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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Croatia To Host Europe's Largest Barbie Doll & LEGO Expo

This is just a quick, spur of the moment, fun type post. Get's my mind off the Serborella bitches who keep constantly buzzing around starting Serborella shit and lying Serbisms et al. (Land of the Vojeslav Seselj fan club "403 Serbs" all that. Seriously, they actually call themselves that. They're related to the "905 Serbs" and their local church/Free Radovan Karadzic support group) Their current plan is to make sure nobody watches Euro2012 and that no Croatian soccer jerseys will be worn in their territorial pissing grounds. It's "403 Serbland" afterall. Not too worry though, I talked to some peeps from my army days, and Kolinda  (Who sort of is like a Barbie doll also come to think of it) ...has promised me that she has their geographic coordinates and will nuke their chetnik ass to Serbian heaven, (they have even their very own heaven btw) or at least to the suburbs of Alba Bulgarica.

Now, this isn't particularly really important, but gives me a chance to add my own Croatianicity humour twist into the post. Barbie dolls, and Lego have been around for ages it seems, and probably for a long time to come still. However, regarding Barbie dolls, for over 50 years now, there have been so many styles and versions produced that even celebrities are getting their own Barbie dolls. Yep, and now they even have various tattooed versions of Barbie dolls, which I decided to mention as well. I couldn't believe just how many friken images of Barbie dolls there are all over the internet.  On countless blogs and discussion groups, books and various websites all devoted to Barbie dolls. Then when you factor in all the accessories, clothes, houses, furniture, roller skates, bikes etc, it's definitely one doll mega-brand that isn't going away anytime soon.

Princess Barbies dolls are displayed during a Barbie exhibition in Zagreb May 15, 2012. REUTERS/Antonio Bronic

Based on personal past observations, here's my take on the lady at the 25 second mark concerned about tattoo Barbie, when she got home.  "Sweety, be a dear and pick up some bread at the corner store, Grandma is busy on the phone right now"...Little Becky then walks to the corner store, passing by 3 crack dealers, one of them wearing a numbered 7 football jersey and big cheap looking gold cross, blood stained sidewalk of the bar next door to the store, and the creepy looking fat guy and his baseball hat wearing pal who have been sitting in the car across the street sipping on the same straw and staring at the store for the last 2 hrs. I think cable TV reruns are a lot worse. Anyway......

 Barbie in the 21st century.

Personally, I have no problem with Barbie dolls per se. I've seen a lot of them in my time. I even remember some girl cousins playing with them in Croatia when I was a kid.  Besides, I'd much rather buy a girl a cool Barbie doll than one of those Bratz dolls I say.  Guess you could classify me as a Non-Bratz doll type person.  Now, many people might not be able to tell the difference between a Barbie doll and a Bratz doll, and maybe say "What's the diff?". Ahhh,, but even a non-doll person like me can even see the difference right off the bat.  It's all about demeanor. (Those Japanese dolls and Blythe dolls are a good alternative as well)

Just like many movements or topics these days, you can't make all the people happy and into Barbie doll supporters, some will voice their differing opinions. Above image from a Barbie doll protest in Germany. Image/story:

 Bikini Barbies are a good role model for an aspiring Barbie wannabee. (Hotel and designer bikini and sunglasses not included)

Not that long ago Croatia crowned it's first "Miss Croatia" who was even nicknamed "Croatian Barbie" in the press.

I'm not a big fan of "Miss Serbian Barbie" though. She just doesn't do it for me:(

Updated 2015 pic of new Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović with her favourite "Army Barbie."

More realistic, true to life versions of today's Barbie haven't been selling well at all. Seen above is "Jilted Barbie" who had extremely good sales only in the Hollywood Hills area.

Barbie doll make up and accessories are selling well.

A creepy Barbie doll and accessories collector/creepy fashion guru.

Ditto. (Watch as the saliva spits out of his mouth in his euphoric excitement at being surrounded by Barbie dolls, isn't it just a bit too creepy?)

Again, Barbie dolls have gone through so many looks over the past 50 years, that there's a Barbie doll probably for just about any type of person and situation out there, no matter what your fashion style or musical preferences. I just hope they never come out with Televangelist Barbie.  Below are some Barbie and Lego examples that one doesn't usually see. I updated this post since first doing it because I didn't realize beforehand that Barbie and Lego were so popular as subject material for art, photography and such.

Even grown ups like playing with Barbie and Lego it seems, it's a Barbie world.

Anorexic Barbie.


 Penises and nipples sold separately Barbie.

 Premature-aging Barbie.

Barbie de Milo.

Wtf? Barbie.

It seems Golden Shower Barbie is a very popular doll emulated in the movie-film industry over the years, go figure.

Creepy still living at home uncle Barbie doll collector guy.

Green hair Barbie.

More at

Barbie leaves the cruel world.

Steven King version Barbies.

Don't even ask. I dunno.

I dunno.

Actual crime scene photograph from the still unsolved early 1970's "Santa Monica Barbie" serial killings.

Image source:

Creepy Barbie actually doesn't look all that creepy to me.

I decided to update this post with a cool Lego version of the recent 2013 "Champions League Final". (Mario Mandzukic scores at 1:18)

Barbie as Rapunzel - Constant as the Stars Above. (in Croatian)


The many faces of Barbie through the years.  Image courtesy of



The largest European exhibition of Barbie dolls and Lego bricks showcasing more than 1000 exhibits will be held in Hypo Centre in Zagreb, from 15 to 21 May 2012.

The exhibition traces the history and transformations of Barbie dolls from its inception in 1959 until today. It is intended for all ages, so the kids will have a chance to see Barbie dolls their mothers and even grandmothers played with, while the grown-ups will be able to reminisce on their first encounters with popular toys.

In the LEGO area of the exhibition, masterpieces of model-making with thousands of bricks will excite kids and amaze adult visitors – from a Ferrari to New York’s Statue of Liberty and to gigantic construction equipment.

The exhibition of two most successful toy brands in the world was first held in Munich in 2004 and has already traveled throughout the Europe. So far it has been seen by more than 100 000 people.

Updated footage from the last day of the Barbie and Lego expo. (A pretty cool Lego model of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb at the 38 sec. mark in case you wondering what it was)

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