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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Canadian P.M. Pays Tribute To Canada-Croatia Links

I'm just quickly throwing this in. Very dry and unexciting I know, so I tweeked it a bit with some funn-isms and a bit of canuckocity. It's the total opposite of the Miss Tuning 2012 Calendar photoshoot in Croatia I posted about HERE. Quite the departure indeed. On second thought, he was wearing a tie also, so you may want to check out THIS post about the interesting Croatian connection to today's modern necktie. (This is not a political party post btw, I'm not specifically supporting any specific politician or political party or haircut style, it's just information for the benefit of the reader) But whatever turns one on I guess, just putting it out there. At least it shows that the Prime Minister of Canada can locate Croatia on a map, which to me is very important. I'll be back with more of my usual stuff....


Prime Minister Stephen Harper praised the contributions of the immigrant community for contributing to Canada's economic success in a speech to the Canadian-Croatian Chamber of Commerce Friday night.

Speaking to a packed crowd of over 700 at the Burlington Convention Centre, Harper acknowledged the efforts of the more than 200,000 Canadians of Croatian descent at a dinner marking the 10th annual business awards for the organization.

"We continue to open our doors to immigration with an emphasis on fine-tuning the system. Many of you here are new Canadians yourselves. Our Canada has always attracted people of energy and vision because this is a place where people from every conceivable background can pursue their dreams and reach their goals. That's what makes this place so special."

 The Prime Minister photographed at a previous speaking engagement at an unidentified location in his homage to Biggie attire. 

He told the audience he was the first sitting PM to visit Croatia a few years ago, a revelation that received warm applause.

And he noted July 1, 2013, is a big day for both Canada and Croatia.

"It's Canada's 146th birthday and it's the day when Croatia is accepted into the European Union."

Joao Joao's opinion about the Prime Ministers speech and subsequent analysis.

Harper noted Canada depends heavily on trade for its economic health and prosperity saying that when he came into office six years ago Canada had trade agreements with five countries.

"Now we have trade agreements with nine more countries and we're negotiating with 52 more. More exports and more trade means more jobs," he said.

Harper made the point his government's economic policies have been effective over the last few years.

"More people are working in Canada now than before the economic crisis," he said.

Stephen Harper feels Habs magic

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper bumped into  a couple Croatian-Canadians in Zagreb.




ZAGREB, CROATIA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s not picking favourites but concedes that the Montreal Canadiens’ playoff season has the magical feel of their 1971 run to the Cup.

“I just want to see us win a Stanley Cup. It’s been a long time. I’m cheering for both Montreal and Vancouver and I want to see them both go forward,” he said.

“Montreal, I think it’s just a fantastic story so far. I actually haven’t seen anything like this since 1971 when my friend Ken Dryden single-handedly won the Stanley Cup,” Harper said during a stop here.


“That’s what Halak is doing for the Canadiens. We’ll see if he can continue it,” he said, referring to Montreal goalie Jaroslav Halak, who has had some stellar games. “It’s a very exciting story.”

Montreal surprised many with its playoff series victory over top-ranked Washington Capitals to advance to the second run. They’re now playing Stanley Cup champions Pittsburgh Penguins with the series tied at two games apiece.

“I have no problem cheering for the Canadiens when the time comes. I grew up as a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, which means that I only had Montreal to cheer for in the playoffs,” he said to laughter at his news conference.

Photo: Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor (R) and her Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper inspect an honour guard before their meeting in Zagreb, on May 7, 2010. Harper, on a European tour, is the first ever of a Canadian premier to the former Yugoslav republic. Getty Images.

Those playoff dreams were on full display as Harper arrived at Government House here for a meeting with the Croatian Prime Minister.

Standing out from the crowd of local residents were Gordy Samija and Dennis Rukavina, two Croat-Canadians, sporting bright red Montreal Canadiens jerseys.

The two caught Harper’s eye as his motorcade pulled into the square. After his meeting, he went out to greet the two men and have his picture taken with them.

“He was probably hoping for some (Calgary) Flames’ jerseys. Unfortunately we have to surprise him with Canadiens jerseys,” joked Samija, making reference to Harper’s hometown.

Harper said it just shows that Montreal Canadiens’ fans “take their loyalty everywhere.”

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