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Friday, 4 May 2012

2 Thumbs Up For 'EA SPORTS UEFA-EURO 2012' Video Game

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I'm not a gamer these days, and haven't been for quite some time, but I thought this cool and Croatian related enough to put here. This isn't an advertisement for video game manufacturers, just putting it out there.  Something maybe of interest to the soccer fanatic to bide time with before the start of Euro 2012 that is just a few weeks away. (And maybe after their team gets knocked out of the tournament)

Basically,  I came across the new EA Sports FIFA/EURO 2012 game the other day and took a few minutes to check it out.  In a nutshell, simply amazing.  Love this game, fantastic, right from the start of the teams walking through the entrance, the graphics, realistic sound effects, the fans, you name it.  This came out last summer, and now I am seriously considering getting this sometime. No comaprison to the graphics  of the last time I played a soccer video game.  I've seen the promo for the 2013 and the graphics and effects are even better according to professional gamer critiques, so you may want to wait for that one maybe.

 I put a few of vids below (With the Croatian National Team, naturally) as examples, as well as an official game trailer.  Youtube didn't give much choice about the teams, scores or language option involved, but they give a good  idea of how addictive and entertaining this game can probably be, and gives a good look at the wicked detail and graphics.  If these video game vids aren't your slice of pie, I offer Joao Francesco to sing along with.  Do with them what you will.....

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