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petak, 24. veljače 2012.

Still Time To Get Your Croatia Euro 2012 Tickets (And Jerseys Too)

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Just a reminder for those contemplating attending Euro2012 that there is still time to get your tickets.  The 2012 EUFA European Football Championships kick off this June and every qualified country that is taking part in the Finals in Poland/Ukraine, is looking for tickets to cheer on their team and nation.  Everytime the Croatia national football team participates, be it the World Cup or at the Euro's, Croatian fans always do a great job representing. I'd like nothing better than to keep the trend going and have a sea of red, white and blue and of course lots of chequered clothing and flags.  Win or lose, I'm sure everyone is bound to have a great time regardless.  You may want to make sure they make their hotel reservations early.  A link that may be of interest to people looking for tickets and accomodations near the stadiums, and a few more for more information:

Some footage of Croatian fans in Vienna during Euro 2008.

 I'd love to be in Posnan or Gdansk Poland to catch any of the 3 first round matches, but unfortunately (I mean fortuntely) I'm going to be in Fuckoville Alberta and may be lucky enough instead to be attending the Greatest Show On Earth. (Eat your hearts out) However, if you go you can bet there will great soccer action as well as tournament activities, events and parties going on. (And of course lots of soccer babes)   The Srbs this time won't be represented in Euro 2012,   but they will be having their own exiting babe-filled annual "celebrations" there (I'm really crushed that I'm not going to be able to make that event either unfortunately).

These styles of dresses are highly encouraged and would be mandatory if I had it my way.

You may not get into the stadium dressed this way, but you can always try.

 I'm sure there will be lots of bubbly stuff flowing in all the pubs and bars of the hosting cities, and good eats on the patios amidst the exciting atmosphere and fellow soccer supporters, from Croatia and other countries. I've also been assured through my people, that beef jerky and donutburgers will not be part of the gastranomical menu choices at the festivities...whew! Buyer Beware: There will be times when you will jump for joy, times you may want to cry, times you may want to pull your hair out and crunch your beer cup, or possibly even run across the field nude covered in only a flag.(Let's just hope it's THIS kind of streaking and not THIS kind)

This is the 1st part of a 3 part behind the scenes look at Croatia soccer fans that travelled from various parts of the world for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

New Home/Away Croatia Jersey's For Euro2012

*Updated post with more info/images: croatian-euro2012-soccer-jerseys


Also, a few teams at Euro 2012 will be sporting new jerseys again, and Croatia will be one of them. The cool looking jerseys Croatia wore all through the qualifying campaign will be replaced with the ones pictured above, and be worn throughout 2013 as well.  Both jerseys have some minor modifications from the current versions, (Although I personally liked the embeded 2 tone chequered pattern effect in the blue and red they had) but this blue away jersey caught my eye right away because of the choice and location for the red/white chequered field.   A departure from the last few versions, but in the end it looks pretty sharp to me.  I also personally prefer the rounded collar versions too. I'm interested to see how they'll look after the numbering is applied, and which style of numbers they will use. For the Croatia soccer jersey aficionado who must be up to date at all times in the soccer kit department, you still have time to get them too.

 First official look at the new away version kit. (Drago Sopta / CROPIX)

More info about the jerseys for the soccer obssessed can be found at:

Footage of some of the various Croatia national team jerseys worn through the years.

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