.U. Country To Ratify Croatian Membership

The news update was first published on the Croatian Government official Twitter page "@VladaRH"

Wasn't planning on doing a Croatia-EU related peice for quite some time. Like not until maybe next summer, when all the fireworks and pageantry starts on July 1st when they are officially a EU member. I did a post recently that was centered around the Croatian referendum for European Union membership HERE anyway.   But I'll quickly add this short article because A) It was passed by the Slovak parliament so easily, and B)  It sort of ties in with my previous post regarding Croatian surnames, which you can read HERE.  Namely, I serendipitously found out that Slovak President, Ivan Gasparovic has Croatian background as well.  How about that, you learn something new everyday.

(I also don't mind touching upon topics like this once in a while because it disproves the belief that to be knowledgeable in world political events, one must A) Be tattoo free B) Not listen to alternative or dark-ambient eletronic music C) Must have derpy buzz cuts D) Must wear generic unisex eye glasses and ill fitting pleated pant suits at all times)

Vesna Pusic, Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, announced the news shortly after it was first released on the Croatian Government Twitter page.




ZAGREB / BRATISLAVA - The Slovak parliament on Wednesday ratified the Croatian accession treaty with the European Union, which made Slovakia the first country to accept Croatia into the EU. In addition to giving Croatia the nod to join, it has now officially started the ratification process of Croatian membership among EU member states, the Slovak news agency TASR reported.

145 MP's from the Slovak Parliament supported the accession of Croatia into the European Union, although only 76 hands were needed to be raised to confirm Croatian continuation of membership agreements with all 27 states.

Remember, the accession of Croatia to the EU agreement was signed on December 9th last year in Brussels. The process of Slovakian ratification will be complete when it is endorsed with the signature of Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic.

The process of ratification by all member states should be completed by 30 June 2013. and only a day after this, on July 1st, Croatia will become a full EU member.

A couple countries over in Serbia, the Serbian race weren't too interested in Croatia's future EU membership and prefered to just keep singing the praises of Serdbom....or something.

......while some Serbs decided to go on some fashion show parade.....or something, to celebrate the great news that Novak Djokovic Signs Endorsement Deal With Serbia's Top Brand Of Luxury Goats. Big congrats!

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