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petak, 30. ožujka 2012.

First Croatian Interactive Video On Youtube..."Morning After"

There were quite a few interesting things I wanted to add here, but I'm indisposed with my web developer program and dont have much time for translating, or even blogging lately.  One sort of more serious type current events post topic which was addressed by some EU politicians and deserved attention, that I decided to include HERE.  (I'm looking forward to making some Euro2012 posts in the near future, especially since my new Croatia jersey arrived the other day,  more about that HERE)  ....I decided to go with this one though because it's sort of related to my, advertising, video effects, all that.  Sort of a cool advertising gimmick/trend and video option found on Youtube lately......

The video follows the story of three girls who are at home after a memorable night, but the future course of events to the video story depends on the viewer, who gets to decide through clicking available options....


Yesterday the light of day saw the first Croatian interactive YouTube video presented on the ShoeBeDo channel.

The video is part of the  ShoeBeDo spring campaign, and it's the first of its kind in Croatia. The catch is that the viewer, as opposed in the standard view of YouTube videos, is encouraged to engage and play with the story by choosing the course of action of the characters, which is then displayed.

Ana Lokner, PR and marketing manager of ShoeBeDoa,  the creative mind behind this project explained:  "When creating the video, primarily for us,  was the idea that people had  fun clicking and playing along with the video. It's also a  test,  to find additional ways of promoting our products via the Internet, where we are already present via Facebook and Twitter.  These mediums are successfully helping to communicate with the fans of our ShoeBeDo brand. "

The basic concept and and people behind the idea are the Gingernet agency,  while the video was made ​​in collaboration with MRXCHELA Studio.

It is a real pleasure to work on projects like these,  where the client is open to suggestions and willing to try new trends and ideas in communicating with the audience and their customers.  ShoeBeDo is also among the first brands in Croatia to offer specials via "Foursquare" and also through Facebook where they offer their fans  fun and rewarding applications.  Now they are also part of the venture that made the first fun and interactive video on Youtube.

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