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srijeda, 18. travnja 2012.

Italian-Croatian Consortium To Build New Rijeka Container Terminal

This is good news for Rijeka, just in time before Croatia's entrance into the European Union next summer.  Rijeka is located at a prime location for being a major port. This will definitely help keep that tradition alive. Rijeka has a long history of shipbuilding as well.  The 3 Maj shipyards not that long ago were essential in making Croatia the 3rd largest shipbuilding country in the world, after downsizing they are now at about 5th largest.  3 Maj is now going through privatization changes to bring it into line with EU guidelines.

This is the kind of venture and projects that should be more commonplace in the future, because tourism is fine and good, and will always be there, but it's always best to increase GNP in a variety of sectors. The recent Zagreb Airport terminal project signing is good news, as well as the Russian South Stream gas pipeline project.  (Russia has been investing in various enterprises in Croatia over the years, that's on top of the large number of Russian tourists in the summer)  All in all though, a positive step that will keep Rijeka a major player in the port/shipbuilding industry, and increase employment in this important sector of Rijekas economy as well.

(*Sidenote - Serbian Jesus, who is in cahoots with John Hagee these days, espousing people to escape the 666 Eurowhore, hasn't been happy with Russia (especially President Putin, and their trying to sell MiG fighters to Croatia) making deals with the Srb blood drinking Papal lackey cult-countries of the Euro-German Union  and her whore. He and Hagee have been orally protesting protestingly and have put their great minds together and deciphered the hideous blatantly evil symbols of the great Beast Papal-Clinton backed Eurowhore and are about to co-publish a book that will be available in stores for $7.99. Seselj is predicting that Serbia, with fellow Papal-zombie skullcrushers and Papal-whore fighting army will take back the Serbian lands of Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Eastern Hungary, Lower Manhattan, and only the good parts of Albania and Montenegro, this after they defeat California first though, and attach it rightfully back to Serbia, and only then will they be able to get rid of those fucking little green men and build the first Serb church on the moon. After Serb historians have proven that Jews, Greeks, Italians, Germans, Russians, Swedes and Jean Claude Van Dam are all really Serbs, they've asked them to return all their belongings directly back to Serbia where it belongs. News that Angelina Jolie was promoted recently is Selselj's and his followers proof that she may be the Serbian Antichrist, and have already been inundating the internet with fake Angelina porn to prove their proofs proofingly. Will keep you updated on this story)

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The Port of Rijeka, Croatia. Image: Port of Rijeka Authority



The Rijeka Port Authority has signed an agreement with a consortium made up of two Italian companies and a Croatian firm to build a brand new container terminal in Rijeka Port.

A €70.5 million contract was signed yesterday between Italy’s Grandi Lavori Fincosit and Impresa di Construzioni Giuseppe Maltauro, the Rijeka Port Authority and Croatian firm Osijek-Koteks.

The first phase of the project will be funded by the World Bank, while the second stage will be financially supported by a public-private partnership, according to Balkans Business News.

The north Croatian facility will be one of the main components of the Rijeka Gateway project, which aims to modernize the Port of Rijeka.

The terminal is scheduled to be completed in 2017, Ivan Jaksic, marketing manager of port operator Lucka Uprava Rijeka, told Bloomberg.

An aerial view of the Port of Rijeka container terminal.


A view of a portion of the Rijeka Port that is accessible and a short walk from downtown Rijeka.

Port of Rijeka, Croatia from Ivana on Vimeo.

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