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Monday, 9 April 2012

Tamara Ecclestone To Strip For Playboy?

Well,..well..well. This one just came out. A chance to do my Stephen Colbert shtick. (Been in a Stephen Colbert/Howard Stern/Penn Jillette mode lately) Will she? Won't she? Does she have big or small nipples? Does she shave around her jewel box?  Does anyone care? Perhaps. Hordes of retweeting hording sychophants will be espousing their love and devotion and wishing her tons of glam fabulocities for sure though,  glamograms of love. Who knows. It's really weird.  People actually send best wishes for her to win big at the casinos. Luv luv luv you Tam! Please tweet some pics from the beach,  and of your dog Duke watching the telly! Hope you win huge at the roulette table! Can you tweet a pic of you and your extremely handsome fiance, the most beautiful couple in the world...Luv you Tamikins!!!.. lol

Hmmm, we'll have to wait and see. Tamara has been down in the dumps lately because supposedly some people have been saying some dreadfully nasty, awful things all over the gossip rags for quite some time, even in the tabloids in Australia. These recent ghetto-ish photos of her looking kinda glammed up yet dishevelled at the same time probably didn't help. Done in a "Hey, Look at me! I'm ghetto-glam Sandra Dee!" kind of way on the sidewalk sipping a McDonalds drink amongst spilled fries, goobers, snot spray, vomit and drunken hobo piss, I've heard of some hobos who go around rubbing their smegma on the plastic utensils in fast food joints, that's why they're always happy, snickering and chuckling....(A bit of an exaggeration maybe, just a bit)  it just didn't really do it for me at all, ...seen that just way too many times where I come from, (When living in the vicinity of Little Portugal in Hamilton, Ontario years ago, Playboy magazine saved the day plenty of times, and how. Just walking into a convenience store to get cigarettes and seeing it there on the shelf helped give a reality check, reminding what females are supposed to look and smell like) ...besides, I can go downtown in this city if I want to see that, especially at the end of the month when the cheques come out. (That's fine dining for many, everybody is rich for a night then. "Hey, call the beer delivery guy"..bla bla bla...)  Anyway, that 1 photoshoot just really didn't do it for me personally, some other ones were kinda blah too. Brought back too many flashbacks walking downtown late at night, even during the day.  I gotta tell it like I see it)  It's defo not fab...that's UK Twitter celebrity speak for those not in the know btw.  She makes a lot of people "jel" for some reason. (More UK Twitter speak, short form of jealous.) However the one where they had her holding a sign reading "Will work for diamonds". That one I totally get, genius. (Not really, I don't know who was behind that one. Kind of lame I thought) lol.

Anyway, If youre not familiar with her name, she's the sister of Petra Ecclestone and both of them are daughters of former Croatian Armani model, Slavica Ecclestone, who in turn is the ex-wife of Bernie Ecclestone, aka Formula-1 "Supremo." You'll have to Google for all the tidbits, or check out a previous post HERE. (The Formula-1 project for just outside of  Zagreb that also has picqued the interest of Bernie Ecclestone, is still a go btw, the permit, property and signature related red tape stuff has pushed back the construction date. Hopefully by the end of the decade with the bureaucracy, permits and signatures always slowing these things down. Lots of projects going on around Zagreb these days, with the Zagreb Airport project officially starting as well finally)

I updated this post with this pic from this post. I noticed this above Serb specimen was all over the internet along with her Serbo family (see post link) and friends babbling about how Tamara is a fucking Croatian bitch cunt, fat ugly stupid Croatian bitch and other stuff. Some people just really have a problem with those who are Non-Serbs even in Non-Serb countries. (Just because your're a smart ass doesn't really mean you're smart). Well, now her and her family are celebs and stars. Bravo, Hooray! Congratulations lucky you, can I have an autograph? (somebody cut her fucking balls off)

....Anyway, as for me personally, I'm a big fan of Playboy magazine. Just don't see enough of it around here. (In Calgary at the time of this post) Lots of used and new pick-up truck monthlies, MetroNews, Walmart  flyers, Canadian Tire catalogues, some kind hunting/fishing/pancake flyers always in the mailbox, lot's of flyers with specials on pork, beef. chicken, burger coupon flyers, even whole gutted cows if you prefer, monthly something honker or duck or elk news or something it's called telling you when the next big pancake with sausage and bacon breakfast is.......but no Playboy surprisingly.  (They're everywhere in Croatia though. Why even just last year, former Croatian World Cup National team skier  Nika Fleiss  posed for Croatian Playboy)  Playboy is held in high regard there as a quality men's magazine. I'm really liking some of the other ones too, Playboy Bulgaria, Playboy Argentina and Czech Playboy  deserve special mention in the International versions.  You can also never go wrong with Playboy Russia either of course, ah heck... actually quite few good international versions)  I even did a post a while back about 2 members of the German Women's National Football Team posing for German Playboy. (The 2 girls on the team photo shoot have Croatian in their background)  Very classy, artistic photo shoots, very hot women with demeanor in sensual poses that make your tongue swirl around in circles in your mouth when you see them on the cover, and suddenly really thirsty.  (Being photographed around the theme of football/soccer was icing on the cake especially, something about those short shorts, high socks and cleats, kicking the ball around, accidentally kissing each other, spilling liquids on each other accidentally while they're oh so thirsty at the same time etc) Art at it's finest I say, like all those statues found all across Europe.

Now, Hugh's very particular about who goes in there, and there's always good interesting reading material and articles. (No, don't laugh, really, there is)...on finance, sports, fitness, self-improvement, hygiene, technology, psychology, commentary, military subjects, books, poems, authors, art and the arts, recipes, grooming, dining, humour, men's fashion tips, politics, tattoos, name it.  Can't go wrong posing in Playboy I say. She'd have to be crazy not to actually. Definitely a plus on the life resume and something to look back on when she's 95 and her breasts look like deflated balloons. Is she contemplating Playboy now to make people forget her other recent photo shoots, etc?  Especially the sitting amongst the sidewalk spittle and stepped on mushy fries?  Maybe. Maybe not. A lot of people will be watching the Euro's this summer in Poland and Ukraine, so maybe then.  I also read in some places that pops Bernie and mumsy Slavica weren't too thrilled with the choice of location and props either.  So maybe letting some of Hugh's people do their stuff with her on a Playboy photo shoot just might save the day. lol.

Since it's been quite a while, I decided to pick up the latest issue myself when I miraculously according to gods holy will, came across a copy at a local 7-11. (Tucked all the way in the back rack behind the front row Better Homes & Garden, Better Housekeeping, Oprah and Cooking Light) Cheaper than renting a dvd movie.  A perfect example of interesting articles to read on top of viewing the  Playmates.  A nice break from the your everyday mom jeans, generic lady suits or just typical everyday crabby churchlady types. Nice short mention and pic of former Miss Slovenia & Playboy Slovenia playmate/singer Sanja Grohar on page 17 btw. I highly recommend the Hugh Hefner 6 Volume Playboy series by Taschen, makes for a great conversation starter. (Playboy also is available in braille for the visually impaired)

Surprisingly to some, Playboy actually has a European flavour to it if you ask me. All one has to do is browse over online European paper front pages to see what I mean, all the news portals there have at least a  "Girl of the Day" sections, they help to recall what it means to be a man. I remember even when being a 'tween' there and seeing topless women on the beach suntanning, and that was just on a typical general beach too.  Europeans aren't so hung up and shticklers when it comes to the female body and nature, that can extend to art, music and fashion as well.  (Nude statues and museum art/paintings all over the place there) A very healthy and mature view of nudity.  In the end though, the last say is up to Hugh Hefner anyway.  However, you can't just call him up on the phone and say, "Hugh darling, I want to to do your magazine, how's next Tuesday around noonish? Martinis after? You look fab btw...what's that? shopping after? defo." Like I said, Hugh is very particular, a very classy individual with standards. Very long work history, experience, all that.   Hugh, the iconic bunny symbol and his model filled magazine are all synonymous with the "Playboy brand." It's all about being multi-faceted, well read, smelling nice, clean nice smelling sheets and shorts, toys, lingerie, fireplaces, comfy thick blankets and pillows, whipped cream and strawberries, stuff like that... (C'mon people, he has his own monogrammed smoking jacket and a rabbit named after him for cripes sake! Professionalism and pipe all the way.)  Will he even want to include her in his publication? Will he want to include her in his world famous brand, that is synonymous with quality, artistic sexy class mixed with sensual eroticism and good hygeine. Not quite sure. I mean I'm almost 100% certain Mr Hugh Hefner doesn't  buzz around fast food joints at 2:00 am, follow European football or her handbag collection, but he probably does like her car collection and those really comfy looking pillows on her bed from some of her other photo shoots.  Anyway, if she really desires to be on the cover in a short time, she may have to perform some sort of duties for Hugh.  (I don't know what, that would have to be between them two, he's a very busy guy. He's picking up life achievement awards on almost a weekly basis, saving rabbits and the environment left and right all over the place) lol.

Playboy Croatia magazine covers.

(Sort of sidetracking here, but after doing a little digging I found out a bit more.  Not only has he put food on the table of, and supported with shelter and paycheques innumerable aspiring hardworking models, (Not just American ones either, Hugh is equal opportunity, lots of foreign models pose for the cover of his magazine all over the world), but he has also contributed vast sums to charitable causes and taken part of various charitable foundations. Very magnanimous behind the scenes stuff.  That's on top of probably saving the sanity of countless soldiers, (Croatian ones included, we're in NATO now FYI) ...stuck in shitholes and trenches around the world..... (Take a look at Afghanistan lately? Not sexy or appealing at all. After shower time, soldiers wants to forget about getting sand in their nostrils and explosions, they need something inspiring/motivating),....Hugh is doing his part for freedom, pluralism, freedom of speech and in effect helping to protect democratic principles and our way of life.  Helping to make a better world for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren after them. Without Playboy magazine boosting the morale of NATO soldiers across the globe, why there may even  be the chance that the terrorists will win.  Do you really want to live in a world without "Playboy magazine"?  In a world ruled by terrorists?  Not me. Perhaps I've stumbled onto a great idea.  If people truly want to show support to their country and troops stationed across the globe, forget about putting a sticker on your bumper, send them crates of badly needed Playboy magazine instead, to keep morale high and their adrenalin flowing. All those articles will come in handy to read during those long, uneventful off-duty hours when not dodging bullets and mortars or stepping on mines in god-forsaken shitholes around the world.

Some more Croatian Playboy covers.

Now I know what some people out there may be thinking, that he should stop sowing his oats and settle down, raise some kids, go to church, spend time fixing the lawnmower on Saturday afternoons, watching Creflo Dollar and the 700 Club on Sundays, find some other more traditional hobby, like the always popular CB radio craze, maybe stamp or bottle collecting or doing puzzles, crocheting, finger painting, all that. (Unless you're one of those types that is into those Lemon Parties that is)

Another version of a Lemon Party.

But guess what?  He's been there, done that. And with the way divorce rates are these days, he's filling a niche with a quality product that a majority of men are going to eventually be in need of when their ex-wives lawyer is calling harrassingly asking why the child support payment is late that month. Do you want to be responsible for adding to their stress, and possibly interfere with Jimmy and Jenny's piano class, art class and/or soccer lessons?  With the ex-wife's shopping schedule at La Senza or the Dollar Store?  I think not. I also found out that if you just google H..U..G...H...his full name pops up in the Google search bar in a jiffy. Now that's impressive and really something. One won't be able to do things like that if you're keeled over in front of fast food restaurants in the middle of the night, scrambling for spilled fries sipping through a straw, that's for sure.) lol.

From the previous post that I mentioned above. 2 girls with Croatian background on the German National Soccer Team posing for Playboy. (Now this is what I'm talking about)

I'm sure there are lots of vixens out there who have been trying for a photo shoot for years, some very hot and bendy ones, with interesting things to add in the article about themselves, funny stories about that Hooters waitress gig they did a few years back, and how every trucker and divorced guy in the bar thought she wanted them etc. If it's the UK Playboy cover, then that shouldn't be a problem, however even if they aren't into the idea, she can just get a loan from pops or mumsy and buy her own magazine. Then she can be on the cover probably several times a year. (Also, without trying to come across as some elitist fashionista,  but rather just a bit of constructive criticism, some of the outfits I've seen her wear lately remind me more of a bar scene from a 70's Buck Rogers/Battlestar Galactica episode, defo not something that is gonna get one on the bowling crowds A-list....I've bowled a few games here and there in the past, It's really not a bad thing in retrospect) A sort of longwinded intro to a short article but I had to put my 2 cents here. But don't worry folks, Tam....(They call her Tam, like they all grew up together and used to play with the dollhouse together and have those tea party sleepovers and cucumber sandwich parties as kids, raiding the fridge at 3:00 am to make banana splits and nuke leftover pizza, all while giggling about the gym teachers funny hairstyle and weird sweaters)....will have her minions to get her through this hard time, supporting her every move, all praising her glamulocity and fabulousishness whether she takes it off or doesn't.  Only 2 words keep popping into mind that may possibly in the meantime get Tam out of this hellish gossip cat-fight conundrum nightmare..."Nude Marathon".  Think about it.  Seeing those funbags  (That's construction worker talk around here, sometimes replaced by tits, humps, rack, bazoongas, pillows, melons etc. some other ones that don't even make any sense).... flopping around and around, up and down and around again, and her looking all sweaty and out of breathe and even more dishevelled looking, sweating, panting, round and round.....well, lots of men actually find that very attractive and sort of a turn on.  I've read articles about them going on all over Europe for a variety of reasons and causes, heck, even in Londontown. Anyway, We'll have to wait and see what becomes of this story.  But puhleeease, if she gets the gig,  no more currency photoshoots I hope. Petra already perfected the currency theme a while back..  That's the view from here.....

Using cowboy lingo..."Are people going to pay $7.99  to see her flash her titties" (Again, that's macho stud vernacular speak supposedly) We'll have to wait and see how this story unfolds.





Tamara Ecclestone to strip for Playboy

Tamara Ecclestone, an English-Croatian socialite, television personality and model recently posed in a photoshoot - rolling NAKED in a million pounds. Check out the stills.
more photos

Tamara Ecclestone, who is criticised for being a “spoilt brat”, is now planning to strip for Playboy.

“I’ve done lad mag shoots and I would love to do something like that again... I think doing Playboy is one of those things that probably not that many people would be asked to do,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“You might only get asked to do it once and actually so many amazing people have done it, so why not? I’ve been thinking about it and I probably would,” she said.

The elder daughter of F1 mogul Bernie Ecclestone is not bothered by any criticism.

“I have heard so many shitty things said about me that honestly I don’t care any more,” she added.

The English-Croatian socialite has been shedding clothes for various photoshoots. Tamara produced the £50 notes at her £45million London home to pose for top Hollywood photographer Tyler Shields.

"Tyler asked if she could get hold of £1million and she said she already had it lying around. So he got her to lie in it naked," his agent tells The Sun.

Truly, some people have all the luck in the world- an enviable bod and the dough to keep it looking smokin' hot!

Tamara has also told the tabloid: "I felt relaxed immediately. Tyler made me feel really comfortable."

Ecclestone is the elder daughter of Croatian former Armani model Slavica and "Formula 1 Supremo" Bernie Ecclestone.

With inputs from ANI

Funny sidenote to all of this. Shortly after making this post, sister Petra finally decided to join Twitter. She made a few "tweets" for a couple of days.  Mainly in regards to her "STARK" line of handbags and making the public aware of her work for the Meningitis Trust.....She lasted about 2 days and that was it, because after realizing just how many, nutsos, mentally unbalanced sick mutants, crap, more crap and sycophanting sycophants there are on Twitter sycophanting sycophantically using crapology, she realized it was not her cup of tea and took off. All of a sudden there were thousands of people popping out of nowhere telling her how they love her too and that she's the smartest and most beautiful and best this and that, and that they just simply lover her and that they think she's the best. There's been some fake Petra Ecclestone Twitter profile since April 2011 however, so people can at least go there and pretend that they talked to her, retweet and fave her tweets and all that jazz, tell her how they love her new shoes, purse, named their dog after her or named their children after her dog or named named their dog Petra or what not. (The real Petra hightailed it out of there lickety split as if it was almost Serbian Testicle Eating Festival time and she didn't bring her bib and dipping sauce, like someone gave her a plate of camel testicles or the papparazi were on her tail, or....something) As of April 13th 2012 though, Tamara is still on Twitter. lol.

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