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Thursday, 10 May 2012

British Queen Offers Support To Croatia

How totally unlike me. Two on the dull side, typically ho-hum politically related posts in a row. The average person isn't exactly on pins and needles when Queen Elizabeth delivers her state of the nation speeches to the British Parliament, they're usually more concerned about putting food on the table, taxes, cable TV,  the next generation iPhone, extra bacon and mayo on their cheeseburgers, getting that last eclair in the display, stuff like that.  However I decided to add this here for the following reasons.

Now, Her speech mentioning Croatia wasn't an indepth point by point critique of  the Croatian EU ratification process,  but when Queen Elizabeth during her speeches gives her assent to something, it's never just a spur of the moment uninformed, superfluous general statement without previous careful study including an examination of the facts involved. Like saying "I prefer we should support having only deep fried french fries being served with fish and chips as opposed to tater tots because they're yummier".  The Queen and her people look into with a fine tooth comb and examine thoroughly the items that she and her government will officially support.  Former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, came to the same conclusions in 1998. ( The popularity of Margaret Thatcher was still very evident during the London riots too, FYI)

I'm sure she is very aware of Croatia's track record,  the policies of the Croatian government, Croatia's commitment to democratic rule of law, foreign affairs policies, commitment to freedom, pluralism, humanistic principles, as well as Croatia's equally very long and rich historic culture (In case you thought Croatia just popped up out of nowhere in the 90's nothing could be further from the truth, see HERE)  etc and so on.  (Quite a few members of her Royal Family have been regularly vacationing in Croatia, and making State visits over the years, so probably that doesn't hurt either.  Quite a few other European Royal Families as well I might add)

I'm not going to get into all kinds of related Queen and EU related political topics,(I touched upon them briefly HERE and HERE)...  but will just say that at the end of the day, in the here and now, it sure doesn't hurt to have the Queen in your corner, so to speak.  (I'm not get into the all the rumors about the sexual orgies she and Phillip had at the Vatican, the Royal Familie's connection to the 70's supergroup ABBA, the purported innuendos regarding involvement in the black market chocolate minstrel trade, the gossip about that hotel party during the 1982 Bauhaus tour  or  "The Queen is a reptilian shapeshifter" vids I've been coming across on Youtube lately either, not gonna go there)






Queen Elizabeth II has given her support to Croatia joining the European Union after giving a state of the nation speech at Parliament yesterday (Wed), reported rtl television. In addressing the Parliament of the governments future plans, the Queen made mention of the monarch's support for Croatia. "My Government will seek Parliament's approval regarding the mechanisms of financial stability within the Eurozone. My government will also seek the approval of Parliament of Croatia's expected accession to the European Union," said the Queen in the 400-year-old protocol of speaking at Parliament about the state of the nation.

 Croatia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vesna Pusic says that the Queen's support of Croatia is very symbolic." From such a high position there is clear support and it says what Great Britain thinks of Croatia joining the EU", said Pusic. British media also announced that with the ratification there will be debate about immigration rules for Croatians coming to the UK once their membership is confirmed. Great Britain banned Bulgarians and Romanians from entering the labour market in the UK for 7 years upon them joining the EU, which is the maximum time they can put restrictions in place.

Queen Elizabeth to seek approval of Croatia's EU entry treaty by UK parl't


Queen Elizabeth II of Britain announced in her address to Parliament on Wednesday that the government of Prime Minister David Cameron would introduce into Parliament a bill ratifying Croatia's accession to the European Union.

"My Government will seek the approval of Parliament on the anticipated accession of Croatia to the EU," the Queen was quoted by The Guardian newspaper as saying.

Parliamentary approval for Croatia to join the EU will allow for immigration to the UK from the new member to be controlled, according to the BBC.

At the start of every parliamentary year, the Queen presents the government's legislative programme for the year ahead.

Croatia is due to become the Union's 28th member on July 1, 2013, and its accession treaty has been ratified by eight EU members to date.

Croatian government reaction to the Queen's support for Croatian accession into the European Union.

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