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nedjelja, 1. travnja 2012.

Serb Government Shuns Europe, But Embraces War Criminals....Again

Some cute mutilation photos of Croatian children back in the day after some chetnik handwork. Possible t-shirt material for down the road.

Not much more to elaborate on here, personally speaking. Not really surprising, or interesting to me really. However, like I mentioned before,  I have some friends who are translators and work at some of the Croatian news portals, so when I go read something about Croatian sports, entertainment, tourism, fashion ...whatever, I end up reading comments from Serbs commenting with instigating, unfounded diatribes about how Croatians are jealous that we aren't Serbs, about the Adriatic Sea being the Serbian sea, Serbia to Tokyo and beyonds.... and bla bla bla.   All kinds of fantastical delusionary ideas and fantasy talk.  So I decided to add this afterall.

Photo of Serb chetniks valiantly fighting Germans to the death for Mihailovich and the Serb royal family. More photos of serb chetniks valiantly destroying the oppressor German and Italian soldiers, as well as remarkable photos of chetniks saving American cans of Chef Boyardee and Oscar Mayer wieners falling from American planes HERE. Collusion with any and all enemies with their primary aim being their fantasyland of a Greater Serbia from lands that haver been Serbian, and then the expulsion of Non-Serbs. 

Inspecting some of his royalist serbian troops.  (Famous Serb royalist pointy-toe opanci highlighted in yellow)

 Namely, while Croatia and other countries are progessively looking to the future, where other
former-communist countries have been embracing European principles, (In many cases all along) arrives that the present Serb government is seeking to rehabilitate, legitimize and promote Serb war ciminals and their criminal groups from the WWII era.

 Modern Serbs who support past and present Serbian war criminals.  (Wearing t-shirts with images of genocidal maniacs is very big with this crowd. Word on the street is t-shirts with ripped vaginas and anus's from Serb soldier rapes in the 90's may be next)

Serb war criminals and ultra-nationalistic chetniks have become holy men to many Serbs, pictured here in 1991 around the time of the Vukovar massacre.

Get out your pointy toe opanci dancing shoes. Serbs celebrating 911.

Letting everyone know that it's Serbian Christmas. (I don't make this stuff up..yawn)

Nikolai Poplasen in his chetnik garb, he went on to become a politician in the Serb
controlled portion of Bosna + Hercegovina after the Dayton Accord

The chetnik flag with "For (Serbian) king and Fatherland (Serbia)" written across in Serbian, used to instill fear and used in their motto during WW2 and during their attempt at a Greater Serbia in the 1990's.  *NOTE - Croatia also has skulls included in military insignia, as well as many other countries, and have for many years.  For some reason though their's sort of looks like a happy upside down pear.

The wacko filled extremist chetnik groups, a movement who's sole creed is subserviance to Serbdom, one of their founding tenets and current mantra's is the elimination and deportation of non-Serbs throughout various so-called "Balkan" regions. The Serb wars of agression in the 90's were just a continuation of the tenets and wacked out visions of Mihailovich and his travelling bands of murderous chetniks.  Many times with the blessing of Serb church leaders and their support.  After the invasion of Yugoslavia, Mihailovich and his irregular bands of chetniks didn't engage German or Italian troops fighting for some kind of Yugoslavia as they liked to portray, but rather actually avoided engaging in battle whenever possible, then concentrating on ethnic cleansing campaigns to rid as many large areas of non-Srbs as possible, including even Serbs who didn't agree with his vision of an enlarged Serbia ruled by the Serb king, namely Serbs part of the growing Partizan movement. All along actually fighting for just a pure Serbia rulled by a Serb king.  After reading various forums on the internet however, I'm in agreement with many of the comments I read that Serbia is actually some sort of a vacuos self-absorbed black balkan hole country, where Europe ends, or is at least non-existent, then it sort of picks up again at the borders of Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Greece etc.

 At his trial after the war.

 Europe has moved on it seems, but Serbs are still clinging to the past, always some version of the past anyway. I read about this a while ago in the Croatian media, but decided to wait until English language articles came out.  I've read some articles where they intend to add Mihailovich and chetnik tours on the Serbian Tourism Website. (That's on top of their already hugely popular bull testicle eating contest)  I think this piece answers yet again that question of whether Croatia and the other former-Republics have taken the correct route by holding democratic elections and choosing independence, progressively looking to continue to be a European country,  including freedom of speech, pluralism, a secular state based on humanistic principals, or whether Serbia is a European country or not based especially on the policies of their elected leaders  over the past 20 years especially.  And even currently. This behind the scenes news piece fits perfectly with the posts of this blog thus far, behind the scenes machinations that need to be uncovered.  If after reading the below articles or links, one still doesn't understand the hubris of this particular situation, or doesn't agree that living in the same made up country with Serbs is sort of like wearing a pair of mismatched socks, then you might as well believe that the Serbian alphabet uses Digraphs.  Feel free to read my first post of this blog for some additional background information HERE.

A Serb chetnik member from the 1990's


Kacin: Serbia, not in EU with Chetnik ideology 


 The European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia, Jelko Kacin said that possible rehabilitation of the commander of Yugoslav army Dragolub Mihajlovic would be “a step in the opposite direction from the European Union”, it can damage Serbia’s image. Kacin told to Danas newspaper that rehabilitation of general Mihajlovic has negative impact on the process of European integration of Belgrade, as it is about the leader of collaborationist movement that could cause damage to Serbia’s image.

 He said that possible rehabilitation of Mihajlovic could create negative rapports with neighbors, with countries that were “victims of Chetnik ideology” and would disable the authentic reconciliation.

Kacin said that he is concerned by the “effort to change the system of values”, adding that the post-war Europe is built on anti-fascist values, whereas the rehabilitation of Dragolub Mihajlovic is “a step in the opposite direction”.

The Croatian president, Ivo Josipovic has reacted few days ago against rehabilitation of this personality of Second World War.

  Josipovic against rehabilitation Chetnik leader

ANSAmed) - ZAGREB, MARCH 23 - The president of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic, today harshly criticised the ongoing proceedings before a Serbian tribunal for the rehabilitation of Draza Mihailovic, political and military leader of the Serbian Chetnik movement during the Second World War. Mihailovic was sentenced to death in 1946 in socialist Yugoslavia as traitor, collaborationist and supporter of fascism. ''The rehabilitation proceedings are damaging and contradict historic facts, Mihailovic was a war criminal and the Chetniks a criminal and collaborationist movement,'' said Josipovic.

''There are several historic examples of Chetniks fighting side-by-side with German and Italian troops than of Chetniks fighting against them.

There are many examples of crimes and massacres of civilians committed by Chetniks in Croatia, but also at the expense of Serbians,'' the Croatian president added.

After the occupation of Yugoslavia by Italian and German troops in 1941, Mihailovic, who was a general in the Yugoslavia army, remained loyal to the king and the exiled government in London.

He placed himself at the command of a paramilitary movement which promised to fight the occupation. However, soon after he started to collaborate with the Nazis and fascists, fighting the anti-fascist and communist movement led by field marshal Josip Broz Tito. The Chetniks committed many war crimes against non-Serbian citizens, but also against communist Serbs.

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