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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Why Are Serbs So Anti-Angelina Jolie? (..And Why Does Serbian-Jesus Want To Rape & Skullfuck Your Grandma Goshdarnit?)

Serb groups defaced a photograph of non-Serb actress and producer Angelina Jolie, (She is of Slovak descent from her Father's side btw)... with a big Srb letter 'H'.  It looks like someone started something with a Serbian pen. The Serbian pen may have run out of ink, or just not working properly, so they then went all out with a fat Serbian black magic marker. Compare this vandalized version with the original version HERE and you will see the huge difference between the Serb and non-Serb version. (For those unfamiliar about Serb letters and Slavic alphabets, see HERE.)

(Warning: Serious adult, fun wowisms content and humourocities)

This is sort of an UnValentines Day kind of story at first look, especially after my earlier post today about the "Heart Shaped Island".  However, when you really think about, this may be the best day to post this actually. Totally apropos in retrospect.  I've been reading here and there about Angelina Jolie's directorial debut offering over the last while, but didn't make any plans to include it on my blog.  There's just way too many other Croatian topics I want to touch upon.  But with the reaction the film has been getting lately from Serb groups, I thought I better put my 2 cents in, let it be known where I stand.  Anyway, I'm not going to critique this movie, or add a bunch of trailers and discuss plot, imagery, suspension of disbelief, bad acting, good acting.. et all.  (I'm not Siskel and Eibert) You'll have to clink onto the links I left, or head over to Youtube for that.  There's plenty there, as well as lots of articles in internetland regarding this story.

"Raping Of 2 Women At Once - Serb Style"

In a nutshell, it seems the Serbs are back to their protesting ways again these days. Last time it was because of some casual jokes on the Chelsea Handler show, and now it's Angelina Jolie. It seems Angelina's new film "In the Land of Blood and Honey" has many members of the Serb community up in arms.  Angelina Jolie's sin?  She made a film, a film that just happens to include some real historical events from the war in Bosnia in the 90's as part of the plot.  Namely, that touches upon (but not dissects or focuses on) the mass raping, genocide, torture, ethnic cleansing, and other nice things that Serb soldiers were doing during the Yugoslav wars.  (They were doing lots of similar stuff in Croatia back then too)  The whole plot of the film revolves around that war, so I guess you have to include things like that. (You can't NOT include real events as a backdrop or plot, otherwise you may as well make a Walt Disney movie about some magical cat who is the Vice President)  The telling of the story in the film requires some real time events and information, so as to let the viewer know what the hell is going on.

Angelina and husband Brad Pitt (Who are both non-Serbs) have been appearing together for the premieres of her new film. Her film was premiered in Berlin recently and is scheduled for Zagreb this week.

Well, Serb groups are now attempting to boycott the film, movie distributors in the Serb occupied part of B-H are not going to show it in theatres, and Serbs everywhere are rallying to point out that Angelina Jolie is anti-Serb.  That the whole point of her film is to be anti-Serb and use her film as propoganda to spread more Anti-Serb sentiment the world over.  Now, I know this isn't going to go away anytime soon.  The Chelsea Handler thing is still sort of dragging around, and all because so many Serbs can tell good jokes, but can't seem to take them.  Then I thought, "Just hold on a second here....I don't think I heard even a peep from Srbs anywhere when that controversial Serbian film, (that is coincidentally entitled "A Serbian Film"), came out."  Not even one Serbian condemnation or protest against newborn porn, or accusations that the film makers were anti-Srb, trying to blacken the name of Serbdom and put Srbs in a bad light, if my memory serves me correctly. Maybe that there is the answer.   Make it a 2 movie deal.  Have a showing of "A Serbian Film" before the premier of her film.  Serbians can't complain about, or see a more patriotic movie than watching a film called "A Serbian Film", can they now?  I mean c'mon. It's a Serbian film from Serbia.  That might make them happy. (I doubt it though, I've even come across on a site where these types were stating that U2 is Anti-Serb, so that says a lot)

Filming a feature length movie about a voilent war and time, requires staying true to facts and realities from that specific time to be in the films plot/backdrop. Watch very closely Angelina's lips and pay particular attention to the sounds they are making. 

I also find it odd, and very strange, how a Serb film distributor, Serb politicians and segments of the Serb public in the Serb occupied part of B-H can condemn this film and it's producer/director.  I mean, the Serb controlled part of B-H was built on genocide, ethnic cleansing, rapes and torture.  Those are the 4 pillars of Serbdom that the so-called "Srpska Republika"  are truly built on.  (And that's what Srbs tried to do in large parts of Croatia too, before they hightailed their drunken criminal chetnik asses back to Rascia or the ethnically cleansed part of Bosnia)  They've always been very proud of that fact. So whats the big deal with including that fact as part of a plot or backdrop in a movie?  I'm sure these Serb groups will find some lackeys, or go buy some beers and or get a cheap hooker for guys like Joao Joao who will then agree that "The Serbs are gettin a bad rap yo! Portugeese Jesus an Srbian Jeszus 4eva yo! " then go help their cause, by maybe help holding Radovan Karadzic, Ratko Mladic, or Vojislav Seselj  (Uncles Radi, Ratko and Voji as a lot of the protestors young children are taught to call them, possible future "Holy Serbs") ......posters at another protest somewhere.

Now, there have been other movies I've come across that have touched upon the topic of ethnic cleansing from that time, Behind Enemy Lines comes to mind first.  However, Angelina's film it seems is scratching a bit further under the surface, and touching upon other aspects of that war and those yucky words .."Mass Rape".  I guess those 2 words and "Serb soldiers" in the same sentence is touching a nerve with the " Greater Serbia" radicals, fascists and kooks (Not to mention paranoid-narcissistic and mentally unbalanced egocentric crowd) much, much more than simple ol' ethnic cleansing.  I found over the years, a big player in this way of Srb thinking is the Srbian church. Brainwashing their sheep with Serbisms.

 Angelina was asking what the hell all the hoopla is about, it's just a movie. Mario Pušić/Cropix/Press.

 Which is what the Srb church is all about anyway. Because it's not really a church at all, but rather just sort of a club, a club that basically revolves around so-called "Serbian saints" with some added Srb slogans and chanting, crappy art hanging on the walls,  some more chanting with long bearded men leading the chants and telling fantastical stories about these "Holy Serbs".  A place to hang out on Sundays, pat each other on the back in congatulations  for being part of the "Srb race" ( That's another doozy/ballgame. That ties in with the Serbian grass, Srb air, Serb milk and bread thing.  Another time)  And get this, you can't go wrong believing you're doing your saints work when ethnically cleansing, shelling towns, and genocidal behaviour, et all.   Why is that?  Because  get this....every saint is a Srb anyway.  One doesn't even need to have been a religious Serb to become a "Holy Serb",  just a previous Srb ruler or soldier is good enough.  Get it?  lol. (The 3 "uncles" mentioned above are also many times considered to be Srb saints btw)

These groups would like nothing better than to minimize to the extreme the bloodshed and beastiality Serb forces committed in the 90's all over the former Yugoland, or at least try to spread it around, by hook or by crook, as much as possible, so as to make it look like everyone was guilty in the same degree.  So that Serbs are seen as no better or worse in the genocide and ethnic cleansing department, minimizing systemic mass raping into just some kind of good ol' boy chicanery.  Sort of like what this wacko chick is doing, who I'm sure has the support of many American Serbs. This tactic will proabably fool some people, but not me, or most people who have scruples in their head or at least know how to surf the web and read.

As if the realities of mass rapes, genocide and ethnic cleansing policies of Serb soldiers wasn't horrific enough, the absurdity to praise themselves and Karadzic in song (With the Srb soldier at the beginning explaining that God is a Serb and Karadzic willl lead them) reaches new levels of absurdity.  The looping mages of Serbian ethnic cleansing along with Bosnian-Serb genocide boss Radovan Karadzic sipping his nescafe instant coffee (just joking, it's probably water) in the prisoners box at the Hague gives the term 'surreal' a new meaning. (I came across on Youtube that Novak Dyokovic likes to rock out to this vid btw)

Serb soldiers/thugs in Bosnia:  "Take that grandma bitch!  You'll get it up your European ass later in the barn, and your auntie's crack is next!

Serb soldiers doing some stuff in Croatian villages in the 90's

"Land of remove kebab from behind boulder" version.

 "Mighty Glorious Powers of Rambo Forces Serbian Armies" clubmix version featuring DJ Efeks and "Fingers" J-Rembow on Serbian accordian,...special guest Jazzy-Balkanita on Serbian drums and the Serbo-Jesus rocket launcher.

*As a sidenote, this particluar story gave me a great idea. (As well as the sudden memory of a Myspace friend from Poland I used to know, who except for a tanner complexion and more tats, was otherwise an Angelina Jolie double, I'm talking mirror image)  I plan an upcoming amusing post.  A post that will be sort of a temporary, informative but humorous, (and probably eye-opening as well) addition revolving about this "Serbian race" business. (Again, see Serb national anthem)  I will give readers the chance to laugh, interact, roll eyes and vote, with probably so much sidesplitting fun-ness your neighbours will be asking "Hey, what's going on in there? Can we play too?".  Where I will have photos of members of the "Serb race" juxtaposed to photos of "non-Serbs". Some photos may include images of Russians, Poles, Germans, English, Italian, Croatians, Czechs, French, Turkish, Hungarians and/or other people.  The voter will have to decide as to who they think is the "Serb" vis-a-vis who is the "non-Serb"  I think the results after voting will surprise many, and perhaps have quite a few people questioning just what the hell exactly is a Serb anyway?  Do Serbs really exist? Is it really like just some kind of nickname for those people with funny haircuts, who wear those pointy/horned toe opanci shoes, and steal your silverware when you go take a bath? Like that ancient Slavic joke from pagan times goes:

Polish guy:  Hey, what is that guy doing?

Croatian guy: "Dancing I think, another goat gave birth, will mean more milk for long winter"

Bulgarian guy: "He looks drunk on something, Hey, my wine went missing last night"

Czech guy: "He is happy and dancing, more cheese for winter"

Russian guy: "Brothers, what is wrong with this persons shoes?"

Slovenian guy: "They look all pointy and shit"

Ukranian guy: "He is looking ridiculous! We will call him and the shoe a Srb. lol"

Macedonaian guy: "Who is is that woman with him?"

Slovakian guy: "She snuck into my barn last night and soiled my fresh hay, she is now a Srb too. lol"

 ...Fun knee slapping times for the whole family to enjoy and play along with, sort of like one of those exciting games brought to you from the people at Hasbro. (That post can now be read HERE.)

While Croatia was becoming a NATO member and was in the process of EU Accession Talks, Serbs in Serbia and in Bosnia and Serb church leaders were proud of supporting Serb war criminals who knew and supported the mass raping, killings and ethnic cleansing going on. So what's the problem now with including this fact as part of a plot in a film?

"2 Serbs Soldiers Taking Turns Raping A Woman Was In Vogue"

Anyway, thats as far as I'm going concerning this story. They might even try to label me as anti-Serb. But that's not true.  I just tell it like it is.  I've seen this kind of stuff from the Serb community plenty of times over the years, so it's really nothing new or surprising.  Even during the Serb aggression in Croatia in the 90's the same kind of mentality prevailed.  Sort of like it was ok for Serb dominated Yugoslav forces  and Serb paramilitary forces to shell and mortar schools, hospitals and unarmed civilian populated towns and cities for years, but when Croatian forces grew stronger better armed, and were able to defend, counter with fire power to reclaim ethnically cleansed areas, or even shoot back 1 bullet, all of a sudden it was..."Hey look world media! It's an attack on Serbs"  "Srbs are being attacked"!! "The Croatians are attacking Serbs!"  "Srbs are under attack!"  Pfff, saw it hundreds of times.   Anyway, you can read the articles below and make up your own mind as to whether Angelina is anti-anything, or just a film maker.

Award winning non-Serb actress and producer Angelina Jolie.  "Look people, I'm just making a fucking movie", she didn't say that, but she probably should have. Photo: Reuters

Jolie denies anti-Serb bias as distributors boycott film




chelsey-handler-vacations-in-croatia-instead-of srb


Angelina Jolie, whose directorial debut about the Bosnian war has screened in Sarajevo, says she will not attend a premiere in Belgrade but denies she is biased against Serbs.

While thousands in Sarajevo - a mostly Bosnian Muslim city - braved deep snow and freezing temperatures to attend the gala screening of In the Land of Blood and Honey on Tuesday night, distributors in the Serb region of Bosnia have decided not to show the film.

"I am absolutely not anti-Serbian," Jolie said, answering a question during a news conference in Sarajevo, where she arrived with partner Brad Pitt to present the movie in the city where many of the most brutal events of the 1992-95 conflict occurred.

"I think it's sad that that question has to be asked today and I think that shows how divided this region still remains."

In the Land of Blood and Honey tells the story of the war through an ambiguous relationship between Danijel, a Bosnian Serb, and Ajla, a Bosnian Muslim woman, whose affection becomes hostage to their respective ethnic groups.

They attempt to maintain their relationship against a backdrop of war, killings and rapes, and pressure from their families, which proves impossible.

"I know this will bring back many painful memories because I know it's a difficult film to watch," Jolie, dressed in an elegant black dress, told the audience of 5,000 before the screening.

"But I hope when you do, it doesn't just remind you of what you've suffered but it also reminds you of all that you've survived," she said with tears in her eyes.

Some of the wartime rape victims, whose protests against the details of the plot halted the shooting of the film in Bosnia, praised the film as difficult, true and brave after it was shown during a one-week screening in Sarajevo in December.

However, some Bosnian Serbs say that Jolie has failed to show balance in presenting all sides of the Bosnian atrocities.

 Life for non-Srbs has always been "interesting" when living in the same country as Serbs and Serbian Jesus. I guess it's that Srb mentality thing. All that "Srbs all and everywhere!" crap.  Srbian grass, Srbian milk, Srbian air,  Srbian heaven.  Serbisms make one respect the fly covered shit oozing out of a rotten mule carcass by the side of the road on a hot summer day more preferable than  serbo-chetnik jesus. (Click HERE for larger image and juicy details)

NY Times, 1912.  For more background information to explain and give insight into this not often discussed nature of radical Serbs and their deluded beliefs and policies over the last 150 years or so, one can read more at:


Vlado Ljevar, the private film distributer and owner of the main cinema in Banja Luka, the largest city in the Serb region of Bosnia, said he would not show the film.

"I am 100 per cent sure that nobody would want to see it in Republika Srpska. Another reason is political, because the audience here considers the content of the film as offensive for the Serb people," Mr Ljevar said.

Jolie said she would cancel her planned visit to Belgrade to attend a premiere screening there.

"It's not just a simple threat, it's not my safety I'm concerned about," she said.

"There is so much hostility in the press, there is so much hostility and aggression where I don't know if they are able to see the film clearly at this time."

She dismissed the criticism of any perceived bias.

"The war was not balanced so ... when we say balance we mean that it is not black and white, it's not pure good and pure evil, that there are layers to each character that shows their humanity, and their own pain and their own history and they are complex," Jolie said.

"The response from the region all the more shows the importance of bringing films like this to the forefront, and because the debate is all right as long as people are talking and discussing the past and using this as a tool in some way how ever they do to move forward."

While the audience in Bosnia's Serb region will not see the film in movie theatres, an activist has organised a private screening in her home, with Jolie's blessing.

"I don't want that someone speaks in my name and claims that it is the stance of the whole nation," Ana Vidovic, a Bosnian Serb woman from the north-western town of Prijedor, said.

Angelina Jolie's movie In the Land of Blood and Honey criticized by Serbians!

The non-Serb producer directing scenes during filming.

It might be shocking to many but the directorial debut of actress Angelina Jolie; In the Land of Blood and Honey has received critical acclaim in the US!

The movie set during the 1992-95 Balkan war is about a love story between a Serbian policeman and his rape victim has met with sharp criticism among Bosnian Serbs who said that the work was biased and anti-Serb.

The film is slated to be premiered in Serbia and the Serb-populated part of Bosnia in May, and Jolie has said she would like to attend the screening. Authorities have turned down a request by some war veterans' organizations to ban the film.

Jolie, who is a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, has also been exposed to a barrage of criticism from the press and calls for a boycott to show her that she isn't welcomed in the country.

Serbian websites have been flooded with pictures allegedly showing Jolie in pornographic acts before she became a celebrity. The pictures are reportedly accompanied with comments like "once a prostitute - always a prostitute".

Internationally acclaimed Serbian film director Emir Kusturica has declined to comment on Jolie's film, calling her a propagandist not a filmmaker. Now let’s see finally what fate the movie meets!

Serbian groups  defaced yet again another photo of Angelina Jolie using a mid-sized black colored Serbian magic marker.  This time with 2 Serbian letter "H"s.  A large one across her face, and then a even smaller one across her T-shirt. Why the T-shirt?

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