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petak, 2. ožujka 2012.

Joyous Cello Sounds...From Between The Legs Of Ana Rucner

 Ana Rucner official website:

I caught a couple of Ana Rucner's vids from her Youtube channel after seeing her name pop up in a few articles. She definitely seems like she could fit into an Emilie Autumn set easily. (Whoever thinks that only derps are classically trained musicians, are..well....just plain wrong) I don't know what it is with cello's, and why so many of the good cellists are hot looking women. Maybe the whole putting the cello between the legs thing? Y'know, the sensualness of straddling the cello, the hygiene and nice smells, sexual imagery and innuendos from all those strokes, finger movements and caressing of the neck and fingerboard,  all that. (Then that look, always that look, that look you don't see at them fast food joints, mall food courts or coffee shawps)

Ana is actually just 1 of a long list of award winning classical instrument artists from Croatia. Violins, guitar, piano etc. Anyway, this is a brief introduction about her from her website, with a couple vids of her performing some classics. One in a rock version, the other 2 in an electronic music version. Kind of different, but it works for me. All the vids of her on her Youtube channel performing classic works, include scenes from Croatia. Click on the links for more info about multiple award winning cello player Ana Rucner....



Ana Rucner was born in Zagreb, into a family of great musical talents. Her parents are both classically trained musicians; her mother Snježana is a solo cellist with the Croatian National Theater orchestra, while her father Dragan is a violinist, soloist with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra. Her brother Mario is a violinist as well.

In 1998 Snježana and Dragan founded the now internationally acclaimed Rucner String Quartet ( Ana cites her parents as greatest musical influence throughout education and career.

Ana received first education in music at the age of seven, when she enrolled to the highly esteemed ‘Elly Bašić’ Music School and began her studies under Professor Dobrila Berković-Magdalenić. Ten years later Ana was accepted to the Academy of Music of the University of Zagreb, where she studied under professors Željko Švaglić and Krešimir Lazar. She graduated in 2005 Summa cum laude, and holds the title of cello professor.

Throughout her higher education Ana attended educational seminars and worked with some of the most acclaimed musicians of the moment, including Menachem Meir, Gustav Neiva Tavares, Dmitri Miller, David Grigorian, Vladimir Perlin and others. She participated in numerous young musicians’ competitions (‘Rudolf Matz’, ‘Antonio Janigro’ etc.) with much success and was awarded the Diploma di merito award in the 1999 international Giovani violoncellisti competition in Italy.

Ana Rucner - "Ode To Joy" with some cool Croatia images. [rock version]

Ana had her first recital in front of audience as a child, several months after enrolling into elementary music school, since her tutors insisted on public performance and participation in contests as a part of curriculum. In high school and during college Ana held permanent position in the Maribor Philharmonic Orchestra (1993-2003), an experience she says was unbelievable, since the orchestra played with internationally acclaimed musicians and conductors, among them Lalo Schiffrin, composer, pianist and conductor, author of several high-profile pieces of contemporary classical music and movie scores (Mission Impossible etc.).

Interview and interesting footage from an intimate outdoor concert on the ground of Trsat Castle  in the city of Rijeka in 2011.

Still in high school, Ana started a duo with pianist Andrijana Sesar, today also an academy-educated musician, which organized several successful concerts. In 2003 the duo toured all over the Croatian coast, participating in several summer classical music festivals and holding concerts (organized by Professor Jakša Zlatar of the Zagreb Music Academy) in Šibenik, Metković and Opuzen. Ana and Andrijana toured the entire Mediterranean aboard cruising ships with Cruises&Tours from New York, a cruise and travel agency. In 2002 Ana received a Yamaha electrical cello, gift from ETIDA Company, the first of its kind in Croatia, and began sculpting her personal performance style, combining classical music with various modern elements to bring it closer to younger listeners.

Ana Rucner - performing Vivaldi's "Storm" (with electronics and electric guitar) filmed at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

Ana  Rucner does compositions of various musical pieces from other countries as well.  Here she performs the well known Greek "Sirtaki" dance song, where after the first 40 seconds some cool aerial  images of Zagreb are included.

Ana’s unique style is the basis of her international success. Elements of classical, modern and ethno/world music and attractive stage performance place Ana Rucner in the elite circle of Croatia’s musical performers. Ana reached an unparalleled level of popularity in her native country and her solo concerts, as well as performances at various cultural and other public events are always praised by both audiences and critics, extensively covered by local and international media. In 2008 Ana received the honorary status of a free artist, joining an exclusive club of individuals whose activity influences and shapes development and making Croatian culture recognisable worldwide.

Ana Rucner performs Vivaldi's Storm live at Zagreb's Lake Bundek.

Ana in Dubrovnik playing the traditional dance song "Lidja" that is popular in Dubrovnik and other coastal Dalmation areas of Croatia.

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